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Redbrick - DCU's Networking Society

Redbrick is DCU's Networking Society. We are a group of students who are interested in all things tech, from programming to gaming. We run events such as tutorials, hackathons, talks, and workshops.

We also provide many services such as email and web hosting to members. And much more!

Join us!


  1. nomad nomad Public

    Collection of Redbrick's Nomad job files, with ansible scripts to help deploy and manage it

    HCL 5 4

  2. nix-configs nix-configs Public

    NixOS configs for Redbrick deployment

    Nix 13 5

  3. good_stv good_stv Public

    A good single transferable vote utility.

    Rust 4 2

  4. rb-ldap rb-ldap Public

    Application for interaction and account manipulation of ldap

    Go 4 3

  5. useradm useradm Public archive

    useradm and Redbrick registration system

    Python 4 6

  6. user-scripts user-scripts Public

    Redbrick Specific Scripts for users

    Python 1


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