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Usually the metrics endpoint isn't enabled during local development, so
the debug logging of unsent metrics was very noisy.

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It's much easier to manage a bunch of services when they all have the same shape: the way they're developed, the way they interact with the infrastructure they run on, and the way they interact with each other. Baseplate is reddit's specification for the common shape of our services. This library,, is the Python implementation of that specification. glues together tooling for interacting with the reddit backend ecosystem and spackles over things that are missing. It integrates with Apache Thrift, Pyramid, and client libraries for many systems to transparently make your applications observable.

Baseplate applications transparently get:

  • Timing and request rate metrics using statsd
  • Distributed tracing with Zipkin
  • Error reporting and aggregation with Sentry

And can take advantage of:

  • Integration with commonly used clients like: Thrift, SQLAlchemy, cassandra-driver, pymemcache, redis-py, and Kombu
  • An experiments framework for doing A/B tests
  • Secrets securely pulled from Vault

And many other things! Read the full docs. requires Python 3.6 or newer.

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