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Invoke-AtomicRedTeam is a PowerShell module to execute tests as defined in the atomics folder of Red Canary's Atomic Red Team project. The "atomics folder" contains a folder for each Technique defined by the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework. Inside of each of these "T#" folders you'll find a yaml file that defines the attack procedures for each atomic test as well as an easier to read markdown (md) version of the same data.

  • Executing atomic tests may leave your system in an undesirable state. You are responsible for understanding what a test does before executing.

  • Ensure you have permission to test before you begin.

  • It is recommended to set up a test machine for atomic test execution that is similar to the build in your environment. Be sure you have your collection/EDR solution in place, and that the endpoint is checking in and active.

See the Wiki for complete Installation and Usage instructions.

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