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# The contents of this file are subject to the Common Public Attribution
# License Version 1.0. (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
# compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# The License is based on the Mozilla Public
# License Version 1.1, but Sections 14 and 15 have been added to cover use of
# software over a computer network and provide for limited attribution for the
# Original Developer. In addition, Exhibit A has been modified to be consistent
# with Exhibit B.
# Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
# WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for
# the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
# The Original Code is reddit.
# The Original Developer is the Initial Developer. The Initial Developer of
# the Original Code is reddit Inc.
# All portions of the code written by reddit are Copyright (c) 2006-2015 reddit
# Inc. All Rights Reserved.
import hmac
import hashlib
import urllib
from r2.config import feature
from r2.models import *
from filters import (
from r2.lib.cache_poisoning import make_poisoning_report_mac
from r2.lib.utils import UrlParser, timeago, timesince, is_subdomain
from r2.lib import hooks
from r2.lib.static import static_mtime
from r2.lib import js, tracking
import babel.numbers
import simplejson
import os.path
from copy import copy
import random
import urlparse
import calendar
import math
import time
import pytz
from pylons import request
from pylons import tmpl_context as c
from pylons import app_globals as g
from pylons.i18n import _, ungettext
static_text_extensions = {
'.js': 'js',
'.css': 'css',
'.less': 'css'
def static(path, absolute=False, mangle_name=True):
Simple static file maintainer which automatically paths and
versions files being served out of static.
In the case of JS and CSS where g.uncompressedJS is set, the
version of the file is set to be random to prevent caching and it
mangles the path to point to the uncompressed versions.
dirname, filename = os.path.split(path)
extension = os.path.splitext(filename)[1]
is_text = extension in static_text_extensions
should_cache_bust = False
path_components = []
actual_filename = None if mangle_name else filename
# If building an absolute url, default to https because we like it and the
# static server should support it.
scheme = 'https' if absolute else None
if g.static_domain:
domain = g.static_domain
if g.uncompressedJS:
# unminified static files are in type-specific subdirectories
if not dirname and is_text:
should_cache_bust = True
actual_filename = filename
domain = g.domain if absolute else None
if not actual_filename:
actual_filename = g.static_names.get(filename, filename)
actual_path = os.path.join(*path_components)
query = None
if path and should_cache_bust:
file_id = static_mtime(actual_path) or random.randint(0, 1000000)
query = 'v=' + str(file_id)
return urlparse.urlunsplit((
def make_url_protocol_relative(url):
if not url or url.startswith("//"):
return url
scheme, netloc, path, query, fragment = urlparse.urlsplit(url)
return urlparse.urlunsplit((None, netloc, path, query, fragment))
def make_url_https(url):
if not url or url.startswith("https://"):
return url
scheme, netloc, path, query, fragment = urlparse.urlsplit(url)
return urlparse.urlunsplit(("https", netloc, path, query, fragment))
def header_url(url, absolute=False):
if url == g.default_header_url:
return static(url, absolute=absolute)
elif absolute:
return make_url_https(url)
return make_url_protocol_relative(url)
def js_config(extra_config=None):
logged = c.user_is_loggedin and
user_id = c.user_is_loggedin and c.user._id
user_in_timeout = c.user_is_loggedin and c.user.in_timeout
gold = bool(logged and
controller_name = request.environ['pylons.routes_dict']['controller']
action_name = request.environ['pylons.routes_dict']['action']
route_name = controller_name + '.' + action_name
cache_policy = "loggedout_www"
if c.user_is_loggedin:
cache_policy = "loggedin_www_new"
# Canary for detecting cache poisoning
poisoning_canary = None
poisoning_report_mac = None
if logged:
if "pc" in c.cookies and len(c.cookies["pc"].value) == 2:
poisoning_canary = c.cookies["pc"].value
poisoning_report_mac = make_poisoning_report_mac(
mac =["action_name"], route_name, hashlib.sha1)
verification = mac.hexdigest()
cur_subreddit = ""
cur_sr_fullname = ""
cur_listing = ""
listing_over_18 = False
pref_no_profanity = not logged or c.user.pref_no_profanity
pref_media_preview = c.user.pref_media_preview
if not feature.is_enabled("autoexpand_media_previews"):
expando_preference = None
elif pref_media_preview == "subreddit":
expando_preference = "subreddit_default"
elif pref_media_preview == "on":
expando_preference = "auto_expand"
expando_preference = "do_not_expand"
pref_beta = c.user.pref_beta
nsfw_media_acknowledged = logged and c.user.nsfw_media_acknowledged
if isinstance(, Subreddit) and not c.default_sr:
cur_subreddit =
cur_sr_fullname =
cur_listing = cur_subreddit
listing_over_18 =
elif isinstance(, DefaultSR):
cur_listing = "frontpage"
elif isinstance(, FakeSubreddit):
cur_listing =
if g.debug:
events_collector_url = g.events_collector_test_url
events_collector_key = g.secrets['events_collector_test_js_key']
events_collector_secret = g.secrets['events_collector_test_js_secret']
events_collector_url = g.events_collector_url
events_collector_key = g.secrets['events_collector_js_key']
events_collector_secret = g.secrets['events_collector_js_secret']
