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daemons to monitor reddit ops

queues: Don't report stats for anonymous queues.

Sutro websockets ( uses fanout
exchanges with anonymous queues to receive messages from the main app.
This means that an anonymous queues is generated for every worker
listening for messages. This causes a huge number of unnecessary
graphite stats that are not terribly meaningful.
latest commit 13a0e0b7c4
Neil Williams spladug authored
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upstart Add updating script.
.gitignore Ignore vim swap files. Use centralized wessex config for harold. Add configurable logging setup to alerts.init(). Fix typo which caused a useless error message haproxy: Monkeypatch urllib2.urlopen to retry. queues: Don't report stats for anonymous queues. queues: Don't report stats for anonymous queues. Also catch socket timeouts as site-down failures. testing: Fix _post_to_harold signature changing. testing: Remove tests of internal state of external harold stuff. Add kwargs for component, evclasskey, and evclass to create_event_on_…
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