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# The contents of this file are subject to the Common Public Attribution
# License Version 1.0. (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
# compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# The License is based on the Mozilla Public
# License Version 1.1, but Sections 14 and 15 have been added to cover use of
# software over a computer network and provide for limited attribution for the
# Original Developer. In addition, Exhibit A has been modified to be consistent
# with Exhibit B.
# Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
# WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for
# the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
# The Original Code is reddit.
# The Original Developer is the Initial Developer. The Initial Developer of
# the Original Code is reddit Inc.
# All portions of the code written by reddit are Copyright (c) 2006-2012 reddit
# Inc. All Rights Reserved.
from account import *
from link import *
from vote import *
from report import *
from listing import Listing
from pylons import g
from pylons.i18n import _
import subreddit
import datetime
from r2.lib.comment_tree import moderator_messages, sr_conversation, conversation
from r2.lib.comment_tree import user_messages, subreddit_messages
from r2.lib.wrapped import Wrapped
from r2.lib import utils
from r2.lib.db import operators, tdb_cassandra
from r2.lib.filters import _force_unicode
from copy import deepcopy
from r2.lib.utils import Storage
from import WIKI_RECENT_DAYS
from collections import defaultdict
import time
from admintools import compute_votes, admintools, ip_span
class Builder(object):
def __init__(self, wrap=Wrapped, keep_fn=None, stale=True, spam_listing=False):
self.stale = stale
self.wrap = wrap
self.keep_fn = keep_fn
self.spam_listing = spam_listing
def keep_item(self, item):
if self.keep_fn:
return self.keep_fn(item)
return item.keep_item(item)
def wrap_items(self, items):
from r2.lib.db import queries
from r2.lib.template_helpers import add_attr
user = c.user if c.user_is_loggedin else None
#get authors
#TODO pull the author stuff into add_props for links and
#comments and messages?
aids = set(l.author_id for l in items if hasattr(l, 'author_id')
and l.author_id is not None)
authors = {}
cup_infos = {}
friend_rels = None
if aids:
authors = Account._byID(aids, data=True, stale=self.stale) if aids else {}
cup_infos = Account.cup_info_multi(aids)
if user and
friend_rels = user.friend_rels()
subreddits = Subreddit.load_subreddits(items, stale=self.stale)
can_ban_set = set()
can_flair_set = set()
can_own_flair_set = set()
if user:
for sr_id, sr in subreddits.iteritems():
if sr.can_ban(user):
if sr.is_moderator_with_perms(user, 'flair'):
if sr.link_flair_self_assign_enabled:
#get likes/dislikes
likes = queries.get_likes(user, items)
except tdb_cassandra.TRANSIENT_EXCEPTIONS as e:
g.log.warning("Cassandra vote lookup failed: %r", e)
likes = {}
uid = user._id if user else None
types = {}
wrapped = []
count = 0
modlink = {}
modlabel = {}
for s in subreddits.values():
modlink[s._id] = '/r/%s/about/moderators' %
modlabel[s._id] = (_('moderator of /r/%(reddit)s, speaking officially') %
dict(reddit = )
for item in items:
w = self.wrap(item)
# add for caching (plus it should be bad form to use _
# variables in templates)
w.fullname = item._fullname
types.setdefault(w.render_class, []).append(w)
#TODO pull the author stuff into add_props for links and
#comments and messages? = None
w.friend = False
# List of tuples (see add_attr() for details)
w.attribs = []
w.distinguished = None
if hasattr(item, "distinguished"):
if item.distinguished == 'yes':
w.distinguished = 'moderator'
