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# The contents of this file are subject to the Common Public Attribution
# License Version 1.0. (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
# compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# The License is based on the Mozilla Public
# License Version 1.1, but Sections 14 and 15 have been added to cover use of
# software over a computer network and provide for limited attribution for the
# Original Developer. In addition, Exhibit A has been modified to be consistent
# with Exhibit B.
# Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
# WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for
# the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
# The Original Code is reddit.
# The Original Developer is the Initial Developer. The Initial Developer of
# the Original Code is reddit Inc.
# All portions of the code written by reddit are Copyright (c) 2006-2012 reddit
# Inc. All Rights Reserved.
from reddit_base import RedditController, base_listing, organic_pos
from validator import *
from r2.models import *
from r2.models.query_cache import CachedQuery, MergedCachedQuery
from r2.config.extensions import is_api
from r2.lib.pages import *
from r2.lib.pages.things import wrap_links
from r2.lib.menus import NewMenu, TimeMenu, SortMenu, RecSortMenu, ProfileSortMenu
from r2.lib.menus import ControversyTimeMenu
from r2.lib.rising import get_rising
from r2.lib.wrapped import Wrapped
from r2.lib.normalized_hot import normalized_hot, get_hot
from r2.lib.db.thing import Query, Merge, Relations
from r2.lib.db import queries
from r2.lib.strings import Score
from r2.lib import organic
import as search
from r2.lib.utils import iters, check_cheating, timeago
from r2.lib import sup
from r2.lib.promote import randomized_promotion_list, get_promote_srid
import socket
from api_docs import api_doc, api_section
from admin import admin_profile_query
from pylons.i18n import _
from pylons import Response
from pylons.controllers.util import redirect_to
import random
from functools import partial
class ListingController(RedditController):
"""Generalized controller for pages with lists of links."""
# toggle skipping of links based on the users' save/hide/vote preferences
skip = True
# allow stylesheets on listings
allow_stylesheets = True
# toggles showing numbers
show_nums = True
# any text that should be shown on the top of the page
infotext = None
# builder class to use to generate the listing. if none, we'll try
# to figure it out based on the query type
builder_cls = None
# page title
title_text = ''
# login box, subreddit box, submit box, etc, visible
show_sidebar = True
# class (probably a subclass of Reddit) to use to render the page.
render_cls = Reddit
#extra parameters to send to the render_cls constructor
render_params = {}
extra_page_classes = ['listing-page']
def menus(self):
"""list of menus underneat the header (e.g., sort, time, kind,
etc) to be displayed on this listing page"""
return []
def build_listing(self, num, after, reverse, count, **kwargs):
"""uses the query() method to define the contents of the
listing and renders the page self.render_cls(..).render() with
the listing as contents"""
self.num = num
self.count = count
self.after = after
self.reverse = reverse
self.query_obj = self.query()
self.builder_obj = self.builder()
self.listing_obj = self.listing()
content = self.content()
res = self.render_cls(content = content,
page_classes = self.extra_page_classes,
show_sidebar = self.show_sidebar,
nav_menus = self.menus,
title = self.title(),
robots = getattr(self, "robots", None),
return res
def content(self):
"""Renderable object which will end up as content of the render_cls"""
return self.listing_obj
def query(self):
"""Query to execute to generate the listing"""
raise NotImplementedError
def builder(self):
#store the query itself so it can be used elsewhere
if self.builder_cls:
builder_cls = self.builder_cls
elif isinstance(self.query_obj, Query):
builder_cls = QueryBuilder
elif isinstance(self.query_obj, search.SearchQuery):
builder_cls = SearchBuilder
elif isinstance(self.query_obj, iters):
builder_cls = IDBuilder
elif isinstance(self.query_obj, (queries.CachedResults, queries.MergedCachedResults)):
builder_cls = IDBuilder
elif isinstance(self.query_obj, (CachedQuery, MergedCachedQuery)):
builder_cls = IDBuilder
b = builder_cls(self.query_obj,
num = self.num,
skip = self.skip,
after = self.after,
count = self.count,
reverse = self.reverse,
keep_fn = self.keep_fn(),
wrap = self.builder_wrapper)
return b
def keep_fn(self):
def keep(item):
wouldkeep = item.keep_item(item)
if getattr(item, "promoted", None) is not None:
return False
if item._deleted and not c.user_is_admin:
return False
return wouldkeep
return keep
def listing(self):
"""Listing to generate from the builder"""
if (getattr(, "_id", -1) == get_promote_srid() and
not c.user_is_sponsor):
abort(403, 'forbidden')
pane = LinkListing(self.builder_obj, show_nums = self.show_nums).listing()
# Indicate that the comment tree wasn't built for comments
for i in pane:
if hasattr(i, 'full_comment_path'):
i.child = None
return pane
def title(self):
"""Page <title>"""
return _(self.title_text) + " : " +
def rightbox(self):
"""Contents of the right box when rendering"""
builder_wrapper = staticmethod(default_thing_wrapper())
@api_doc(api_section.listings, extensions=['json', 'xml'])
def GET_listing(self, **env):
return self.build_listing(**env)
listing_api_doc = partial(api_doc, section=api_section.listings, extends=ListingController.GET_listing)
class FixListing(object):
"""When sorting by hotness, computing a listing when the before/after
link has a hottness of 0 is very slow. This class avoids drawing
next/prev links when that will happen."""
