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a Quark for SuperCollider

install it from within supercollider with the command Quarks.install("redSys") and then recompile.


red system including mixers, effects, instruments, presets, tools, compression algorithms, gui...

redEffects (sound modulators)
RedEfxAuto auto tuner
RedEfxBit8 bitcrusher with ringmodulation
RedEfxBitc bitcrusher
RedEfxBitx bitcrusher
RedEfxBoom boomeranging effect
RedEfxComb comb delay
RedEfxComp compressor
RedEfxDelp delay with pitchshift
RedEfxDely delay
RedEfxDist distortion
RedEfxGuit guitar amp
RedEfxFreq frequency shifter
RedEfxOcta octavider
RedEfxPch2 pitch shifter
RedEfxPchN pitch shifter
RedEfxRing ring modulator
RedEfxRoom reverb
RedEfxRvrs reverses sound
RedEfxTanh distortion
RedEfxTank tank reverb
RedEfxTape tape echo
RedEfxWave waveshaping
RedEfxVerb reverb
RedEfxVoco vocoder
RedEfxZzzz limiter and check bad values
redEffectsRack (effects system)
RedEffectsRack allround effects rack for RedEffectModule
RedEffectsRackGUI gui for RedEffectsRack
redGUI (gui)
redGUIOverview overview of gui wrappers
redInstrument (sound generators)
... TODO!!!
redMatrixMixer (matrix mixing)
RedMatrixMixer mix any number of input and output channels
RedMatrixMixerGUI gui for RedMatrixMixer
redMix (small mixer units)
redMixOverview overview of redMix classes
RedAbstractMix abstract class
RedMixGUI gui for RedMixMono, RedMixStereo, RedMixStereoMono
RedMixMono mix 2 mono channels in stereo
RedMixStereo mix 2 stereo channels in stereo
RedMixStereoMono mix 1 stereo channel and 1 mono channel in stereo
redMixer (mixer system)
RedMixer create and hold multiple RedMixerChannel
RedMixerChannel channel strip
RedMixerChannelGUI gui for RedMixerChannel
RedMixerGUI gui for RedMixer
redModule (modular system)
RedAbstractModule abstract class
RedEffectModule abstract class
RedEffectModuleGUI gui for RedEffectModule
RedInstrumentModule abstract class
RedInstrumentModuleGUI gui for RedInstrumentModule
redSF (sound file player)
RedSFPlayer play soundfiles from memory
RedSFPlayerDisk play soundfiles from disk
redTapTempo (tap tempo)
RedTapTempoGUI average tempo of the last n taps/clicks
RedTempoClockGUI list and edit active tempo clocks
redTest (test signals)
RedTest generate test signals
redTools (various)
RedALF ascii to list-of-floats conversion
RedArduino for uploading sketches to arduino
RedBase64 base64 encoding/decoding
RedBencode bencode encoder and decoder
RedBitStream stream bits
RedBMP bitmap image
RedDifferentialManchesterCode differential manchester encoding
RedDifferentialManchesterCodeNegative differential manchester encoding
RedGIF gif image decoder
RedHarmonicTree sorted harmonic tree
RedHuffman huffman coding
RedIntelHex read and decode intel hex files
RedInterpolator holds a value and interpolates to new target
RedKCS kansas city standard encoder/decoder for sclang and server
RedLZ77 lz77 compression/decompression
RedLZ78 lz78 compression/decompression
RedLZSS lzss compression/decompression
RedLZW lzw compression/decompression
RedManchesterCode manchester encoding
Redraw simple drawing with the mouse
RedRLE run-length compression/decompression
RedSmooth single exponential smoothing
RedSmooth2 double exponential smoothing
RedSmoothUD single exponential smoothing with different rise/fall
RedTime calculate with time
RedToolsMenu various tools
RedTween tweening for sclang and scserver
redUGens (pseudo ugens)
RedAutoScale scales an unknown signal to a known range
RedBernoulli white noise with Bernoulli distribution
RedComb comb delay line with crossfade
RedDelay delay line with crossfade
RedDestroyer distortion effect
RedDTMF old-skool telephone
RedFrik noise socks!
RedDirection detects inc/dec of a signal
RedImpulse resettable impulse train
RedLFSR4 4-bit linear feedback shift register
RedLFSR4BitStream 4-bit linear feedback shift register
RedLine resettable line generator
RedLive sample and repeat
RedOnePole one pole filter with separate up and down coefficients
RedOverdub overdub recording
RedRamp resettable phasor with per period rate control
RedSequencer simple sequencer
RedSequencer2 simple sequencer
RedSlide logarithmic lag
RedStereo panning effect
RedStereo2 panning effect
RedTapeRecorder sampling and looping


Some of the gui classes need the TabbedView2 quark (should get automatically installed when installing this quark)


Most classes do not have a GUI, but here are a few screenshots of ones that do...

