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Reddcoin Core version 3.0.1 is now available from:

This is a new major version release of Reddcoin.
Previously, the original and subsequent versions of Reddcoin were taken from a fork of the Litecoin code base.

With the release of Reddcoin V2.0.0, the code was based directly from a fork Bitcoin. This allows for better source control and feature implementation from upstream changes into the future

With the release of Reddcoin V3.0.0, the PoSV stake reward has been improved to allow for a target 5% network growth

Upgrading to this release is strongly recommended and required.
Once a supermajority of 90% is reached, old wallets will no longer accept the new v5 blocks.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version of Reddcoin, shut it down.
Wait until it has completely shut down (which may take a few minutes for older versions).
Run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Reddcoin-Qt (on Mac) or reddcoind/reddcoin-qt (on Linux).

Start wallet

Notable changes

Core base code

Reddcoin v3.0.0 introduced an updated PoSV method to better distribute staking rewards and target a overall 5% network growth.

Staking and relay policy enhancements

To implement PoSV v2, Reddcoin Core's block templates are now for version 5 blocks only.
When PoSV v2 consensus (Supermajority 9000/10000) is reached, only v5 blocks will be accepted by the network.
This equates to approximately 90% of blocks being generated over 1 week period.

Blockchain Download

Blockchain data for both testnet and mainnet along with instructions can be downloaded from github.

3.0.1 changelog

83e212838 - John Nash, 2020-01-09 : really delete these files
3a1458ecd - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-08 : Added missing dependency libminiupnpc-dev for Jessie
d21915431 - Tiago Peralta, 2019-06-21 : Add vout to listtransactions/gettransaction
8d58ea7cf - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-08 : Script for downloading pre compiled binaries for Raspbian Jessie, Stretch or Buster
d4eced1bc - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-08 : Delete
c5e9f91cf - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-08 : Delete
5d5771b00 - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-08 : Delete
75c6ae91b - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-05 : add reddcoin-qt and remove starting daemon process
54c501787 - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-05 : add reddcoin-qt and remove starting daemon process
acb30a2b6 - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-05 : script files for Raspbian Jessie (also Stakebox)
cfddbe594 - John Nash, 2020-01-05 : Update copyright year and version
e46e5e7de - John Nash, 2020-01-05 : download script for pre compiled wallet
37386790a - John Nash, 2020-01-05 : change libssl deb packages links to github
9dbc772e6 - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-03 : download script for pre compiled wallet
857d697fd - Oliver Webb, 2020-01-03 : change libssl deb packages links to github
2cb74b9a8 - John Nash, 2019-12-31 : update copyright year
c641a1ab3 - Oliver Webb, 2019-12-30 : Raspberry Pi build script files for v3 wallet
a3f21a4a4 - John Nash, 2019-12-30 : add install script for building db4 update instructions for unix, osx, arm building using the db4 install script
5f6299b2a - John Nash, 2019-12-28 : docs: Update build notes for arm processors
465716c01 - John Nash, 2019-12-28 : test for arm devices
3fec3a535 - John Nash, 2018-02-02 : build: update source paths
5f6031ab4 - John Nash, 2019-12-28 : Scrypt n=1024 Pow hash based upon Colin Percival's Tarnsnap (2009) Modified by Artforz, coblee, pooler, wtogami, Nikolay Belikov, reddink
2fd4d91a0 - John Nash, 2019-12-24 : update copyright year
326828b36 - John Nash, 2019-12-24 : set release state true
8ebede0a6 - John Nash, 2019-12-24 : release notes
36df6fdfb - John Nash, 2019-12-23 : add check explictly for v5 blocks or greater
874dc1f0c - John Nash, 2019-12-17 : remove hardcoded global variable rearrange debug log output
763b25db8 - John Nash, 2019-12-17 : move copyright to new line
536baf635 - John Nash, 2019-12-17 : update version and set release state to false
cde9009f3 - John Nash, 2019-12-17 : update copyright year
ae41b7ed3 - John Nash, 2019-12-17 : set isSuperMajority to 90% for mainnet
e43e1c8ed - John Nash, 2019-12-10 : additional logging to verify isSuperMajority in the debug.log output
e31783cac - John Nash, 2019-12-05 : add/update public key for mainnet
405c6f002 - John Nash, 2019-12-05 : add log output for current inflation rate
9cc43c3f7 - John Nash, 2019-12-02 : determine calculated stake based on posv version
7baa3bf75 - John Nash, 2019-11-25 : check the posv transaction for correct pubkey
9ffa7ca38 - John Nash, 2019-11-21 : check for posv v1 or posv v2 blocks when calculating stake reward
39f7aad68 - John Nash, 2019-11-14 : add logging
0e283e6c3 - John Nash, 2019-11-13 : correct maths
74cbdeffd - John Nash, 2019-11-11 : use new posv v2 functions addidtional logging
35d7413b5 - John Nash, 2019-11-11 : add new proofofstakereward
3d917216c - John Nash, 2019-11-11 : get inflation adjustment
f63d17443 - John Nash, 2019-11-08 : add the developer output split fund output
ca263c9c9 - John Nash, 2019-11-05 : add dev key to chainparams
df6996ab0 - John Nash, 2019-11-05 : add block version checking
14b663479 - John Nash, 2019-11-05 : increase block version


Thanks to everyone who contributed to coding, testing and feedback for this release, notably:

  • @techadept
  • @chris
  • @cryptobuze
  • @harmonyq
  • @mindredder
  • @paxtech
  • @Tiago Peralta
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