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package randbp
import (
// Base64Runes are all the runes allowed in standard and url safe base64
// encodings.
// This is a common, safe to use set of runes to be used with
// GenerateRandomString.
const Base64Runes = `ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789-_+/=`
// RandomStringArgs defines the args used by GenerateRandomString.
type RandomStringArgs struct {
// Required. If MaxLength <= MinLength it will cause panic.
MaxLength int
// Optional. Default is 0, which means it could generate empty strings.
// If MinLength < 0 or MinLength >= MaxLength it will cause panic.
MinLength int
// Optional. If nil randbp.R will be used instead.
R *rand.Rand
// Optional. If empty []rune(randbp.Base64Runes) will be used instead.
Runes []rune
// The common interface between *math/rand.Rand and randbp.Rand used in
// GenerateRandomString.
type intner interface {
Intn(n int) int
// GenerateRandomString generates a random string with length
// [MinLength, MaxLength), and all characters limited to Runes.
// It could be used to help implement testing/quick.Generator interface.
func GenerateRandomString(args RandomStringArgs) string {
var r intner
if args.R != nil {
r = args.R
} else {
r = R
runes := args.Runes
if len(runes) == 0 {
runes = []rune(Base64Runes)
n := r.Intn(args.MaxLength-args.MinLength) + args.MinLength
ret := make([]rune, n)
for i := range ret {
ret[i] = runes[r.Intn(len(runes))]
return string(ret)