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RedCat PHP Framework

Rapid Application Development with Scalability and High Performance

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  1. redcatphp Archived

    RedCat PHP Framework - Code with agility

    PHP 19 2

  2. strategy Archived

    Strategy - Dependency Injection

    PHP 5

  3. templix Archived

    HTML5 based Template Engine with Recursive Extends and CSS3 Selectors to work on DOM like with Jquery

    PHP 6

  4. Css Preprocessor using Scss syntax ( SASS 3.2 ) ported to PHP with added supports: php imbrication, php mixin, mixin autoload, extend autoload, font autoload - derived from leafo-scssphp

    PHP 5

  5. debug Archived

    Common vars dump helpers and error handler for debugging purpose

    PHP 4

  6. route Archived

    A micro-framework for manage entry point of applications

    PHP 3


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