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horse-react is an implementation of the horse application building library, with some helpers to make working with react easily.

Go check out that documentation, then return to see how you'd use it with React a little easier.

New APIs

horse-react exposes pre-built render and error functions that you can hook into, through ClientApp and ServerApp classes. It expects your middleware to attach a layout, body, and props property to the context object during the course of your route handling, and at the end, it will render it out (either with layout, if on the server, or it will mount the body if on the client.)

A Brief Overview

An example usage might be like: (es6 incoming)


// This is used both client- and server- side, and simply sets up an app with
// routes; in this case, returning React elements.

import Layout from '../layouts/layout.jsx';
import Index from '../pages/index.jsx';

function setupRoutes(app) {
  app.router.get('/', function *(next) { = new Map({
      user: db.getUser(1)

    this.layout = Layout;

    this.body = function(props) {
      return <Index {...this.props} />;

export default setupRoutes;


import koa from 'koa';

import {ServerReactApp} from 'horse-react';
import setupRoutes from './setupRoutes';

var server = koa();

var app = new App();



You'll want to add push state too, but that's outside the scope of our example.

import React from 'react';
import {ClientReactApp} from 'horse-react';

import setupRoutes from './setupRoutes';

import jQuery as $ from 'jquery';

var app = new ClientApp({
  mountPoint: document.getElementById('app-container')


$(function() {
  $('body').on('click', 'a', function(e) {

Additional Notes

If you want to mount a client application directly on the server-rendered markup, add this.staticMarkup to the context before serverRender is called. Your layout should include !!CONTENT!! as the magic word where rendered body markup should be inserted (instead of {this.children}.)