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Added more translations

Although there are still many machine translated sentences, you made a good progress.

Hope i can help in the near future.

Thank you for commenting,

Can you kindly point out the "machine translated" sentences, so I can take another look at them ?

Also, Any help is most appreciated :D


kemitche commented Feb 29, 2012

Per a change in tools to use, please submit the translations in this pull request there. For more information and instructions, see this post in /r/i18n.

Note: Transifex will automatically discard any changes that already have existing (reviewed) strings. I do not have an automated method of migrating a string that has been updated (rather than added) at this time.

As this pull request has review comments on it, after uploading to Transifex, please contact me (kemitche) via either reddit or Transifex PM, and I will grant "reviewer" so you may mark the strings as reviewed. (This invitation holds for anyone who has made review comments in this thread). Please note that "reviewers" in Transifex have slightly elevated privileges, and take care not to overwrite other translations without discussion of some kind.

Please mark this pull request as closed after submission to Transifex. Pull requests left open after by March 30, 2012 will be closed.

I Have uploaded the merged version to Transifex, and closing this pull request as per requested.

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