elif item.distinguished in ('admin', 'special'):
w.distinguished = item.distinguished
try: = authors.get(item.author_id)
if user and item.author_id in user.friends:
# deprecated old way:
w.friend = True
# new way:
label = None
if friend_rels:
rel = friend_rels[item.author_id]
note = getattr(rel, "note", None)
if note:
label = u"%s (%s)" % (_("friend"),
add_attr(w.attribs, 'F', label)
except AttributeError:
if (w.distinguished == 'admin' and
add_attr(w.attribs, 'A')
if w.distinguished == 'moderator':
add_attr(w.attribs, 'M', label=modlabel[item.sr_id],
if w.distinguished == 'special':
args =
if not args.get('kind'):
args['kind'] = 'special'
add_attr(w.attribs, **args)
if and in cup_infos and not c.profilepage:
cup_info = cup_infos[]
label = _(cup_info["label_template"]) % \
add_attr(w.attribs, 'trophy:' + cup_info["img_url"],
link = "/user/%s" %
if hasattr(item, "sr_id") and item.sr_id is not None:
w.subreddit = subreddits[item.sr_id]
w.likes = likes.get((user, item))
# update vote tallies
compute_votes(w, item)
w.score = w.upvotes - w.downvotes
if w.likes:
base_score = w.score - 1
elif w.likes is None:
base_score = w.score
base_score = w.score + 1
# store the set of available scores based on the vote
# for ease of i18n when there is a label
w.voting_score = [(base_score + x - 1) for x in range(3)]
w.deleted = item._deleted
w.link_notes = []
if c.user_is_admin:
if item._deleted:
w.link_notes.append("deleted link")
if getattr(item, "verdict", None):
if not item.verdict.endswith("-approved"):
w.rowstyle = getattr(w, 'rowstyle', "")
w.rowstyle += ' ' + ('even' if (count % 2) else 'odd')
count += 1
if c.user_is_admin and getattr(item, 'ip', None):
w.ip_span = ip_span(item.ip)
w.ip_span = ""
# if the user can ban things on a given subreddit, or an
# admin, then allow them to see that the item is spam, and
# add the other spam-related display attributes
w.show_reports = False
w.show_spam = False
w.can_ban = False
w.can_flair = False
w.use_big_modbuttons = self.spam_listing
if (c.user_is_admin
or (user
and hasattr(item,'sr_id')
and item.sr_id in can_ban_set)):
if getattr(item, "promoted", None) is None:
w.can_ban = True
ban_info = getattr(item, 'ban_info', {})
w.unbanner = ban_info.get('unbanner')
if item._spam:
w.show_spam = True
w.moderator_banned = ban_info.get('moderator_banned', False)
w.autobanned = ban_info.get('auto', False)
w.banner = ban_info.get('banner')
if ban_info.get('note', None) and w.banner:
w.banner += ' (%s)' % ban_info['note']
w.use_big_modbuttons = True
if getattr(w, "author", None) and
w.show_spam = "author"
if c.user == and c.user._spam:
w.show_spam = False
w._spam = False
w.use_big_modbuttons = False
elif (getattr(item, 'reported', 0) > 0
and (not getattr(item, 'ignore_reports', False) or c.user_is_admin)):
w.show_reports = True
w.use_big_modbuttons = True
if (c.user_is_admin
or (user and hasattr(item, 'sr_id')
and (item.sr_id in can_flair_set
or ( and == user._id
and item.sr_id in can_own_flair_set)))):
w.can_flair = True
# recache the user object: it may be None if user is not logged in,
# whereas now we are happy to have the UnloggedUser object
user = c.user
for cls in types.keys():
cls.add_props(user, types[cls])
return wrapped
def get_items(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def item_iter(self, *a):
"""Iterates over the items returned by get_items"""
raise NotImplementedError
def must_skip(self, item):
"""whether or not to skip any item regardless of whether the builder
was contructed with skip=true"""
user = c.user if c.user_is_loggedin else None
if hasattr(item, "promoted") and item.promoted is not None:
return False
if hasattr(item, 'subreddit') and not item.subreddit.can_view(user):
return True