config = {
# is the user logged in?
"logged": logged,
# logged in user's id
"user_id": user_id,
# is user in timeout?
"user_in_timeout": user_in_timeout,
# the subreddit's name (for posts)
"post_site": cur_subreddit,
"cur_site": cur_sr_fullname,
"cur_listing": cur_listing,
# the user's voting hash
"modhash": c.modhash or False,
# the current rendering style
"renderstyle": c.render_style,
# they're welcome to try to override this in the DOM because we just
# disable the features server-side if applicable
'store_visits': gold and c.user.pref_store_visits,
# current domain
"cur_domain": get_domain(subreddit=False, no_www=True),
# where do ajax requests go?
"ajax_domain": get_domain(subreddit=False),
"stats_domain": g.stats_domain or '',
"stats_sample_rate": g.stats_sample_rate or 0,
"extension": c.extension,
"https_endpoint": is_subdomain(, g.domain) and g.https_endpoint,
"media_domain": g.media_domain,
# does the client only want to communicate over HTTPS?
"https_forced": feature.is_enabled("force_https"),
# debugging?
"debug": g.debug,
"poisoning_canary": poisoning_canary,
"poisoning_report_mac": poisoning_report_mac,
"cache_policy": cache_policy,
"send_logs": g.live_config["frontend_logging"],
"server_time": math.floor(time.time()),
"status_msg": {
"fetching": _("fetching title..."),
"submitting": _("submitting..."),
"loading": _("loading...")
"is_fake": isinstance(, FakeSubreddit),
"tracker_url": "", # overridden below if configured
"adtracker_url": g.adtracker_url,
"clicktracker_url": g.clicktracker_url,
"uitracker_url": g.uitracker_url,
"eventtracker_url": g.eventtracker_url,
"anon_eventtracker_url": g.anon_eventtracker_url,
"events_collector_url": events_collector_url,
"events_collector_key": events_collector_key,
"events_collector_secret": events_collector_secret,
"feature_screenview_events": feature.is_enabled('screenview_events'),
"static_root": static(''),
"over_18": bool(c.over18),
"listing_over_18": listing_over_18,
"expando_preference": expando_preference,
"pref_no_profanity": pref_no_profanity,
"pref_beta": pref_beta,
"nsfw_media_acknowledged": nsfw_media_acknowledged,
"new_window": logged and bool(c.user.pref_newwindow),
"mweb_blacklist_expressions": g.live_config['mweb_blacklist_expressions'],
"gold": gold,
"has_subscribed": logged and c.user.has_subscribed,
"is_sponsor": logged and c.user_is_sponsor,
"pageInfo": {
"verification": verification,
"actionName": route_name,
"facebook_app_id": g.live_config["facebook_app_id"],
"feature_new_report_dialog": feature.is_enabled('new_report_dialog'),
"email_verified": logged and and c.user.email_verified,
if g.tracker_url:
config["tracker_url"] = tracking.get_pageview_pixel_url()
if g.uncompressedJS:
config["uncompressedJS"] = True
if extra_config:
return config
class JSPreload(js.DataSource):
def __init__(self, data=None):
if data is None:
data = {}
js.DataSource.__init__(self, "r.preload.set({content})", data)
def set(self, url, data):[url] = data
def set_wrapped(self, url, wrapped):
from r2.lib.pages.things import wrap_things
if not isinstance(wrapped, Wrapped):
wrapped = wrap_things(wrapped)[0][url] = wrapped.render_nocache('api').finalize()
def use(self):
return js.DataSource.use(self)
return ''
def class_dict():
t_cls = [Link, Comment, Message, Subreddit]
l_cls = [Listing, OrganicListing]
classes = [('%s: %s') % ('t'+ str(cl._type_id), cl.__name__ ) for cl in t_cls] \
+ [('%s: %s') % (cl.__name__, cl._js_cls) for cl in l_cls]
