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Gem to generate VIPER modules to use them in your Objective-C/Swift projects.
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Viper Module Generator

⚠️ This project is no longer maintained.

Gem to generate VIPER modules to use them in your Objective-C/Swift projects The implementation scheme returned by this generator is hardly inspired in the example and post of, .


Changelog 0.1.6

  • Added templates command to know which templates are available
  • YAML file in each template with the information about the template (more scalable)

Changelog 0.1

  • Added default template
  • Fully components tested

Expected in version 0.2

  • Example project of Redbooth login with notifications
  • FetchedResultsController template
  • Default template in Swift
  • Login template
  • Integrate with XCode as a plugin (

Viper files structure

+-- DataManager
|   +-- VIPERDataManager.h
|   +-- VIPERDataManager.m
+-- Interactor
|   +-- VIPERInteractor.h
|   +-- VIPERInteractor.m
+-- Presenter
|   +-- VIPERPresenter.h
|   +-- VIPERPresenter.m
+-- ViewController
|   +-- VIPERViewController.h
|   +-- VIPERViewController.m
+-- WireFrame
|   +-- VIPERWireFrame.h
|   +-- VIPERWireFrame.m
+-- Protocols
|   +-- VIPERProtocols.h
+-- DataManager
|   +-- VIPERDataManager.swift
+-- Interactor
|   +-- VIPERInteractor.swift
+-- Presenter
|   +-- VIPERPresenter.swift
+-- ViewController
|   +-- VIPERViewController.swift
+-- WireFrame
|   +-- VIPERWireFrame.swift
+-- Protocols
|   +-- VIPERProtocols.swift

How to install vipergen ?

You can install it easily as using the gem. With ruby installed in your OSX execute:

sudo gem install vipergen

If everything were right, you should have now the vipergem command available in your system console

How to generate a VIPER module with a given name?

You have just to execute the following command

vipergen generate MyFirstViperModule --path=~/myproject/shared

And then the files structure will be automatically created. Don't forget to add this folder to your project dragging it into the XCode/Appcode inspector

Developer tips

Update the gem

When the gem is updated it has to be reported to the gem repository. I followed this tutorial that basically says that once you have your gem ready execute:

gem build vipergen.gemspec
gem install vipergen-0.1.gem
gem push vipergen-0.1.gem

Then you'll be asked for your credentials in order to make the update in the repo (

Add a new template

Are you interested in VIPER and you would like to contribute with this gem adding new templates? Feel free to do it. It's pretty easy. You've just to:

  • Create a folder inside templates with the name of your template
  • You'll have to create inside the templates in both languages, Swift and Objective-C (get inspired from existing templates)
  • Use the word VIPER where you want the name to be replaced in.
  • Remember to add the file viperspec.yml with the description of your template as below:
author: pepi
template_description: Default template with the simplest structure using VIPER
updated_at: 2014-08-24
  • Report it as a PR in this repo updating the gem version in Gemspec.