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RED Academy Community Project - Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland

Project Description

A WordPress powered, responsively designed, multi-page website for the Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

This custom theme features multiple content sliders, hamburger/dropdown navigation menu, several custom post types, Lightbox content, nested dropdown content panels, and client Instagram feed.

Built by Alan Chow, Amanda Wong, Jeremiah Almazar, and Tyler Ewanchuk.

Tools & Methods Used

Project Summary

This website is one of the five final/community projects given to students of RED Academy's Web Development Professional Program. The project gave us, as students, a look at how a real world project from a real world client gets built from the ground up.

The project offered up many different challenges regarding the development environment, UX designer to Web developer communication, and the short two and a half week deadline, just to list a few.

As a group, we are extremely proud of what we accomplished in the past two and a half weeks. We originally scoped the completion of perhaps half of the site but we came together as a group and are looking to complete the entire site.


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