res = ', '.join(classes)
return unsafe('{ %s }' % res)
def comment_label(num_comments=None):
if not num_comments:
# generates "comment" the imperative verb
com_label = _("comment {verb}")
com_cls = 'comments empty may-blank'
# generates "XX comments" as a noun
com_label = ungettext("comment", "comments", num_comments)
com_label = strings.number_label % dict(num=num_comments,
com_cls = 'comments may-blank'
return com_label, com_cls
def replace_render(listing, item, render_func):
def _replace_render(style = None, display = True):
A helper function for listings to set uncachable attributes on a
rendered thing (item) to its proper display values for the current
style = style or c.render_style or 'html'
replacements = {}
if hasattr(item, 'child'):
if item.child:
replacements['childlisting'] = item.child.render(style=style)
# Special case for when the comment tree wasn't built which
# occurs both in the inbox and spam page view of comments.
replacements['childlisting'] = None
replacements['childlisting'] = ''
#only LinkListing has a show_nums attribute
if listing and hasattr(listing, "show_nums"):
if listing.show_nums and item.num > 0:
num = str(item.num)
num = ""
replacements["num"] = num
if getattr(item, "rowstyle_cls", None):
replacements["rowstyle"] = item.rowstyle_cls
if hasattr(item, "num_comments"):
com_label, com_cls = comment_label(item.num_comments)
if style == "compact":
com_label = unicode(item.num_comments)
replacements['numcomments'] = com_label
replacements['commentcls'] = com_cls
if hasattr(item, "num_children"):
label = ungettext("child", "children", item.num_children)
numchildren_text = strings.number_label % {'num': item.num_children,
'thing': label}
replacements['numchildren_text'] = numchildren_text
replacements['display'] = "" if display else "style='display:none'"
if hasattr(item, "render_score"):
# replace the score stub
replacements['scorelikes']) = item.render_score
# compute the timesince here so we don't end up caching it
if hasattr(item, "_date"):
if hasattr(item, "promoted") and item.promoted is not None:
from r2.lib import promote
# promoted links are special in their date handling
replacements['timesince'] = \
simplified_timesince(item._date - promote.timezone_offset)
replacements['timesince'] = simplified_timesince(item._date)
# compute the last edited time here so we don't end up caching it
if hasattr(item, "editted") and not isinstance(item.editted, bool):
replacements['lastedited'] = simplified_timesince(item.editted)
renderer = render_func or item.render
res = renderer(style = style, **replacements)
if isinstance(res, (str, unicode)):
rv = unsafe(res)
if g.debug:
for leftover in re.findall('<\$>(.+?)(?:<|$)', rv):
print "replace_render didn't replace %s" % leftover
return rv
return res
return _replace_render
def get_domain(cname=False, subreddit=True, no_www=False):
returns the domain on the current subreddit, possibly including
the subreddit part of the path, suitable for insertion after an
"http://" and before a fullpath (i.e., something including the
first '/') in a template. The domain is updated to include the
current port (request.port). The effect of the arguments is:
* no_www: if the domain ends up being g.domain, the default
behavior is to prepend "www." to the front of it (for akamai).
This flag will optionally disable it.
* cname: deprecated.
* subreddit: flags whether or not to append to the domain the
subreddit path (without the trailing path).
