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YUI 2.x Library Source
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Welcome to YUI.
The YUI Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript,
for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such
as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. YUI is available under a BSD license
and is free for all uses.
The source tree for YUI includes the following directories:
* api: Generated API docs for the entire library in HTML format. These
documents are build using YUI Doc from the contents of the src
* build: Generated/built YUI files. The built files are generated from
the contents of the src directory. Files are provided in full,
commented form (suitable for debugging) and in minified form
(suitable for deployment and use).
* sandbox: The sandbox directory contains works-in-progress, including
unreleased future components, as well as experimental and/or
demonstration code created by library authors.
* src: This directory contains the source code (JavaScript, CSS, image
assets, ActionScript files) for the library. src also contains (or
will contain) all module documentation, tests and examples. The
src/common directory contains documentation, tests and examples
that are not for a specific YUI component. All modifications to
the library and its documentation should take place in this
The src directory also contains build.xml files, which can be
used to build individual modules using the YUI component build
tool. The YUI component build tool is part of the YUI "builder"
project, also available on GitHub:
The README in the componentbuild directory of the builder project
covers installation and use of the build tool.
Code found in the development head is always a work in progress and
should be treated as experimental.