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Getting Started Guide

Out-of-Box Test

To test the board for the first time, follow these steps:

  • The preloaded firmware is a BLE Heart Rate peripheral simulator.
  • To test the BLE Nano 2 or Blend 2 boards
    • BLE Nano 2
      • DAPLink
        • Stack the BLE Nano 2 on the DAPLink USB dongle and connect to PC USB port.
        • image
      • ProtoBoard
        • If you want to try with coin cell battery (CR2032) with the Proto Board, stack the BLE Nano 2 correctly to the ProtoBoard.
        • image
    • Blend 2
      • Connect it to your 5V USB adaptor or PC USB port using an USB DATA cable.
      • Note: Some USB cables are for charging only, no data lines inside.
  • You will see the onboard LED is flashing.
  • Use Nordic's iOS or Android Apps called nRFToolBox and use the HRM icon to connect to the board, the Heart Rate counter will be increasing every 1 second.
  • image
  • Congrats, your board works as expected.


Nordic SDK


  • To be written -
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