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Simple JavaScript library for dynamically managing tab order on responsive Web pages.
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Simple JavaScript library for dynamically managing keyboard navigation order (tab order) on responsive Web pages.


Because responsive Web design is generally a Good Thing, but sometimes causes interactive elements to be rearranged, and not everyone can use a mouse.


responsive-tab-order works by dynamically updating the tabindex attribute of marked elements, which can either be given a visual ordering (currently, only top-to-bottom/left-to-right is supported) or a standard document ordering. A page can contain a mixture of visually ordered and document ordered elements (but not all positionings make sense in an unambiguous way).


  1. responsive-tab-order is available as a Bower package. Add it to your application using:

    bower install -S ''

Alternatively, just include responsive-tab-order.js in your page using whatever means works best for you.

  1. Add a data-taborder attribute to each element on your page that should receive focus. The value of the attribute can be visual or document (or blank, which is the same as document). When set to visual, an element is placed in the tab order by its visual positioning relative to other focusable elements. When set to document, an element is placed in the tab order according to its position in the DOM.

  2. Let responsive-tab-order manage the tab order by including the following on your page:


or, using RequireJS:

  require([ 'responsive-tab-order' ], function (ResponsiveTabOrder) {

You can pass in a pixel distance threshold for elements to be considered "on the same line" (the default is 0):

  1. Manually trigger an update if you dynamically change the DOM and need to get your tab order straight:


This also takes a pixel distance threshold:



responsive-tab-order uses Bower for dependency management.

  1. Install dependencies: bower install
  2. Run tests by opening tests/SpecRunner.html


responsive-tab-order is released under an MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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