if hasattr(item, 'can_view_slow') and not item.can_view_slow():
return True
class QueryBuilder(Builder):
def __init__(self, query, wrap=Wrapped, keep_fn=None, skip=False,
spam_listing=False, **kw):
Builder.__init__(self, wrap=wrap, keep_fn=keep_fn, spam_listing=spam_listing)
self.query = query
self.skip = skip
self.num = kw.get('num')
self.start_count = kw.get('count', 0) or 0
self.after = kw.get('after')
self.reverse = kw.get('reverse')
self.prewrap_fn = None
if hasattr(query, 'prewrap_fn'):
self.prewrap_fn = query.prewrap_fn
#self.prewrap_fn = kw.get('prewrap_fn')
def __repr__(self):
return "<%s(%r)>" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.query)
def item_iter(self, a):
"""Iterates over the items returned by get_items"""
for i in a[0]:
yield i
def init_query(self):
q = self.query
if self.reverse:
q._data = True
self.orig_rules = deepcopy(q._rules)
if self.after:
def fetch_more(self, last_item, num_have):
done = False
q = self.query
if self.num:
num_need = self.num - num_have
if num_need <= 0:
#will cause the loop below to break
return True, None
#q = self.query
#check last_item if we have a num because we may need to iterate
if last_item:
q._rules = deepcopy(self.orig_rules)
last_item = None
q._limit = max(int(num_need * EXTRA_FACTOR), 1)
done = True
new_items = list(q)
return done, new_items
def get_items(self):
num_have = 0
done = False
items = []
count = self.start_count
first_item = None
last_item = None
have_next = True
self.loopcount = 0
while not done:
done, new_items = self.fetch_more(last_item, num_have)
#log loop
self.loopcount += 1
if self.loopcount == 20:
g.log.debug('BREAKING: %s' % self)
done = True
#no results, we're done
if not new_items:
#if fewer results than we wanted, we're done
elif self.num and len(new_items) < self.num - num_have:
done = True
have_next = False
if not first_item and self.start_count > 0:
first_item = new_items[0]
if self.prewrap_fn:
orig_items = {}
new_items2 = []
for i in new_items:
new = self.prewrap_fn(i)
orig_items[new._id] = i
new_items = new_items2
orig_items = dict((i._id, i) for i in new_items)
if self.wrap:
new_items = self.wrap_items(new_items)
#skip and count
while new_items and (not self.num or num_have < self.num):
i = new_items.pop(0)
if not (self.must_skip(i) or self.skip and not self.keep_item(i)):
num_have += 1
count = count - 1 if self.reverse else count + 1
if self.wrap:
i.num = count
last_item = i
# get original version of last item
if last_item and (self.prewrap_fn or self.wrap):
last_item = orig_items[last_item._id]
if self.reverse:
last_item, first_item = first_item, have_next and last_item
before_count = count
after_count = self.start_count - 1
last_item = have_next and last_item
before_count = self.start_count + 1
after_count = count
#listing is expecting (things, prev, next, bcount, acount)
return (items,
class IDBuilder(QueryBuilder):
def thing_lookup(self, names):
return Thing._by_fullname(names, data=True, return_dict=False,
def init_query(self):
names = list(tup(self.query))
after = self.after._fullname if self.after else None
self.names = self._get_after(names,
def _get_after(l, after, reverse):
names = list(l)
if reverse:
if after:
i = names.index(after)
except ValueError:
names = ()
names = names[i + 1:]
return names
def fetch_more(self, last_item, num_have):
done = False
names = self.names
if self.num:
num_need = self.num - num_have
if num_need <= 0:
return True, None
if last_item:
last_item = None
slice_size = max(int(num_need * EXTRA_FACTOR), 1)
slice_size = len(names)
done = True
self.names, new_names = names[slice_size:], names[:slice_size]
new_items = self.thing_lookup(new_names)
return done, new_items
class CampaignBuilder(IDBuilder):
"""Build on a list of PromoTuples."""
