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## The contents of this file are subject to the Common Public Attribution
## License Version 1.0. (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
## compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
## The License is based on the Mozilla Public
## License Version 1.1, but Sections 14 and 15 have been added to cover use of
## software over a computer network and provide for limited attribution for the
## Original Developer. In addition, Exhibit A has been modified to be
## consistent with Exhibit B.
## Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
## WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for
## the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
## The Original Code is reddit.
## The Original Developer is the Initial Developer. The Initial Developer of
## the Original Code is reddit Inc.
## All portions of the code written by reddit are Copyright (c) 2006-2012
## reddit Inc. All Rights Reserved.
from pylons import request, g, c, Response
from pylons.controllers.util import redirect_to
from reddit_base import RedditController
from r2.lib.utils import url_links
from reddit_base import paginated_listing
from import (WikiPage, WikiRevision, ContentLengthError,
from r2.models.subreddit import Subreddit
from r2.models.modaction import ModAction
from r2.models.builder import WikiRevisionBuilder, WikiRecentRevisionBuilder
from r2.lib.template_helpers import join_urls
from r2.controllers.validator import VMarkdown, VModhash, VPrintable
from import (VWikiPage, VWikiPageAndVersion,
VWikiModerator, VWikiPageRevise,
this_may_revise, this_may_view,
VWikiPageName, wiki_validate)
from r2.controllers.api_docs import api_doc, api_section
from import (WikiPageView, WikiNotFound, WikiRevisions,
WikiEdit, WikiSettings, WikiRecent,
WikiListing, WikiDiscussions,
from r2.config.extensions import set_extension
from r2.lib.template_helpers import add_sr
from r2.lib.db import tdb_cassandra
from r2.controllers.errors import errors
from r2.models.listing import WikiRevisionListing
from r2.lib.pages.things import default_thing_wrapper
from r2.lib.pages import BoringPage
from reddit_base import base_listing
from r2.models import IDBuilder, LinkListing, DefaultSR
from validator.validator import VInt, VExistingUname, VRatelimit, VOneOf
from r2.lib.merge import ConflictException, make_htmldiff
from pylons.i18n import _
from r2.lib.pages import PaneStack
from r2.lib.utils import timesince
from r2.config import extensions
from r2.lib.base import abort
from r2.controllers.errors import WikiError
import json
page_descriptions = {'config/stylesheet':_("This page is the subreddit stylesheet, changes here apply to the subreddit css"),
'config/sidebar':_("The contents of this page appear on the subreddit sidebar")}
ATTRIBUTE_BY_PAGE = {"config/sidebar": "description",
"config/description": "public_description"}
class WikiController(RedditController):
allow_stylesheets = True
@wiki_validate(pv=VWikiPageAndVersion(('page', 'v', 'v2'), required=False,
restricted=False, allow_hidden_revision=False),
def GET_wiki_page(self, pv, page_name):
page, version, version2 = pv
message = None
if page_name[1]:
url = join_urls(c.wiki_base_url, page_name[0])
return self.redirect(url)
if not page:
if c.render_style in extensions.API_TYPES:
self.handle_error(404, 'PAGE_NOT_CREATED')
return WikiNotFound(page=page_name[0]).render()
if version:
edit_by = version.get_author()
edit_date =
edit_by = page.get_author()
edit_date = page._get('last_edit_date')
diffcontent = None
if not version:
content = page.content
if c.is_wiki_mod and in page_descriptions:
message = page_descriptions[]
message = _("viewing revision from %s") % timesince(
if version2:
t1 = timesince(
t2 = timesince(
timestamp1 = _("%s ago") % t1
timestamp2 = _("%s ago") % t2
message = _("comparing revisions from %(date_1)s and %(date_2)s") \
% {'date_1': t1, 'date_2': t2}
diffcontent = make_htmldiff(version.content, version2.content, timestamp1, timestamp2)
content = version2.content
message = _("viewing revision from %s ago") % timesince(
content = version.content
return WikiPageView(content, alert=message, v=version, diff=diffcontent,
may_revise=this_may_revise(page), edit_by=edit_by,
@paginated_listing(max_page_size=100, backend='cassandra')
@wiki_validate(page=VWikiPage(('page'), restricted=False))
def GET_wiki_revisions(self, num, after, reverse, count, page):
revisions = page.get_revisions()