fix_listing = True
def listing(self):
listing = ListingController.listing(self)
if not self.fix_listing:
return listing
#404 existing bad pages
if self.after and self.after._hot == 0:
#don't draw next/prev links for
if listing.things:
if listing.things[-1]._hot == 0: = None
if listing.things[0]._hot == 0:
listing.prev = None
return listing
class HotController(FixListing, ListingController):
where = 'hot'
def spotlight(self):
if (self.requested_ad or
not isinstance(, DefaultSR) and c.user.pref_show_sponsors):
link_ids = None
if self.requested_ad:
link = None
link = Link._by_fullname(self.requested_ad)
except NotFound:
if not (link and link.promoted and
(c.user_is_sponsor or
c.user_is_loggedin and link.author_id == c.user._id)):
return self.abort404()
# check if we can show the requested ad
if promote.is_live_on_sr(link,
link_ids = [link._fullname]
return _("requested campaign not eligible for display")
# no organic box on a hot page, then show a random promoted link
link_ids = randomized_promotion_list(c.user,
if link_ids:
res = wrap_links(link_ids, wrapper=self.builder_wrapper,
num=1, keep_fn=lambda x: x.fresh, skip=True)
res.parent_name = "promoted"
if res.things:
return res
elif (isinstance(, DefaultSR)
and (not c.user_is_loggedin
or (c.user_is_loggedin and c.user.pref_organic))):
spotlight_links = organic.organic_links(c.user)
pos = organic_pos()
if not spotlight_links:
pos = 0
elif pos != 0:
pos = pos % len(spotlight_links)
spotlight_keep_fn = organic.keep_fresh_links
num_links = organic.organic_length
# If prefs allow it, mix in promoted links and sr discovery content
if c.user.pref_show_sponsors or not
if g.live_config['sr_discovery_links']:
spotlight_keep_fn = lambda l: promote.is_promo(l) or organic.keep_fresh_links(l)
num_links = len(spotlight_links)
spotlight_links, pos = promote.insert_promoted(spotlight_links, pos)
# Need to do this again, because if there was a duplicate removed,
# pos might be pointing outside the list.
if not spotlight_links:
pos = 0
elif pos != 0:
pos = pos % len(spotlight_links)
if not spotlight_links:
return None
# get links in proximity to pos
num_tl = len(spotlight_links)
if num_tl <= 3:
disp_links = spotlight_links
left_side = max(-1, min(num_tl - 3, 8))
disp_links = [spotlight_links[(i + pos) % num_tl]
for i in xrange(-2, left_side)]
b = IDBuilder(disp_links,
wrap = self.builder_wrapper,
num = num_links,
keep_fn = spotlight_keep_fn,
skip = True)
vislink = spotlight_links[pos]
except IndexError:
g.log.error("spotlight_links = %r" % spotlight_links)
g.log.error("pos = %d" % pos)
s = SpotlightListing(b, spotlight_items = spotlight_links,
visible_item = vislink,
max_num = self.listing_obj.max_num,
max_score = self.listing_obj.max_score).listing()
has_subscribed = c.user.has_subscribed
promo_visible = promote.is_promo(s.lookup[vislink])
if not promo_visible:
prob = g.live_config['spotlight_interest_sub_p'
if has_subscribed else
if random.random() < prob:
bar = InterestBar(has_subscribed)
s.spotlight_items.insert(pos, bar)
s.visible_item = bar
if len(s.things) > 0:
# only pass through a listing if the links made it
# through our builder
return s
def query(self):
#no need to worry when working from the cache
if g.use_query_cache or isinstance(, DefaultSR):
self.fix_listing = False
if isinstance(, DefaultSR):
if c.user_is_loggedin:
srlimit = Subreddit.DEFAULT_LIMIT
over18 = c.user.has_subscribed and c.over18
srlimit = g.num_default_reddits
over18 = False