def __init__(self, query, wrap=Wrapped, keep_fn=None, prewrap_fn=None,
skip=False, num=None):
Builder.__init__(self, wrap=wrap, keep_fn=keep_fn)
self.query = query
self.skip = skip
self.num = num
self.start_count = 0
self.after = None
self.reverse = False
self.prewrap_fn = prewrap_fn
def thing_lookup(self, tuples):
links = Link._by_fullname([ for t in tuples], data=True,
return_dict=True, stale=self.stale)
return [Storage({'thing': links[],
'_id': links[]._id,
'weight': t.weight,
'campaign': t.campaign}) for t in tuples]
def wrap_items(self, items):
links = [i.thing for i in items]
wrapped = IDBuilder.wrap_items(self, links)
by_link = defaultdict(list)
for w in wrapped:
ret = []
for i in items:
w = by_link[i.thing._fullname].pop()
w.campaign = i.campaign
w.weight = i.weight
return ret
class SimpleBuilder(IDBuilder):
def thing_lookup(self, names):
return names
def init_query(self):
items = list(tup(self.query))
if self.reverse:
if self.after:
for i, item in enumerate(items):
if item._id == self.after:
self.names = items[i + 1:]
self.names = ()
self.names = items
def get_items(self):
items, prev, next, bcount, acount = IDBuilder.get_items(self)
if prev:
prev = prev._id
if next:
next = next._id
return (items, prev, next, bcount, acount)
class SearchBuilder(IDBuilder):
def __init__(self, query, wrap=Wrapped, keep_fn=None, skip=False,
skip_deleted_authors=True, **kw):
IDBuilder.__init__(self, query, wrap, keep_fn, skip, **kw)
self.skip_deleted_authors = skip_deleted_authors
def init_query(self):
self.skip = True
self.start_time = time.time()
self.results =
names = list(
self.total_num = self.results.hits
after = self.after._fullname if self.after else None
self.names = self._get_after(names,
def keep_item(self,item):
# doesn't use the default keep_item because we want to keep
# things that were voted on, even if they've chosen to hide
# them in normal listings
# TODO: Consider a flag to disable this (and see
if item._spam or item._deleted:
return False
elif (self.skip_deleted_authors and
getattr(item, "author", None) and
return False
return True
class WikiRevisionBuilder(QueryBuilder):
show_extended = True
def wrap_items(self, items):
types = {}
wrapped = []
for item in items:
w = self.wrap(item)
w.show_extended = self.show_extended
types.setdefault(w.render_class, []).append(w)
user = c.user
for cls in types.keys():
cls.add_props(user, types[cls])
return wrapped
def keep_item(self, item):
return not item.is_hidden
class WikiRecentRevisionBuilder(WikiRevisionBuilder):
show_extended = False
def must_skip(self, item):
return ( - >= WIKI_RECENT_DAYS
def empty_listing(*things):
parent_name = None
for t in things:
parent_name = t.parent_name
except AttributeError:
l = Listing(None, None, parent_name = parent_name)
l.things = list(things)
return Wrapped(l)
def make_wrapper(parent_wrapper = Wrapped, **params):
def wrapper_fn(thing):
w = parent_wrapper(thing)
for k, v in params.iteritems():
setattr(w, k, v)
return w
return wrapper_fn
from _builder import _CommentBuilder, _MessageBuilder
class CommentBuilder(_CommentBuilder):
def item_iter(self, a):
for i in a:
yield i
if hasattr(i, 'child'):
for j in self.item_iter(i.child.things):
yield j
class MessageBuilder(_MessageBuilder):
def item_iter(self, a):
for i in a[0]:
yield i
if hasattr(i, 'child'):
for j in i.child.things:
yield j
class ModeratorMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, user, **kw):
self.user = user
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
return conversation(self.user, self.parent)
sr_ids = Subreddit.reverse_moderator_ids(self.user)
return moderator_messages(sr_ids)
class MultiredditMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, user, **kw):
self.user = user
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
return conversation(self.user, self.parent)
return moderator_messages(
class TopCommentBuilder(CommentBuilder):
"""A comment builder to fetch only the top-level, non-spam,
non-deleted comments"""
def __init__(self, link, sort, wrap = Wrapped):
CommentBuilder.__init__(self, link, sort,
load_more = False,
continue_this_thread = False,
max_depth = 1, wrap = wrap)
def get_items(self, num = 10):
final = CommentBuilder.get_items(self, num = num)
return [ cm for cm in final if not cm.deleted ]
class SrMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, sr, **kw): = sr
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
return sr_conversation(, self.parent)
return subreddit_messages(
class UserMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, user, **kw):
self.user = user
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
return conversation(self.user, self.parent)
return user_messages(self.user)
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