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from kazoo.client import KazooClient
from kazoo.exceptions import KazooException, NoNodeException
from kazoo.retry import KazooRetry
from push.hosts import HostSource, HostLookupError
class ZookeeperHostSource(HostSource):
def __init__(self, config):
self.zk = KazooClient(config.hosts.zookeeper.connection_string)
credentials = ":".join((config.hosts.zookeeper.username,
self.zk.add_auth("digest", credentials)
self.retry = KazooRetry(max_tries=3)
def get_all_hosts(self):
return self.retry(self.zk.get_children, "/server")
except KazooException as e:
raise HostLookupError("zk host enumeration failed: %r", e)
def should_host_be_alive(self, host_name):
host_root = "/server/" + host_name
state = self.retry(self.zk.get, host_root + "/state")[0]
if state in ("kicking", "unhealthy"):
return False
is_autoscaled = self.retry(self.zk.exists, host_root + "/asg")
is_running = self.retry(self.zk.exists, host_root + "/running")
return not is_autoscaled or is_running
except NoNodeException:
return False
except KazooException as e:
raise HostLookupError("zk host aliveness check failed: %r", e)
def shut_down(self):