# locally cache these lookups as this gets run in a loop in add_props
domain = g.domain
# c.domain_prefix is only set to non '' values, so we're safe to
# override if it is falsy. we need to check this here because this method
# might be getting called out of request, but c.domain_prefix is set in
# request in MinimalController.pre.
domain_prefix = c.domain_prefix or g.domain_prefix
site =
if not no_www and domain_prefix:
domain = domain_prefix + "." + domain
if hasattr(request, "port") and request.port:
domain += ":" + str(request.port)
if subreddit:
domain += site.path.rstrip('/')
return domain
def add_sr(
path, sr_path=True, nocname=False, force_hostname=False,
retain_extension=True, force_https=False,
Given a path (which may be a full-fledged url or a relative path),
parses the path and updates it to include the subreddit path
according to the rules set by its arguments:
* sr_path: if a cname is not used for the domain, updates the
path to include
* nocname: deprecated.
* force_hostname: if True, force the url's hostname to be updated
even if it is already set in the path. If false, the path will still
have its domain updated if no hostname is specified in the url.
* retain_extension: if True, sets the extention according to
* force_https: force the URL scheme to https
For caching purposes: note that this function uses:
# don't do anything if it is just an anchor
if path.startswith(('#', 'javascript:')):
return path
u = UrlParser(path)
if sr_path:
if not u.hostname or force_hostname:
u.hostname = get_domain(subreddit=False)
if ( and u.is_reddit_url()) or force_https:
u.scheme = "https"
if force_extension is not None:
elif retain_extension:
if c.render_style == 'mobile':
elif c.render_style == 'compact':
return u.unparse()
def join_urls(*urls):
"""joins a series of urls together without doubles slashes"""
if not urls:
url = urls[0]
for u in urls[1:]:
if not url.endswith('/'):
url += '/'
while u.startswith('/'):
u = utils.lstrips(u, '/')
url += u
return url
def style_line(button_width = None, bgcolor = "", bordercolor = ""):
style_line = ''
bordercolor = c.bordercolor or bordercolor
bgcolor = c.bgcolor or bgcolor
if bgcolor:
style_line += "background-color: #%s;" % bgcolor
if bordercolor:
style_line += "border: 1px solid #%s;" % bordercolor
if button_width:
style_line += "width: %spx;" % button_width
return style_line
def choose_width(link, width):
if width:
return width - 5
if hasattr(link, "_ups"):
return 100 + (10 * (len(str(link._ups - link._downs))))
return 110
# Appends to the list "attrs" a tuple of:
# <priority (higher trumps lower), letter,
# css class, i18n'ed mouseover label, hyperlink (opt)>
def add_attr(attrs, kind, label=None, link=None, cssclass=None, symbol=None):
from r2.lib.template_helpers import static
symbol = symbol or kind
if kind == 'F':
priority = 1
cssclass = 'friend'
if not label:
label = _('friend')
if not link:
link = '/prefs/friends'
elif kind == 'S':
priority = 2
cssclass = 'submitter'
if not label:
label = _('submitter')
if not link:
raise ValueError ("Need a link")
elif kind == 'M':
priority = 3
cssclass = 'moderator'
if not label:
raise ValueError ("Need a label")
if not link:
raise ValueError ("Need a link")
elif kind == 'A':
priority = 4
cssclass = 'admin'
if not label:
label = _('reddit admin, speaking officially')
elif kind in ('X', '@'):
priority = 5
cssclass = 'gray'
if not label:
raise ValueError ("Need a label")
elif kind == 'V':
priority = 6
cssclass = 'green'
if not label:
raise ValueError ("Need a label")
elif kind == 'B':
priority = 7
cssclass = 'wrong'
if not label:
raise ValueError ("Need a label")
elif kind == 'special':
priority = 98
elif kind == "cake":
priority = 99
cssclass = "cakeday"
symbol = "&#x1F370;"
if not label:
raise ValueError ("Need a label")
if not link:
raise ValueError ("Need a link")
raise ValueError ("Got weird kind [%s]" % kind)
attrs.append( (priority, symbol, cssclass, label, link) )
def add_admin_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list):
add_attr(distinguish_attribs_list, 'A')
def add_moderator_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, subreddit):
link = '/r/%s/about/moderators' %
label = _('moderator of /r/%(reddit)s, speaking officially')
label %= {'reddit':}
add_attr(distinguish_attribs_list, 'M', label=label, link=link)
def add_friend_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, note=None):
if note:
label = u"%s (%s)" % (_("friend"), _force_unicode(note))
label = None
add_attr(distinguish_attribs_list, 'F', label)
def add_cakeday_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, user):
label = _("%(user)s just celebrated a reddit birthday!")
