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SynthCat Brick Breaker!

SynthCat Brick Breaker is a game where you knock a ball of yarn to break bricks as SynthCat.

What is CX?

CX is a general purpose, interpreted and compiled programming language, with a very strict type system and a syntax similar to Golang's. CX provides a new programming paradigm based on the concept of affordances, where the user can ask the programming language at runtime what can be done with a CX object (functions, expressions, packages, etc.), and interactively or automatically choose one of the affordances to be applied.

You can find more info on:


SynthCat Brick Breaker requires the latest version of CX to run.

After installing CX and all its dependencies clone this repository by running:

$ git clone

Wait for the cloning process to finish and navigate to the cloned directory...

$ cd SynthCat-Brick-Breaker/

The game should be ready to run.

Running the game

In order to run the game type the following command:

$ cx

Control SynthCat by pressing left and right on your keyboard.


If you want to show your appreciation for my work fell free to send a contribution in Skycoin to the address below and/or dm me some kind words on telegram.

  • Skycoin Address: EBqmtuEyK6z4BgmjFoXPiSas1dydxdPqAf

Thank you Skycoin community!


I am not part of the team responsible for the development of the CX programming language neither do I claim some sort of affiliation with the Skycoin Project.

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