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OpenDocShare is a scalable open distributed file sharing system that will run on your own cloud, with built-in security, access control, LDAP support and encryption.
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What is OpenDocShare Project?

OpenDocShare is a scalable open distributed file sharing system that will run on your own cloud, with 
built-in security, access control, LDAP support and encryption. 

Runs in three modes: 
  social network mode, 
  secure business mode
  business partner/subscription mode.

Redbasin Networks' OpenDocShare system is a cloud based distributed file system software that can be accessed by millions
of people around the world for reading as well as publishing. It also can be used to setup a private
secure cloud for a company and/or it's partners. It can be used to host metadata-rich files, photos, videos and any
binary documents, and users can setup elaborate hierarchial access control on the directory tree to
allow specific groups/departments to access specific portions of the document tree. It is also possible 
for users to collaborate over the objects, by conducting discussions at the directory and/or the
document level. Additionally users can take advantage of a built-in social network that allows them
to connect to other collaborators that share common topics of interest

In the social network mode, typically hosted by a company on the cloud, it is possible for users to 
register on their own and create a contextual social network. There is just one humongous "flat" cloud
of users just like any social network. Users simply login with their user name and password.

In secure business mode, typically hosted by a company, on the cloud, it is possible for businesses
to be added securely, where each business has access to it's own data and metadata. Each business 
effectively has access to their own virtual cloud, where they can share documents, discussions, groups
and other resources securely. Users will need to login with their business name, user name and password.

In the business partner/subscription mode, typically hosted by a company that does business with thousands of 
partners, or third-parties. Businesses can share their data with partners. These partners could
be sales partners, resellers, VABs.

Redbasin software is written in Java and built on spring framework.  
It uses open source technologies including mysql database and can be connected to Mongo, Redis, Neo4J, Hadoop,
with and without LDAP.

Reference implementation

Minimum Instructions For Installation

Required:  tomcat or webserver, mysql, jdk


Tested with JDK 1.7

mysql (5.1)
create database redbasindb;
use redbasindb;
source <pathname>/redbasin.sql;
source <pathname>/populatehdlogin; 

These are located in sql directory

tomcat 7
war files are located in bin directory
Copy redbasin-org.war and static.war in $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/
Extract war files.

update <yourpassword> for redbasindb in redbasin-servlet.xml file
restart tomcat webapp

redbasin-org webapp 

login: admin
password: admin

login: john
password: john


Although the war binaries are provided, you can also check out the project and compile it using NetBeans and JDK 1.7.

Redbasin OpenDocShare is a donation supported project helping bring about collaboration and education to
communities and schools. If you would like to donate and support a great cause,
please visit our website at and purchase a sponsorship option.
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