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PyCap is structured into two layers: a high level that exposes redcap.Project and a low-level, redcap.request. Users (like yourself) should generally only worry about working the redcap.Project class.

JSON Handling

For any request with a format='json' argument, the API will respond with a JSON-formatted string representation of the response. This is automatically decoded by PyCap into a list of python dictionaries. This is the default format for all requests.


The :class:`redcap.Project` class is the high-level object of the module. Generally you'll only need this class.

.. automodule:: redcap.project
    :special-members: __init__

.. exception:: redcap.RedcapError

    This is thrown when an API method fails. Depending on the API call, the REDCap server will return a helpful message. Sometimes it won't :(


The Project class makes all HTTP calls to the REDCap API through the :class:`redcap.request.RCRequest` class. You shouldn't need this in day-to-day usage.

.. automodule:: redcap.request
    :special-members: __init__