builder = WikiRevisionBuilder(revisions, num=num, reverse=reverse, count=count, after=after, skip=not c.is_wiki_mod, wrap=default_thing_wrapper())
listing = WikiRevisionListing(builder).listing()
return WikiRevisions(listing,, may_revise=this_may_revise(page)).render()
def GET_wiki_create(self, wp, page):
page = page[0]
api = c.render_style in extensions.API_TYPES
error = c.errors.get(('WIKI_CREATE_ERROR', 'page'))
if error:
error = error.msg_params
if wp[0]:
return self.redirect(join_urls(c.wiki_base_url, wp[0].name))
elif api:
if error:
self.handle_error(403, **error)
self.handle_error(404, 'PAGE_NOT_CREATED')
elif error:
error_msg = ''
if error['reason'] == 'PAGE_NAME_LENGTH':
error_msg = _("this wiki cannot handle page names of that magnitude! please select a page name shorter than %d characters") % error['max_length']
elif error['reason'] == 'PAGE_CREATED_ELSEWHERE':
error_msg = _("this page is a special page, please go into the subreddit settings and save the field once to create this special page")
elif error['reason'] == 'PAGE_NAME_MAX_SEPARATORS':
error_msg = _('a max of %d separators "/" are allowed in a wiki page name.') % error['max_separators']
return BoringPage(_("Wiki error"), infotext=error_msg).render()
return WikiCreate(page=page, may_revise=True).render()
@wiki_validate(wp=VWikiPageRevise('page', restricted=True))
def GET_wiki_revise(self, wp, page, message=None, **kw):
wp = wp[0]
previous = kw.get('previous', wp._get('revision'))
content = kw.get('content', wp.content)
if not message and in page_descriptions:
message = page_descriptions[]
return WikiEdit(content, previous, alert=message,,
@paginated_listing(max_page_size=100, backend='cassandra')
def GET_wiki_recent(self, num, after, reverse, count):
revisions = WikiRevision.get_recent(
builder = WikiRecentRevisionBuilder(revisions, num=num, count=count,
reverse=reverse, after=after,
skip=not c.is_wiki_mod)
listing = WikiRevisionListing(builder).listing()
return WikiRecent(listing).render()
def GET_wiki_listing(self):
def check_hidden(page):
return this_may_view(page)
pages, linear_pages = WikiPage.get_listing(, filter_check=check_hidden)
return WikiListing(pages, linear_pages).render()
def GET_wiki_redirect(self, page):
return redirect_to(str("%s/%s" % (c.wiki_base_url, page)), _code=301)
@wiki_validate(page=VWikiPage('page', restricted=True))
def GET_wiki_discussions(self, page, num, after, reverse, count):
page_url = add_sr("%s/%s" % (c.wiki_base_url,
links = url_links(page_url)
builder = IDBuilder([ link._fullname for link in links ],
num = num, after = after, reverse = reverse,
count = count, skip = False)
listing = LinkListing(builder).listing()
return WikiDiscussions(listing,,
@wiki_validate(page=VWikiPage('page', restricted=True, modonly=True))
def GET_wiki_settings(self, page):
settings = {'permlevel': page._get('permlevel', 0)}
mayedit = page.get_editor_accounts()
restricted = (not page.special) and page.restricted
show_editors = not restricted
return WikiSettings(settings, mayedit, show_settings=not page.special,, show_editors=show_editors,
page=VWikiPage('page', restricted=True, modonly=True),
def POST_wiki_settings(self, page, permlevel):
oldpermlevel = page.permlevel
except ValueError:
self.handle_error(403, 'INVALID_PERMLEVEL')
description = 'Page: %s, Changed from %s to %s' % (, oldpermlevel, permlevel)
ModAction.create(, c.user, 'wikipermlevel', description=description)
return self.GET_wiki_settings(
def handle_error(self, code, reason=None, **data):
abort(WikiError(code, reason, **data))
def pre(self):
if g.disable_wiki and not c.user_is_admin:
self.handle_error(403, 'WIKI_DOWN')
if not
self.handle_error(404, 'NOT_WIKIABLE') # /r/mod for an example
frontpage = isinstance(, DefaultSR)
c.wiki_base_url = join_urls(, 'wiki')
c.wiki_api_url = join_urls(, '/api/wiki')
c.wiki_id = g.default_sr if frontpage else
self.editconflict = False
c.is_wiki_mod = (c.user_is_admin or if c.user_is_loggedin else False
c.wikidisabled = False
mode =
if not mode or mode == 'disabled':
if not c.is_wiki_mod:
self.handle_error(403, 'WIKI_DISABLED')
c.wikidisabled = True
class WikiApiController(WikiController):
pageandprevious=VWikiPageRevise(('page', 'previous'), restricted=True),
reason=VPrintable('reason', 256))
@api_doc(, uri='/api/wiki/edit')
def POST_wiki_edit(self, pageandprevious, content, page_name, reason):
page, previous = pageandprevious
if not page:
error = c.errors.get(('WIKI_CREATE_ERROR', 'page'))
if error:
self.handle_error(403, **(error.msg_params or {}))
page = WikiPage.create(, page_name[0])
