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Frontend developer's audit bookmarklet
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Document Object Model Ninja Frontend developer's audit bookmarklet

DOM Ninja

Frontend developer's audit bookmarklet.

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Browse for the bookmarklet code.

Audit criteria

  1. Doctype
  2. Document tags
  3. Document charset
  4. Mobile viewport
  5. Content in viewport
  6. Base tag
  7. Title tag
  8. Canonical URL
  9. Apple touch icon
  10. Favicon
  11. Mixed protocols
  12. HTTP requests
  13. HTTP redirects
  14. Cookies
  15. Content length
  16. Content encoding
  17. Cache control
  18. Status code
  19. Pageload time
  20. Request time
  21. Redirect time
  22. Domain lookup time
  23. Load event time
  24. HEAD response time
  25. GET response time
  26. POST response time
  27. Deprecated tags
  28. Deprecated attributes
  29. Iframe tags
  30. Embed tags
  31. Scaled img tags
  32. Conditional comments
  33. Document comments
  34. Empty tags
  35. Empty alt attributes
  36. Empty href attributes
  37. Empty src attributes
  38. Visible tags
  39. Hidden tags
  40. Display ratio
  41. Non form elements with ID
  42. Tags with duplicated ID
  43. Tags with nested ID
  44. Deep nested tags
  45. Nested table layout
  46. Inline style tags
  47. Style tag in body
  48. External style files
  49. Third Party styles
  50. Inline style attributes
  51. Style rules
  52. Style selectors
  53. Styled ID selectors
  54. Universal selectors
  55. Important rules
  56. Inline script tags
  57. Script tags in head
  58. External script files
  59. Third Party scripts
  60. Inline script attributes
  61. Script globals
  62. Javascript frameworks
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