RedEffectModuleGUI RedEffectsRackGUI RedMixerChannelGUI RedMixerGUI RedMatrixMixerGUI RedTapTempoGUI


  • 221218 - added RedBernoulli and updated RedToolsMenu
  • 220814 - added RedSmooth, RedSmooth2, RedSmoothUD
  • 220731 - added RedKCS, added overview to this readme
  • 220116 - added a few screenshots, helpfile cleanup
  • 220115 - rewrite to use TabbedView2 instead of TabbedView (about time)
  • 220114 - redMix, redTapTempo, redMixer, redMatrixMixer, redEffectsRack, redModule - rework gui and helpfiles
  • 210610 - huge speed improvements to most data compression classes, RedGIF massive speed improvements and important fixes
  • 210526 - RedBMP add support for Image
  • 180330 - RedIntelHex checksum bugfix
  • 180317 - redModule and redEffectsRack: added global lag
  • 180218 - replaced a few .interpret in hex-string to integer conversion
  • 180116 - new readme. dropped Conductor quark dependency. cleanup helpfiles. fixed RedTapeRecorder. minor bugfix to RedTest. major rewrite of redMatrixMixer, redMix, redMixer, redGUICV, redModule, redEffectsRack
  • 151124 - RedTapTempoGUI - alpha
  • 131228 - added default values for RedTime-new and some more examples
  • 130927 - minor speed up by replacing & with bitAnd, << with leftShift and >> with rightShift
  • 130902 - added RedTween and RedInterpolator
  • 130807 - added RedArduino
  • 130612 - added RedLFSR4 and RedLFSR4BitStream
  • 130524 - added RedIntelHex
  • 130522 - added RedManchesterCode, RedDifferentialManchesterCode, RedDifferentialManchesterCodeNegative. removed all old html helpfiles and the redSys.html overview
  • 130226 - added RedBencode
  • 130131 - RedTest: added dur arguments
  • 130108 - RedTest: added amp arguments
  • 121126 - RedEfxKomp: postGain was in the wrong place, changed default postGain from 0.25 to 1. RedTest: speaker and speaker2 classmethods also boot default server, fix initRedTestSF to read correct sound
  • 121007 - RedMixer: thanks to Roberto Lombardo .store now also saves effect inserts and their settings
  • 121005 - RedMixer: improved helpfile with more examples, bugfix for when only one stereo input, changes for save&recall
  • 121001 - added RedTempoClockGUI
  • 120825 - fix crashing bug in RedToolsMenu under qt
  • 120608 - many gui windows did not show under sc3.5 cocoa osx due to alpha channel bug, now fixed
  • 120317 - some minor fixes to look better with gui qt, fix for 3.5 random helpfile lookup in redtoolsmenu, removed RedEfxFFTA from redEffects because it needs sc3-plugins installed
  • 120221 - added RedOnePole, RedSlide
  • 120208 - added RedRamp
  • 120205 - added RedLine
  • 120122 - added RedImpulse
  • 111115 - added RedEfxFreq, RedEfxRvrs, RedOverdub
  • 111113 - added RedEfxAuto, RedEfxBoom, RedEfxFFTA, RedEfxKomp, RedEfxPch2, RedEfxPchN, RedEfxVoco. minor fix to RedAbstractModule - avoid multiple synthdef builds with a pdDef variable
  • 110927 - all helpfiles converted to scdoc format
  • 110920 - some first fixes to sc3.5 qt gui
  • 110216 - added RedALF class. minor fix to RedAutoScale - changed to inf and -inf for min and max
  • 101129 - RedBMP bugfixes, added support for reading 16bit files, added writing and creating 2, 4, 8, 16 and 24bit files.
  • 101121 - RedFrik now needs GlitchRHPF from sc3-plugins. added RedBMP class. changed RedGIF to use smoothing_ instead of setSmoothing
  • 100907 - some changes to RedToolsMenu, no separate Red menu any longer, using Library.
  • 100728 - added RedSF, RedEfxBit8, RedEfxBitx, RedEfxRoom, RedEfxZzzz. added functions in comments for each effect, useful for pasting into ndef filters
  • 100703 - changed some more memStore to add
  • 100702 - changed some store and memStore to add. improvements to RedToolMenu: normalize and userview. bugfix in RedMatrixMixerGUI
  • 100210 - minor changes to RedToolsMenu. bugfix for RedEfxComp
  • 100124 - added RedGIF and RedBitStream. minor optimisation to RedLZW
  • 100109 - bugfix for RedLZ78, swapped distance and length for RedLZ77 and RedLZSS, small optimisation to RedLZW
  • 100107 - complete rewrite of RedLZ77 and RedLZSS
  • 100101 - added RedLZ78. improved helpfiles for all compressors. RedHuffman changed from encode/decode to compress/decompress and to have it take all kinds of data. RedLZW now works with 8bit integers
  • 091230 - added RedLZ77, RedLZSS. modified RedRLE to take arrays instead of strings
  • 091229 - added RedRLE
  • 091226 - added RedHuffman
  • 091025 - some changes to RedToolsMenu. added Redraw
  • 091009 - new effects: RedEfxDely, RedEfxWave, RedEfxDelp, RedEfxTanh. added a limiter to RedEfxTank. argument name changes for RedEfxOcta and RedEfxGuit. added template to file
  • 090916 - added RedEfxTanh, RedEfxWave and a template in the file


red system including mixers, effects, instruments, presets, tools, compression algorithms, gui...







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