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import sys
import csv
import json
def tryconv(conv, s, fallback=None):
return conv(s)
except ValueError:
return fallback
def read_csv(path):
r = csv.reader(open(path), delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
users = []
for line in r:
if not line[0]:
u = {
'username': line[0],
'name': line[1],
'role': line[2],
'role_details': line[3],
'description': line[4],
'favorite_subreddits': line[5].split(' ') if line[5] else [],
'new': tryconv(int, line[6]),
'top': tryconv(float, line[7]),
'beard': tryconv(int, line[8], 0),
'pyro': tryconv(int, line[9], 0),
'wpm': tryconv(int, line[10]),
if line[11]:
u[line[12]] = tryconv(int, line[13], line[13])
for k in u.keys():
if u[k] is None:
del u[k]
return users
def main():
users = read_csv(sys.argv[1])
for u in users:
print json.dumps(u, sort_keys=True) + ','
if __name__ == "__main__":
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