sr_ids = Subreddit.user_subreddits(c.user,
return normalized_hot(sr_ids)
elif isinstance(, MultiReddit):
return normalized_hot(, obey_age_limit=False)
#if not using the query_cache we still want cached front pages
elif (not g.use_query_cache
and not isinstance(, FakeSubreddit)
and self.after is None
and self.count == 0):
return get_hot([])
return'hot', 'all')
def content(self):
# only send a spotlight listing for HTML rendering
if c.render_style == "html":
spotlight = self.spotlight()
if spotlight:
return PaneStack([spotlight, self.listing_obj], css_class='spacer')
return self.listing_obj
def title(self):
def GET_listing(self, **env):
self.requested_ad = request.get.get('ad')
self.infotext = request.get.get('deleted') and strings.user_deleted
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
class NewController(ListingController):
where = 'new'
title_text = _('newest submissions')
def menus(self):
return [NewMenu(default = self.sort)]
def keep_fn(self):
def keep(item):
"""Avoid showing links that are too young, to give time
for things like the spam filter and thumbnail fetcher to
act on them before releasing them into the wild"""
wouldkeep = item.keep_item(item)
if item.promoted is not None:
return False
elif c.user_is_loggedin and (c.user_is_admin or
# let admins and moderators see them regardless
return wouldkeep
elif wouldkeep and c.user_is_loggedin and c.user._id == item.author_id:
# also let the author of the link see them
return True
# otherwise, fall back to the regular logic (don't
# show hidden links, etc)
return wouldkeep
return keep
def query(self):
if self.sort == 'rising':
return get_rising(
return'new', 'all')
@validate(sort = VMenu('controller', NewMenu))
def POST_listing(self, sort, **env):
# VMenu validator will save the value of sort before we reach this
# point. Now just redirect to GET mode.
return self.redirect(request.fullpath + query_string(dict(sort=sort)))
@validate(sort = VMenu('controller', NewMenu))
def GET_listing(self, sort, **env):
self.sort = sort
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
class BrowseController(ListingController):
where = 'browse'
def keep_fn(self):
"""For merged time-listings, don't show items that are too old
(this can happen when mr_top hasn't run in a while)"""
if self.time != 'all' and c.default_sr:
oldest = timeago('1 %s' % (str(self.time),))
def keep(item):
return item._date > oldest and item.keep_item(item)
return keep
return ListingController.keep_fn(self)
def menus(self):
return [ControversyTimeMenu(default = self.time)]
def query(self):
return, self.time)
@validate(t = VMenu('sort', ControversyTimeMenu))
def POST_listing(self, sort, t, **env):
# VMenu validator will save the value of time before we reach this
# point. Now just redirect to GET mode.
return self.redirect(
request.fullpath + query_string(dict(sort=sort, t=t)))
@validate(t = VMenu('sort', ControversyTimeMenu))
@listing_api_doc(uri='/{sort}', uri_variants=['/top', '/controversial'])
def GET_listing(self, sort, t, **env):
self.sort = sort
if sort == 'top':
self.title_text = _('top scoring links')
elif sort == 'controversial':
self.title_text = _('most controversial links')
# 'sort' is forced to top/controversial by,
# but in case something has gone wrong...
self.time = t
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
class RandomrisingController(ListingController):
where = 'randomrising'
title_text = _('you\'re really bored now, eh?')