# Use the raw POST value as we need to tell the difference between
# None/Undefined and an empty string. The validators use a default
# value with both of those cases and would need to be changed.
# In order to avoid breaking functionality, this was done instead.
previous = previous._id if previous else'previous')
if == 'config/stylesheet':
report, parsed =, verify=False)
if report is None: # g.css_killswitch
self.handle_error(403, 'STYLESHEET_EDIT_DENIED')
if report.errors:
error_items = [x.message for x in sorted(report.errors)]
self.handle_error(415, 'SPECIAL_ERRORS', special_errors=error_items), parsed, previous, reason=reason)
page.revise(content, previous, c.user._id36, reason=reason)
except ContentLengthError as e:
self.handle_error(403, 'CONTENT_LENGTH_ERROR', max_length = e.max_length)
# continue storing the special pages as data attributes on the subreddit
# object. TODO: change this to minimize subreddit get sizes.
if page.special:
setattr(, ATTRIBUTE_BY_PAGE[], content)
setattr(, "prev_" + ATTRIBUTE_BY_PAGE[] + "_id", str(page.revision))
if page.special or c.is_wiki_mod:
description = modactions.get(, 'Page %s edited' %
ModAction.create(, c.user, 'wikirevise', details=description)
except ConflictException as e:
self.handle_error(409, 'EDIT_CONFLICT',, newrevision=page.revision, diffcontent=e.htmldiff)
return json.dumps({})
act=VOneOf('act', ('del', 'add')),
@api_doc(, uri='/api/wiki/alloweditor/:act')
def POST_wiki_allow_editor(self, act, page, user):
if not user:
self.handle_error(404, 'UNKNOWN_USER')
elif act == 'del':
elif act == 'add':
self.handle_error(400, 'INVALID_ACTION')
return json.dumps({})
pv=VWikiPageAndVersion(('page', 'revision')))
@api_doc(, uri='/api/wiki/hide')
def POST_wiki_revision_hide(self, pv):
page, revision = pv
if not revision:
self.handle_error(400, 'INVALID_REVISION')
return json.dumps({'status': revision.toggle_hide()})
pv=VWikiPageAndVersion(('page', 'revision')))
@api_doc(, uri='/api/wiki/revert')
def POST_wiki_revision_revert(self, pv):
page, revision = pv
if not revision:
self.handle_error(400, 'INVALID_REVISION')
content = revision.content
reason = 'reverted back %s' % timesince(
if == 'config/stylesheet':
report, parsed =
if report.errors:
self.handle_error(403, 'INVALID_CSS'), parsed, prev=None, reason=reason, force=True)
page.revise(content, author=c.user._id36, reason=reason, force=True)
# continue storing the special pages as data attributes on the subreddit
# object. TODO: change this to minimize subreddit get sizes.
if page.special:
setattr(, ATTRIBUTE_BY_PAGE[], content)
setattr(, "prev_" + ATTRIBUTE_BY_PAGE[] + "_id", page.revision)
except ContentLengthError as e:
self.handle_error(403, 'CONTENT_LENGTH_ERROR', max_length=e.max_length)
return json.dumps({})
def pre(self):
c.render_style = 'api'
set_extension(request.environ, 'json')
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