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reddit about pages plugin
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reddit about pages plugin

This plugin adds a series of /about/ pages to reddit containing quotes, photos, postcards, stats, and the reddit team bios.


First, install the python package:

python ./ develop

To enable the plugin, you will need to add it to the plugins line of your reddit .ini file:

plugins = about

Finally, configure the plugin in your reddit .ini file:

# set which subreddits the about page pulls its source data from
# make sure you create the subreddits as well, otherwise you'll get an error
about_sr_quotes = about_quotes
about_sr_images = about_images

# these options place a size limit on the slideshow
about_images_count = 50
about_images_min_score = 1

To build static files for production, run make in the main reddit repository. It will detect, build, and merge in the about plugin static files for deployment.

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