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  1. Sample code for cross platform animations using Xamarin Forms for iOS, Android and Windows

    C# 26 16

  2. Sample Xamarin Forms application to get a unique device id on iOS, Android and Windows

    C# 18 8

  3. Sample application using Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms leveraging Town of Oakville OpenData set.

    C# 7 18

  4. Windows 8 WinJS Location based template app which maps point of interest data.

    JavaScript 4 6

  5. Windows 8 WinJS Hero App Template Allowing users to submit various types of information to a back end server

    JavaScript 4 7

  6. Sample code for GZip Compression and HttpClient using Xamarin Forms for iOS, Android and RedBit

    C# 4



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