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externals for maxmsp

these are externals/plugins to be used with MaxMSPJitter

  • f0.auto_scale - finds min and max values of a stream of numbers and uses them as input scaling range
  • f0.auto_scale~ - msp
  • f0.beats_to_frames - calculates how many [video]frames will fit in x beats
  • f0.construct - a constructive constructor. connect to a standard 2d graphics object like max's [lcd], jitter's [jit.lcd], softvns' [v.draw] or nato.0+55's [242.qd]
  • f0.distance - calculate the distance between successive (delta) points in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions
  • f0.distance~ - msp
  • f0.fold - fold float and integer numbers to a specified range
  • f0.frames_to_beats - calculates how many beats will fit in x [video]frames
  • f0.gcd - find the greatest common divisor
  • f0.inc_dec_split - detect direction of incoming values and split to different outlets
  • f0.limit_counter - a different counter with floor and ceiling
  • f0.noergaard - per nørgård's infinity series
  • f0.range - finds minimum, middle and maximum values from a stream of values
  • f0.range~ - msp
  • f0.range2 - similar to f0.range but with an added smooth factor
  • f0.range2~ - msp
  • f0.ratio - keep width/height proportion
  • f0.slub - generate cpu spikes - disrupt timing version
  • f0.slub~ - generate cpu spikes - audio click version
  • f0.smooth - single exponential smoothing. good for filtering data from sensors
  • f0.smooth~ - msp
  • f0.smooth2 - double exponential smoothing
  • f0.smooth2~ - msp
  • f0.snap - smooth by snapping
  • f0.tune - an external that "quantise" frequencies
  • f0.tune~ - msp
  • f0.ultimate_counter - counter with float direction/rate and loop settings
  • f0.wrap - wrap float or integer numbers

see also

javascript versions of some of the externals are available

older windows 32bit binaries are available here...

TODO windows 64bit

the pd equivalents are here...

download&install binaries

osx: download this zipped archive and extract the folder f0ext_osx. (the other stuff you can trash). put the f0ext_osx folder somewhere on your harddrive, open max and go to options/filepreferences and add the folder there.

(optional) build from source


  • download the MaxSDK
  • edit the C74SUPPORT line in the file source/maxmspsdk.xcconfig to point to the sdk (by default it looks for MaxSDK-6.1.3 next to your f0ext folder).
  • open terminal, cd to source folder and type ruby build.rb to build.
  • make sure max finds the newly built externals by including the f0ext_osx folder in the searchpath or copy the externals somewhere where max already looks.


externals for maxmsp







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