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# The contents of this file are subject to the Common Public Attribution
# License Version 1.0. (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
# compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# The License is based on the Mozilla Public
# License Version 1.1, but Sections 14 and 15 have been added to cover use of
# software over a computer network and provide for limited attribution for the
# Original Developer. In addition, Exhibit A has been modified to be consistent
# with Exhibit B.
# Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
# WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for
# the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
# The Original Code is reddit.
# The Original Developer is the Initial Developer. The Initial Developer of
# the Original Code is reddit Inc.
# All portions of the code written by reddit are Copyright (c) 2006-2015 reddit
# Inc. All Rights Reserved.
import bcrypt
from collections import Counter, OrderedDict
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import hashlib
import hmac
import time
from pylons import request
from pylons import tmpl_context as c
from pylons import app_globals as g
from pycassa.system_manager import ASCII_TYPE, DATE_TYPE, UTF8_TYPE
from r2.config import feature
from r2.lib import amqp, filters, hooks
from r2.lib.db.thing import Thing, Relation, NotFound
from r2.lib.db.operators import lower
from r2.lib.db.userrel import UserRel
from r2.lib.db import tdb_cassandra
from r2.lib.memoize import memoize
from r2.lib.utils import (
from r2.models.bans import TempTimeout
from r2.models.last_modified import LastModified
from r2.models.modaction import ModAction
from r2.models.trylater import TryLater
trylater_hooks = hooks.HookRegistrar()
class AccountExists(Exception):
class Account(Thing):
_cache = g.thingcache
_data_int_props = Thing._data_int_props + ('link_karma', 'comment_karma',
'report_made', 'report_correct',
'report_ignored', 'spammer',
'reported', 'gold_creddits',
_int_prop_suffix = '_karma'
_essentials = ('name', )
_defaults = dict(pref_numsites = 25,
pref_newwindow = False,
pref_clickgadget = 5,
pref_store_visits = False,
pref_public_votes = False,
pref_hide_from_robots = False,
pref_research = False,
pref_hide_ups = False,
pref_hide_downs = False,
pref_min_link_score = -4,
pref_min_comment_score = -4,
pref_num_comments = g.num_comments,
pref_default_comment_sort = 'confidence',
pref_lang = g.lang,
pref_content_langs = (g.lang,),
pref_over_18 = False,
pref_compress = False,
pref_domain_details = False,
pref_organic = True,
pref_no_profanity = True,
pref_label_nsfw = True,
pref_show_stylesheets = True,
pref_show_flair = True,
pref_show_link_flair = True,
pref_mark_messages_read = True,
pref_threaded_messages = True,
pref_collapse_read_messages = False,
pref_email_messages = False,
pref_private_feeds = True,
pref_force_https = False,
pref_hide_ads = False,
pref_highlight_new_comments = True,
mobile_compress = False,
mobile_thumbnail = True,
reported = 0,
report_made = 0,
report_correct = 0,
report_ignored = 0,
spammer = 0,
sort_options = {},
has_subscribed = False,
pref_media = 'subreddit',
pref_media_preview = 'subreddit',
wiki_override = None,
email = "",
email_verified = False,
nsfw_media_acknowledged = False,
ignorereports = False,
pref_show_promote = None,
gold = False,
gold_charter = False,
gold_creddits = 0,
_preference_attrs = tuple(k for k in _defaults.keys()
if k.startswith("pref_"))
def _cache_prefix(cls):
return "account:"
def preferences(self):
return {pref: getattr(self, pref) for pref in self._preference_attrs}
def __eq__(self, other):
if type(self) != type(other):
return False
return self._id == other._id
def __ne__(self, other):
return not self.__eq__(other)
def has_interacted_with(self, sr):
r = SubredditParticipationByAccount.fast_query(self, [sr])
except tdb_cassandra.NotFound:
return False
return (self, sr) in r
def karma(self, kind, sr = None):
suffix = '_' + kind + '_karma'
#if no sr, return the sum
if sr is None:
total = 0
for k, v in self._t.iteritems():
if k.endswith(suffix):
total += v
# link karma includes both "link" and "self" values
if kind == "link":
total += self.karma("self")
return total
# if positive karma overall, default to MIN_UP_KARMA instead of 0
if self.karma(kind) > 0:
default_karma = g.MIN_UP_KARMA
default_karma = 0
if kind == "link":
# link karma includes both "link" and "self", so it's a bit trickier
link_karma = getattr(self, + suffix, None)
self_karma = getattr(self, "%s_self_karma" %, None)
# return default value only if they have *neither* link nor self
if all(karma is None for karma in (link_karma, self_karma)):
return default_karma
return sum(karma for karma in (link_karma, self_karma) if karma)
return getattr(self, + suffix, default_karma)
def incr_karma(self, kind, sr, amt):
# accounts can (manually) have their ability to gain/lose karma
# disabled, to prevent special accounts like AutoModerator from
# having a massive number of subreddit-karma attributes
if self.disable_karma:
if'_'):"Ignoring karma increase for subreddit %r" % (,))
prop = '%s_%s_karma' % (, kind)
if hasattr(self, prop):
return self._incr(prop, amt)
default_val = self.karma(kind, sr)
setattr(self, prop, default_val + amt)
def link_karma(self):
return self.karma('link')
def comment_karma(self):
return self.karma('comment')
def all_karmas(self, include_old=True):
"""Get all of the user's subreddit-specific karma totals.
