An AeroFS Private Cloud API SDK written in Golang.
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AeroFS SDK (Golang)

An AeroFS Private Cloud API SDK written in Golang. The AeroFS Golang SDK is composed of two packages:

  • aerofsapi - Map the AeroFS API spec to individual calls
    • Supports all routes documented by the AeroFS API v1.3 Specification
  • aerofssdk - Higher-level interface to the API
    • Supports the creation of File, Folder, Group, GroupMember, SharedFolder, SharedFolderMember and User objects


$ go get
$ go get


The API, SDK unit tests test against a local AeroFS Appliance.

Do not execute the tests against a product instance as the tests mutate state.

Only run if you have a setup test instance. The tests require the following three environment variables to be set.

  • USERTOKEN - An OAuth token with all permissions but organization.admin
  • ADMINTOKEN - An OAuth token for a user with all permission scopes
  • APPHOST - The hostname of the local AeroFS Appliance
$ cd aerofsapi
$ go test -v
$ cd ../aerofssdk
$ go test -v


Melkor is a test app that uses the API,SDK to enumerate lists of files, folders and number of users on an AeroFS deployment