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Fix active subreddit metric details.

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chromakode committed Jun 12, 2012
1 parent 6e987a5 commit 76b786719e79b62c57faf26f4be6d661fb27da8d
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@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ <h2>${_('how reddit works')}</h2>
%if thing.stats:
<h2>${_('stats at a glance')}</h2>
<div class="inner">
- ${stat('subreddits_active_past_day', _('today, reddit powers %(value)s active communities'), _('communities with a post or comment in the past day'))}
+ ${stat('subreddits_active_past_day', _('today, reddit powers %(value)s active communities'), _('communities with at least 5 posts or comments in the past day'))}
${stat('redditors_visited_yesterday', _('consisting of over %(value)s active redditors (in a day)'), _('logged-in redditors yesterday'))}
${stat('country_count_yesterday', _('hailing from over %(value)s different countries'))}
${stat('vote_count_past_day', _('casting over %(value)s votes'))}

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