label %= {"user":}
link = "/user/%s" %
add_attr(distinguish_attribs_list, kind="cake", label=label, link=link)
def add_special_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, user):
args = user.special_distinguish()
if not args.get('kind'):
args['kind'] = 'special'
add_attr(distinguish_attribs_list, **args)
def add_submitter_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, link, subreddit):
permalink = link.make_permalink(subreddit)
add_attr(distinguish_attribs_list, 'S', link=permalink)
def search_url(query, subreddit, restrict_sr="off", sort=None, recent=None, ref=None):
import urllib
query = _force_utf8(query)
url_query = {"q": query}
if ref:
url_query["ref"] = ref
if restrict_sr:
url_query["restrict_sr"] = restrict_sr
if sort:
url_query["sort"] = sort
if recent:
url_query["t"] = recent
path = "/r/%s/search?" % subreddit if subreddit else "/search?"
path += urllib.urlencode(url_query)
return path
def format_number(number, locale=None):
if not locale:
locale = c.locale or g.locale
return babel.numbers.format_number(number, locale=locale)
def format_percent(ratio, locale=None):
if not locale:
locale = c.locale or g.locale
return babel.numbers.format_percent(ratio, locale=locale)
def html_datetime(date):
# Strip off the microsecond to appease the HTML5 gods, since
# datetime.isoformat() returns too long of a microsecond value.
return date.astimezone(pytz.UTC).replace(microsecond=0).isoformat()
def js_timestamp(date):
return '%d' % (calendar.timegm(date.timetuple()) * 1000)
def simplified_timesince(date, include_tense=True):
if date > timeago("1 minute"):
return _("just now")
since = timesince(date)
if include_tense:
return _("%s ago") % since
return since
def display_link_karma(karma):
if not c.user_is_admin:
return max(karma, g.link_karma_display_floor)
return karma
def display_comment_karma(karma):
if not c.user_is_admin:
return max(karma, g.comment_karma_display_floor)
return karma
def format_html(format_string, *args, **kwargs):
Similar to str % foo, but passes all arguments through conditional_websafe,
and calls 'unsafe' on the result. This function should be used instead
of str.format or % interpolation to build up small HTML fragments.
format_html("Are you %s? %s", name, unsafe(checkbox_html))
if args and kwargs:
raise ValueError("Can't specify both positional and keyword args")
args_safe = tuple(map(conditional_websafe, args))
kwargs_gen = ((k, conditional_websafe(v)) for (k, v) in kwargs.iteritems())
kwargs_safe = dict(kwargs_gen)
format_args = args_safe or kwargs_safe
return unsafe(format_string % format_args)
def _ws(text, keep_spaces=False):
"""Helper function to get HTML escaped output from gettext"""
if keep_spaces:
return keep_space(_(text))
return websafe(_(text))
def _wsf(format, keep_spaces=True, *args, **kwargs):
format_html, but with an escaped, translated string as the format str
Sometimes trusted HTML needs to be included in a translatable string,
but we don't trust translators to write HTML themselves.
_wsf("Are you %(name)s? %(box)s", name=name, box=unsafe(checkbox_html))
format_trans = _ws(format, keep_spaces)
return format_html(format_trans, *args, **kwargs)
def get_linkflair_css_classes(thing, prefix="linkflair-", on_class="has-linkflair", off_class="no-linkflair"):
has_linkflair = thing.flair_text or thing.flair_css_class
show_linkflair = c.user.pref_show_link_flair
if has_linkflair and show_linkflair:
if thing.flair_css_class:
flair_css_classes = thing.flair_css_class.split()
prefixed_css_classes = ["%s%s" % (prefix, css_class) for css_class in flair_css_classes]
on_class = "%s %s" % (on_class, ' '.join(prefixed_css_classes))
return on_class
return off_class
def update_query(base_url, **kw):
parsed = UrlParser(base_url)
return parsed.unparse()