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  • NodeJS v4.0+
  • NPM v3.10+
  • macOS or Linux (not tested on Windows)

Quick start

We use NPM scripts for all development related tasks.


The main git branch is 2X

We use rebasing in order to avoid merge commits.


We have pre-commit/push hooks in the hooks directory to help enforce our linting rules and tests. Developers are highly encouraged to use them.

Configure your dev envirnoment

We use a shell script to run the app so we can define needed environment variables. By convention we call it This file is already in our .gitignore.

cp chmod u+wx

Make sure to update the script with the appropriate secrets and other necessary values.


npm install


watch - npm run watch build - npm run build

running the app

Instead of running the npm script that starts the server make sure to use your with the appropriate keys so you can log in.