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Publish Screen Share over Stream Manager Proxy using Red5 Pro

This is an example of utilizing the screen sharing capabilities of Chrome and Firefox.

The example utilizes the getScreenId library from https://www.webrtc-experiment.com/getScreenId/.

  • In order to use this example in Chrome, you will first need to install the Screen Capturing Extension and restart your browser.
  • In order to use this example in Firefox, it must be served over HTTPS; localhost testing will not work properly.

Additionally, it is currently not possible (as of the time of this writing, November 30th, 2017) to stream a screen capture along with audio. As such, this example actually creates two publisher connections on the Red5 Pro Server: one to stream the screen share, and another for audio.

You will need to use the Subscribe Screen Share test in order to check this test is working.

Please refer to the Basic Publisher Documentation to learn more about the basic setup.

Example Code

How to Publish a Screen Share

Utilize the onGetUserMedia configuration attribute to provide the constraints returned from the getScreenId library, and include any custom defined fallback values:

function capture (cb) {
  getScreenId(function (error, sourceId, screen_constraints) {

function setupPublisher (constraints) {
  var vw = parseInt(cameraWidthField.value);
  var vh = parseInt(cameraHeightField.value);
  var fr = parseInt(framerateField.value);

  var config = {
    protocol: 'https',
    port: '8083',
    streamName: 'mystream',
    onGetUserMedia: function () {
      var c = Object.assign({}, constraints);
      if (c.video.optional) {
        // chrome
          maxWidth: vw
        }, {
          maxHeight: vh
        }, {
          maxFrameRate: fr
      else if (c.video.mediaSource === 'window') {
        // moz
        c.video.width = {
          exact: vw
        c.video.height = {
          exact: vh
        c.video.frameRate = {
          exact: fr
      return navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(c);

  new RTCPublisher()
    .then(function (publisherImpl) {
      return publisherImpl.publish();
    .catch(function (error) {
      // handle any errors.



Included in the test is a form to provide any custom settings you would prefer. We attempt to override these settings for the media where applicable, but it is the plugin and/or browser that will most likely determine which to use.

View Your Stream

Launch the Subscriber Screen Share Test in another tab!