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df: `/media/cloudfiles': Transport endpoint is not connected #15

mandmZoom opened this Issue · 11 comments

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I keep getting this error periodically on my installation of cloud fuse and it occurs both on ubuntu 10.04 as well as 10.10. I am using rackspace cloud servers

when i type a df -h i see this error
df: `/media/cloudfiles': Transport endpoint is not connected

and in the /var/log/syslog i see this error
kernel: [249662.999667] cloudfuse[2459]: segfault at 1000000d7 ip 00007f8da9424095 sp 00007f8da460a000 error 4 in[7f8da93ec000+144000]

it has been really difficult for me to scale due to this issue occurring on my servers at randoom time intervals. My configuration is such that i mount all my media files to the cloud files and then all my servers can access the same files

The second issue is that if the media file is uploaded from one server it takes about 5 to 10 mins for the other server to see it

This is the command i use for mounting cloudfiles

sudo cloudfuse /media/cloudfiles -o allow_other,nonempty

Please let me know whats missing here?


the cloudfuse configuration has a cache setting, so that's likely causing the delay between servers seeing the files (or cloud files is caching it's output).

additionally, I received the Transport error multiple times when attempting to copy a >5gb file to the cloudfuse mount point. Turns out that cloud files only supports 5gb file segments, so if you want a larger filesize, you must segment the files for storage.



I am having the same problem ( Transport endpoint is not connected ) even with very low traffic (developement stage) and few files.
Is there a way to reconnect automatically ?

It seems it just disconnects after some inactivity. Does it ?


@mandnZoom : you mean you could mount CloudFiles with NFS ?

as for me, I wrote a small sh script checking the mount point every x seconds and remounting it if necessary :S


Sorry, I haven't been able to reproduce cloudfuse crashing or shutting down. Can you tell me what OS you're running on and what sort of operations you're doing on the mounted drive so I can try to reproduce?


@redbo : Same for me with Debian 5.

For now I have very few accesses per day (testing) and it's still disconnecting every once in a while (like once a day).
Is there a timeout when no accesses are done for a long period of time ?


Still no fix/explanation ?


same for me with centos 5.8
also did remounting scripts. a daily one and a health-check one.
the scripts will only work if the process (backup for example) is not stuck in the middle of operation.
(or else, I can't umount, obviously)



someone here mentioned nfs?
how can i mount cloudfiles with nfs?

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