def query(self):
links = get_rising(
if not links:
# just pull from the new page if the rising page isn't
# populated for some reason
links ='new', 'all')
if isinstance(links, Query):
links._limit = 200
links = [x._fullname for x in links]
links = list(links)
return links
class ByIDController(ListingController):
title_text = _('API')
skip = False
def query(self):
return self.names
@validate(links = VByName("names", thing_cls = Link, multiple = True))
def GET_listing(self, links, **env):
if not links:
return self.abort404()
self.names = [l._fullname for l in links]
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
#class RecommendedController(ListingController):
# where = 'recommended'
# title_text = _('recommended for you')
# @property
# def menus(self):
# return [RecSortMenu(default = self.sort)]
# def query(self):
# return get_recommended(c.user._id, sort = self.sort)
# @validate(VUser(),
# sort = VMenu("controller", RecSortMenu))
# def GET_listing(self, sort, **env):
# self.sort = sort
# return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
class UserController(ListingController):
render_cls = ProfilePage
show_nums = False
def menus(self):
res = []
if (self.where in ('overview', 'submitted', 'comments')):
res.append(ProfileSortMenu(default = self.sort))
if self.sort not in ("hot", "new"):
res.append(TimeMenu(default = self.time))
return res
def title(self):
titles = {'overview': _("overview for %(user)s"),
'comments': _("comments by %(user)s"),
'submitted': _("submitted by %(user)s"),
'liked': _("liked by %(user)s"),
'disliked': _("disliked by %(user)s"),
'saved': _("saved by %(user)s"),
'hidden': _("hidden by %(user)s"),
'promoted': _("promoted by %(user)s")}
title = titles.get(self.where, _('profile for %(user)s')) \
% dict(user =, site =
return title
# TODO: this might not be the place to do this
skip = True
def keep_fn(self):
# keep promotions off of profile pages.
def keep(item):
if self.where == 'promoted':
return bool(getattr(item, "promoted", None))
wouldkeep = True
# TODO: Consider a flag to disable this (and see below plus
if item._deleted and not c.user_is_admin:
return False
if self.time != 'all':
wouldkeep = (item._date > utils.timeago('1 %s' % str(self.time)))
if c.user == self.vuser:
if not item.likes and self.where == 'liked':
return False
if item.likes is not False and self.where == 'disliked':
return False
if self.where == 'saved' and not item.saved:
return False
return wouldkeep and (getattr(item, "promoted", None) is None and
(self.where == "deleted" or
not getattr(item, "deleted", False)))
return keep
def query(self):
q = None
if self.where == 'overview':
self.check_modified(self.vuser, 'overview')
q = queries.get_overview(self.vuser, self.sort, self.time)
elif self.where == 'comments':
sup.set_sup_header(self.vuser, 'commented')
self.check_modified(self.vuser, 'commented')
q = queries.get_comments(self.vuser, self.sort, self.time)
elif self.where == 'submitted':
sup.set_sup_header(self.vuser, 'submitted')
self.check_modified(self.vuser, 'submitted')
q = queries.get_submitted(self.vuser, self.sort, self.time)
elif self.where in ('liked', 'disliked'):
sup.set_sup_header(self.vuser, self.where)
self.check_modified(self.vuser, self.where)
if self.where == 'liked':
q = queries.get_liked(self.vuser)
q = queries.get_disliked(self.vuser)
elif self.where == 'hidden':
q = queries.get_hidden(self.vuser)
elif self.where == 'saved':
q = queries.get_saved(self.vuser)
elif c.user_is_sponsor and self.where == 'promoted':
q = promote.get_all_links(self.vuser._id)
elif c.user_is_admin:
q = admin_profile_query(self.vuser, self.where, desc('_date'))
if q is None:
return self.abort404()
return q
@validate(vuser = VExistingUname('username'),
sort = VMenu('sort', ProfileSortMenu, remember = False),
time = VMenu('t', TimeMenu, remember = False))
@listing_api_doc(section=api_section.users, uri='/{username}/{where}',
uri_variants=['/{username}/' + where for where in [
'overview', 'submitted', 'commented',
'liked', 'disliked', 'hidden', 'saved']])
def GET_listing(self, where, vuser, sort, time, **env):
self.where = where
self.sort = sort
self.time = time
# the validator will ensure that vuser is a valid account
if not vuser:
return self.abort404()
if self.sort in ('hot', 'new'):
self.time = 'all'
# hide spammers profile pages
if (not c.user_is_loggedin or
(c.user._id != vuser._id and not c.user_is_admin)) \
and vuser._spam:
return self.abort404()
if where in ('liked', 'disliked') and not votes_visible(vuser):
return self.abort403()
if (where in ('saved', 'hidden') and not
((c.user_is_loggedin and c.user._id == vuser._id) or
return self.abort403()
self.vuser = vuser
self.render_params = {'user' : vuser}
c.profilepage = True
if vuser.pref_hide_from_robots:
self.robots = 'noindex,nofollow'
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
@validate(vuser = VExistingUname('username'))
@api_doc(section=api_section.users, uri='/{username}/about', extensions=['json'])
def GET_about(self, vuser):
"""Return information about the user, including karma and gold status."""
