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**** NOTE ****

This gem has been turned into a web service (mainly so that people using other languages can use it). The service can be found over at http://embedit.me

I have written a wrapper for Embedit (in Ruby) available here...


This will be a gem as soon as Github have fixed my little problem (http://support.github.com/discussions/gems/1-gem-tick-box-wont-stay-ticked)

Cheers, Red



Embedit is an embedding tool written in Ruby.

We are currently re-writing dothegreenthing.com and allow users to add media from pretty much anywhere. Handling all the different embed codes/api's validations and everything else that comes with this functionality can be/is a pain.

Embedit is the backbone to the web service http://embedit.me. Embedit.me also has its only ruby lib over at http://github.com/reddavis/embedit_ruby/tree/master

Embedit is extremely simple to use. You have the url? Just plonk it in here =>

media = Embedit::Media.new('here')

Thats it!

At the time of writing, you now have the ability to call:
	media.title => Shows the title of whatever was uploaded
	media.format => The format of the file
	media.url => The url to the media
	media.html => The embed code, whether this is a generic flash player, a company player (Vimeo, Youtube), image tag and more to come
  You also specify media sizes => media.html(:width => 200, :height => 700)
  You can also validate an url (useful for a active record (or whatever you use) validation)
  media.valid? => Returns true or false
At the moment Embedit supports: 
  - oEmbed family (http://www.oembed.com/) 
  - YouTube (http://youtube.com)
  - OVI (http://share.ovi.com/)
  - Google Video
  - Sevenload Video
  - .[jpg|gif|png] URL
  - Twitter (twictur.es)
  - Myspace Images
  - FLV video stored where ever
Sites To Support:
  - Facebook
  - Image shack
  - Screen shot of a website (user puts in url, if nothing matches take screen shot)
  - Email me any other suggestions with links to the site at reddavis [[+@+]] gmail *.* com

  Red Davis (http://redwriteshere.com/) (http://github.com/reddavis/embedit/tree/master)
  Michael Bumann - railslove.com