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Contributions are welcome!

Quick guide

  • Fork the repo.
  • Checkout the branch you want to make changes on:
  • Master if you make changes to the code that are not backward compatible.
  • Default branch when adding new features.
  • Branch before the default if you are fixing a bug for an existing feature (or the default/master branch if the feature was introduced in that version).
  • Install dependencies: composer install.
  • Create branch, e.g. feature-foo or bugfix-bar.
  • Make changes.
  • If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug - add a test!
  • Fix project itself: php ./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix.
  • Check if tests pass: phpunit (4.*)

Opening a pull request

You can do some things to increase the chance that your pull request is accepted the first time:

  • Submit one pull request per fix or feature.
  • If your changes are not up to date - rebase your branch on branch you started from.
  • Follow the conventions used in the project.
  • Remember about tests and documentation.
  • Don't bump version.

Project's standards