if not is_api() or not vuser:
return self.abort404()
return Reddit(content = Wrapped(vuser)).render()
def GET_saved_redirect(self):
if not c.user_is_loggedin:
dest = "/".join(("/user",, "saved"))
extension = request.environ.get('extension')
if extension:
dest = ".".join((dest, extension))
query_string = request.environ.get('QUERY_STRING')
if query_string:
dest += "?" + query_string
return redirect_to(dest)
class MessageController(ListingController):
show_nums = False
render_cls = MessagePage
allow_stylesheets = False
# note: this intentionally replaces the listing-page class which doesn't
# conceptually fit for styling these pages.
extra_page_classes = ['messages-page']
def show_sidebar(self):
if c.default_sr and not isinstance(, (ModSR, MultiReddit)):
return False
return self.where in ("moderator", "multi")
def menus(self):
if c.default_sr and self.where in ('inbox', 'messages', 'comments',
'selfreply', 'unread'):
buttons = (NavButton(_("all"), "inbox"),
NavButton(_("unread"), "unread"),
NavButton(plurals.messages, "messages"),
NavButton(_("comment replies"), 'comments'),
NavButton(_("post replies"), 'selfreply'))
return [NavMenu(buttons, base_path = '/message/',
default = 'inbox', type = "flatlist")]
elif not c.default_sr or self.where in ('moderator', 'multi'):
buttons = (NavButton(_("all"), "inbox"),
NavButton(_("unread"), "unread"))
return [NavMenu(buttons, base_path = '/message/moderator/',
default = 'inbox', type = "flatlist")]
return []
def title(self):
return _('messages') + ': ' + _(self.where)
def keep_fn(self):
def keep(item):
wouldkeep = item.keep_item(item)
# TODO: Consider a flag to disable this (and see above plus
if (item._deleted or item._spam) and not c.user_is_admin:
return False
if item.author_id in c.user.enemies:
return False
# don't show user their own unread stuff
if ((self.where == 'unread' or self.subwhere == 'unread')
and (item.author_id == c.user._id or not
return False
return wouldkeep
return keep
def builder_wrapper(thing):
if isinstance(thing, Comment):
f = thing._fullname
w = Wrapped(thing)
w.render_class = Message
w.to_id = c.user._id
w.was_comment = True
w._fullname = f
w = ListingController.builder_wrapper(thing)
return w
def builder(self):
if (self.where == 'messages' or
(self.where in ("moderator", "multi") and self.subwhere != "unread")):
root = c.user
message_cls = UserMessageBuilder
if self.where == "multi":
root =
message_cls = MultiredditMessageBuilder
elif not c.default_sr:
root =
message_cls = SrMessageBuilder
elif self.where == 'moderator' and self.subwhere != 'unread':
message_cls = ModeratorMessageBuilder
parent = None
skip = False
if self.message:
if self.message.first_message:
parent = Message._byID(self.message.first_message,
parent = self.message
elif c.user.pref_threaded_messages:
skip = (c.render_style == "html")
return message_cls(root,
wrap = self.builder_wrapper,
parent = parent,
skip = skip,
num = self.num,
after = self.after,
keep_fn = self.keep_fn(),
reverse = self.reverse)
return ListingController.builder(self)
def listing(self):
if (self.where == 'messages' and
(c.user.pref_threaded_messages or self.message)):
return Listing(self.builder_obj).listing()
pane = ListingController.listing(self)
# Indicate that the comment tree wasn't built for comments
for i in pane.things:
if i.was_comment:
i.child = None
return pane
def query(self):
if self.where == 'messages':
q = queries.get_inbox_messages(c.user)
elif self.where == 'comments':
q = queries.get_inbox_comments(c.user)
elif self.where == 'selfreply':
q = queries.get_inbox_selfreply(c.user)
elif self.where == 'inbox':
q = queries.get_inbox(c.user)
elif self.where == 'unread':
q = queries.get_unread_inbox(c.user)
elif self.where == 'sent':
q = queries.get_sent(c.user)
elif self.where == 'multi' and self.subwhere == 'unread':
q = queries.get_unread_subreddit_messages_multi(
elif self.where == 'moderator' and self.subwhere == 'unread':
if c.default_sr:
srids = Subreddit.reverse_moderator_ids(c.user)
srs = Subreddit._byID(srids, data = False, return_dict = False)
q = queries.get_unread_subreddit_messages_multi(srs)
q = queries.get_unread_subreddit_messages(
elif self.where in ('moderator', 'multi'):
if c.have_mod_messages and self.mark != 'false':
c.user.modmsgtime = False
