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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "GCDMulticastDelegate.h"
@class XMPPStream;
* XMPPModule is the base class that all extensions/modules inherit.
* They automatically get:
* - A dispatch queue.
* - A multicast delegate that automatically invokes added delegates.
* The module also automatically registers/unregisters itself with the
* xmpp stream during the activate/deactive methods.
@interface XMPPModule : NSObject
XMPPStream *xmppStream;
dispatch_queue_t moduleQueue;
id multicastDelegate;
@property (readonly) dispatch_queue_t moduleQueue;
@property (strong, readonly) XMPPStream *xmppStream;
- (id)init;
- (id)initWithDispatchQueue:(dispatch_queue_t)queue;
- (BOOL)activate:(XMPPStream *)xmppStream;
- (void)deactivate;
- (void)addDelegate:(id)delegate delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t)delegateQueue;
- (void)removeDelegate:(id)delegate delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t)delegateQueue;
- (void)removeDelegate:(id)delegate;
- (NSString *)moduleName;
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