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Whenever using the reddit companion to submit articles, the last letter of the given title can be chopped off. #25

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This only happens when clicking the submit button, not when pressing enter on the keyboard. The length of the title doesn't matter. This issue is consistent with all pages I have tried. Check out the following gallery:

This to me seems like somebody copy-pasted some non-working code at an early stage instead of using a common function and proper code reuse. I haven't actually peeked at the extension code myself, however.


It uses the keypress event to know when to update the Submit button's link.
It looks like the keypress event fires before the text actually changes, so it sets the link to what the text was right before you hit the key (hitting enter fires the same event, so it sets it correctly, since the text you want was already there when it fired).

The keyup event doesn't have the same problem, so the easy fix is to just change the event to that (pull request submitted that does just that).

@chromakode chromakode closed this issue from a commit
@mhweaver mhweaver Fix bug where submission title truncated (fixes #25).
Merged with help from Justin Paupore <>.
@chromakode chromakode closed this in 93dc476
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