# the query is handled by the builder on the moderator page
return self.abort404()
if self.where != 'sent':
#reset the inbox
if c.have_messages and self.mark != 'false':
c.user.msgtime = False
return q
message = VMessageID('mid'),
mark = VOneOf('mark',('true','false')))
uri_variants=['/message/inbox', '/message/unread', '/message/sent'])
def GET_listing(self, where, mark, message, subwhere = None, **env):
if not (c.default_sr or or c.user_is_admin):
abort(403, "forbidden")
if isinstance(, MultiReddit):
if not (c.user_is_admin or
self.where = "multi"
elif isinstance(, ModSR) or not c.default_sr:
self.where = "moderator"
self.where = where
self.subwhere = subwhere
if mark is not None:
self.mark = mark
elif is_api():
self.mark = 'false'
elif c.render_style and c.render_style == "xml":
self.mark = 'false'
self.mark = 'true'
self.message = message
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
to = nop('to'),
subject = nop('subject'),
message = nop('message'),
success = nop('success'))
def GET_compose(self, to, subject, message, success):
captcha = Captcha() if c.user.needs_captcha() else None
content = MessageCompose(to = to, subject = subject,
captcha = captcha,
message = message,
success = success)
return MessagePage(content = content).render()
class RedditsController(ListingController):
render_cls = SubredditsPage
def title(self):
return _('reddits')
def query(self):
if self.where == 'banned' and c.user_is_admin:
reddits = Subreddit._query(Subreddit.c._spam == True,
sort = desc('_date'),
write_cache = True,
read_cache = True,
cache_time = 5 * 60)
reddits = None
if self.where == 'new':
reddits = Subreddit._query( write_cache = True,
read_cache = True,
cache_time = 5 * 60)
reddits._sort = desc('_date')
reddits = Subreddit._query( write_cache = True,
read_cache = True,
cache_time = 60 * 60)
reddits._sort = desc('_downs')
# Consider resurrecting when it is not the World Cup
#if c.content_langs != 'all':
# reddits._filter(Subreddit.c.lang == c.content_langs)
if g.domain != '':
# don't try to render special subreddits (like promos)
reddits._filter(Subreddit.c.author_id != -1)
if not c.over18:
reddits._filter(Subreddit.c.over_18 == False)
if self.where == 'popular':
self.render_params = {"show_interestbar": True}
return reddits
uri_variants=['/reddits/popular', '/reddits/new', '/reddits/banned'])
def GET_listing(self, where, **env):
self.where = where
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
class MyredditsController(ListingController):
render_cls = MySubredditsPage
def menus(self):
buttons = (NavButton(plurals.subscriber, 'subscriber'),
NavButton(getattr(plurals, "approved submitter"), 'contributor'),
NavButton(plurals.moderator, 'moderator'))
return [NavMenu(buttons, base_path = '/reddits/mine/',
default = 'subscriber', type = "flatlist")]
def title(self):
return _('reddits: ') + self.where
def query(self):
reddits = SRMember._query(SRMember.c._name == self.where,
SRMember.c._thing2_id == c.user._id,
#hack to prevent the query from
#adding it's own date
sort = (desc('_t1_ups'), desc('_t1_date')),
eager_load = True,
thing_data = True)
reddits.prewrap_fn = lambda x: x._thing1
return reddits
def content(self):
user = c.user if c.user_is_loggedin else None
num_subscriptions = len(Subreddit.reverse_subscriber_ids(user))
if self.where == 'subscriber' and num_subscriptions == 0:
message = strings.sr_messages['empty']
message = strings.sr_messages.get(self.where)
stack = PaneStack()
if message:
return stack
def build_listing(self, after=None, **kwargs):
if after and isinstance(after, Subreddit):
after = SRMember._fast_query(after, c.user, self.where,
if after and not isinstance(after, SRMember):
abort(400, 'gimme a srmember')
return ListingController.build_listing(self, after=after, **kwargs)
uri_variants=['/reddits/mine/subscriber', '/reddits/mine/contributor', '/reddits/mine/moderator'])
def GET_listing(self, where='subscriber', **env):
self.where = where
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
class CommentsController(ListingController):
title_text = _('comments')
def query(self):
def GET_listing(self, **env):
c.profilepage = True
return ListingController.GET_listing(self, **env)
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