Getting Started

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This guide will show how to make changes using Transifex in order to translate strings for reddit.

Signup for a free account on Transifex, our localization workflow platform. Visit the reddit project page. Request to join the team for the language you're looking to work with. If it doesn't exist, you can request that one be created.

Once you've been added to the team, your Transifex dashboard should guide you straight to that language team. Jump right in, look at the untranslated strings, and start submitting translations. For more info, see the Transifex help page

That's it! If you have any questions please ask on the i18n subreddit

Reviewing Translations (for those with reviewer status on a team)

From the "Translate Now" view: at the top right, check the boxes for "translated" (uncheck "reviewed" and "remaining"). This will show you only the strings that HAVE translations, but that have NOT been reviewed yet.

At the far right of each translation is a little checkbox. If the string looks good, check that box to mark it as reviewed. That's it! You can also check the box at the right side of the header column to mark ALL strings (on that page) as reviewed.