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T1115 - Clipboard Data

Adversaries may collect data stored in the clipboard from users copying information within or between applications.

For example, on Windows adversaries can access clipboard data by using clip.exe or Get-Clipboard.(Citation: MSDN Clipboard)(Citation: clip_win_server)(Citation: CISA_AA21_200B) Additionally, adversaries may monitor then replace users’ clipboard with their data (e.g., Transmitted Data Manipulation).(Citation: mining_ruby_reversinglabs)

macOS and Linux also have commands, such as pbpaste, to grab clipboard contents.(Citation: Operating with EmPyre)

Atomic Tests

Atomic Test #1 - Utilize Clipboard to store or execute commands from

Add data to clipboard to copy off or execute commands from.

Supported Platforms: Windows

auto_generated_guid: 0cd14633-58d4-4422-9ede-daa2c9474ae7

Attack Commands: Run with command_prompt!

dir | clip
echo "T1115" > %temp%\T1115.txt
clip < %temp%\T1115.txt

Cleanup Commands:

del %temp%\T1115.txt >nul 2>&1

Atomic Test #2 - Execute Commands from Clipboard using PowerShell

Utilize PowerShell to echo a command to clipboard and execute it

Supported Platforms: Windows

auto_generated_guid: d6dc21af-bec9-4152-be86-326b6babd416

Attack Commands: Run with powershell!

echo Get-Process | clip
Get-Clipboard | iex

Atomic Test #3 - Execute commands from clipboard

Echo a command to clipboard and execute it

Supported Platforms: macOS

auto_generated_guid: 1ac2247f-65f8-4051-b51f-b0ccdfaaa5ff

Attack Commands: Run with bash!

echo ifconfig | pbcopy

Atomic Test #4 - Collect Clipboard Data via VBA

This module copies the data stored in the user's clipboard and writes it to a file, $env:TEMP\atomic_T1115_clipboard_data.txt

Supported Platforms: Windows

auto_generated_guid: 9c8d5a72-9c98-48d3-b9bf-da2cc43bdf52


Name Description Type Default Value
ms_product Maldoc application Word string Word

Attack Commands: Run with powershell!

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
Set-Clipboard -value "Atomic T1115 Test, grab data from clipboard via VBA"
IEX (iwr "" -UseBasicParsing)
Invoke-Maldoc -macroFile "PathToAtomicsFolder\T1115\src\T1115-macrocode.txt" -officeProduct "Word" -sub "GetClipboard"

Cleanup Commands:

Remove-Item "$env:TEMP\atomic_T1115_clipboard_data.txt" -ErrorAction Ignore

Dependencies: Run with powershell!

Description: Microsoft #{ms_product} must be installed
Check Prereq Commands:
try {
  New-Object -COMObject "#{ms_product}.Application" | Out-Null
  $process = "#{ms_product}"; if ( $process -eq "Word") {$process = "winword"}
  Stop-Process -Name $process
  exit 0
} catch { exit 1 }
Get Prereq Commands:
Write-Host "You will need to install Microsoft #{ms_product} manually to meet this requirement"

Atomic Test #5 - Add or copy content to clipboard with xClip

Utilize Linux Xclip to copy history and place in clipboard then output to a history.txt file. Successful execution will capture history and output to a file on disk.

Supported Platforms: Linux

auto_generated_guid: ee363e53-b083-4230-aff3-f8d955f2d5bb

Attack Commands: Run with sh!

apt install xclip -y
history | tail -n 30 | xclip -sel clip
xclip -o > history.txt