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a Quark for SuperCollider

install it from within supercollider with the command Quarks.install("redUniverse") and then recompile.


physics system. work in progress. happy for any comments or contributions.

NOTE: some of the examples require additional classes like RedGA etc. these are available online at my homepage

more info in the lam06-handout.pdf


  • 220724 - improve RedWindow timing for smoother drawing and adapted examples
  • 220719 - added RedVector4, matrix multiplication and shape classes with examples
  • 220713 - refactor RedWindow once again and move out of scide_scqt folder
  • 211204 - added Lorenz attractor example and clear method for RedWindow
  • 210806 - added RedMandelbrot class
  • 210521 - minor optimisation for drawing 3d
  • 200202 - added a discrete grow lsystem example
  • 200131 - added lsystem grow example
  • 180226 - added linked and double pendulum examples
  • 180103 - unified RedWindow and removed RedJWindow and RedQWindow. checked and updated all examples (mostly formatting). new markdown readme
  • 140108 - RedFingerprint optimized pen drawing, removed RedWindow and corrected examples. removed old html helpfiles
  • 130225 - RedVector2D and RedVector3D optimizations
  • 121130 - moved RedQWindow out of scide_scapp folder
  • 121128 - added qt (RedQWindow) and bumped up required sc version to 3.5. added helpfile for RedQWindow. added new example 210-patterns_and_particles.scd. bugfix for RedUniverse interpolate class method
  • 121126 - added update2 to RedSpring - thanks a. bartetzki
  • 120820 - bugfix memory leak in RedParticleSystem - thanks d. kolokol
  • 111004 - added examples 013, 017, 046, 161. changed envelope in ex 004 from kr to ar. changed example 160 to animate instead of play
  • 110927 - all helpfiles converted to scdoc format
  • 110914 - added 191-kmeans2 example
  • 110323 - moved RedWindow cocoa into scide_scapp folder
  • 101214 - support for discrete worlds with surroundings and neighbours. one new discrete world example added
  • 101210 - cleaned up and added helpfiles for RedHiddenObject, RedParticle, RedBoid, RedRock, RedFood, RedAgent. added 2 boids examples and cleaned up a few others. wrote addForceWander1D and addForceWander3D methods for RedBoid. wrote addForceAngular3D, pendulumOffset3D, pendulumLoc3D
  • 101208 - added manhattanDistance to RedVector. added RedKMeans class and example 190. added animate, frame and frameRate for RedJWindow to fake primitive
  • 100602 - removed bugfixes for Collection and FloatArray and moved the species {^this.class} fix into the RedVector class itself
  • 090629 - helpfiles and examples now uses view redirect instead of GUI. bugfix for RedWindow and RedJWindow resize
  • 090624 - optimised collision detection. added distance line example
  • 090617 - added RedObject:spring and RedSpring helper class. also added spring examples and RedObject:containsLoc
  • 090616 - added example 102. added RedWorld1 class. RedWindow and RedJWindow removed relativeOrigin
  • 090523 - moved some classes to folder 'additional'. added RedPerlin
  • 090522 - added RedMRCM and RedIFS
  • 090521 - RedWindow and RedJWindow now draws in the UserView - thanks Thor
  • 090514 - growth example and asPoint added to RedVector
  • 090510 - added RedLSystem and RedLTurtle classes. updated example 070-lsystem.scd. edited links in all helpfiles and in the overview. added s.sync to a few examples. updated and moved redFingerprint quark into redUniverse
  • 081111 - moved RedWindow and RedJWindow into separate folders (osx, linux, windows) so that cocoa gui code is ignored on linux+windows
  • 080929 - some minor additions. added extPoint asRedVector2D helper methods. added RedHiddenObject. useful when using attractors. added <userView for RedWindow and RedJWindow
  • 080219 - updated for sc3.2 and swingosc0.59. fixed all pendulum examples to draw line on swingosc (added a GUI.pen.stroke). changed from mouseover to mousemove so now it's required to click&drag to update mouse position. fixed 150-track_synth.scd and took away RedTrack. now using only standard ugens for audio tracking.
  • 080116 - changed from 25 to 40 fps for RedWindow and RedJWindow .play. some small corrections to match Pen changes to width_
  • 071205 - converted all help.rtf to .html and the examples to .scd. added the example overview file. changed so that RedJWindow is disabled by default.
  • 071031 - update for 3.1. removed with its strokeColor_ and fillColor_ extensions. tiny fix for 150-track_synth.rtf.
  • 071029 - bugfix. now RedWindow shouldn't crash sc anymore. it was due to scott's window scoll implemented earlier this autumn.


a simple toolkit for sonification and visualisation of dynamic systems







  • SuperCollider 100.0%