Returns an OrderedDict keyed on subreddit name and containing
(link_karma, comment_karma) tuples, ordered by the combined total
link_suffix = '_link_karma'
self_suffix = '_self_karma'
comment_suffix = '_comment_karma'
comment_karmas = Counter()
link_karmas = Counter()
combined_karmas = Counter()
for key, value in self._t.iteritems():
if key.endswith(link_suffix):
sr_name = key[:-len(link_suffix)]
link_karmas[sr_name] += value
elif key.endswith(self_suffix):
# self karma gets added to link karma too
sr_name = key[:-len(self_suffix)]
link_karmas[sr_name] += value
elif key.endswith(comment_suffix):
sr_name = key[:-len(comment_suffix)]
comment_karmas[sr_name] = value
combined_karmas[sr_name] += value
all_karmas = OrderedDict()
for sr_name, total in combined_karmas.most_common():
all_karmas[sr_name] = (link_karmas[sr_name],
if include_old:
old_link_karma = self._t.get('link_karma', 0)
old_comment_karma = self._t.get('comment_karma', 0)
if old_link_karma or old_comment_karma:
all_karmas['ancient history'] = (old_link_karma,
return all_karmas
def update_last_visit(self, current_time):
from admintools import apply_updates
timer = g.stats.get_timer("account.update_last_visit")
apply_updates(self, timer)
prev_visit = LastModified.get(self._fullname, "Visit")
if prev_visit and current_time - prev_visit < timedelta(days=1):
LastModified.touch(self._fullname, "Visit")
def make_cookie(self, timestr=None):
timestr = timestr or time.strftime(COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
id_time = str(self._id) + ',' + timestr
to_hash = ','.join((id_time, self.password, g.secrets["SECRET"]))
return id_time + ',' + hashlib.sha1(to_hash).hexdigest()
def make_admin_cookie(self, first_login=None, last_request=None):
first_login = first_login or datetime.utcnow().strftime(COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
last_request = last_request or datetime.utcnow().strftime(COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
hashable = ','.join((first_login, last_request, request.ip, request.user_agent, self.password))
mac =["SECRET"], hashable, hashlib.sha1).hexdigest()
return ','.join((first_login, last_request, mac))
def make_otp_cookie(self, timestamp=None):
timestamp = timestamp or datetime.utcnow().strftime(COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
secrets = [request.user_agent, self.otp_secret, self.password]
signature =["SECRET"], ','.join([timestamp] + secrets), hashlib.sha1).hexdigest()
return ",".join((timestamp, signature))
def needs_captcha(self):
if g.disable_captcha:
return False
hook = hooks.get_hook("account.is_captcha_exempt")
captcha_exempt = hook.call_until_return(account=self)
if captcha_exempt:
return False
if self.link_karma >= g.live_config["captcha_exempt_link_karma"]:
return False
if self.comment_karma >= g.live_config["captcha_exempt_comment_karma"]:
return False
return True
def can_create_subreddit(self):
hook = hooks.get_hook("account.can_create_subreddit")
can_create = hook.call_until_return(account=self)
if can_create is not None:
return can_create
min_age = timedelta(days=g.live_config["create_sr_account_age_days"])
if self._age < min_age:
return False
if (self.link_karma < g.live_config["create_sr_link_karma"] and
self.comment_karma < g.live_config["create_sr_comment_karma"]):
return False
return True
def _by_name_cache(cls, name, allow_deleted=False):
#relower name here, just in case
deleted = (True, False) if allow_deleted else False
q = cls._query(
lower( == name.lower(),
cls.c._spam == (True, False),
cls.c._deleted == deleted,
q._limit = 1
l = list(q)
if l:
return l[0]._id
def _by_name(cls, name, allow_deleted = False, _update = False):
#lower name here so there is only one cache
uid = cls._by_name_cache(name.lower(), allow_deleted, _update = _update)
if uid:
return cls._byID(uid, data=True)
raise NotFound, 'Account %s' % name
def _names_to_ids(cls, names, ignore_missing=False, allow_deleted=False,
for name in names:
uid = cls._by_name_cache(name.lower(), allow_deleted, _update=_update)
if not uid:
if ignore_missing:
raise NotFound('Account %s' % name)
yield uid
# Admins only, since it's not memoized
def _by_name_multiple(cls, name):
q = cls._query(lower( == name.lower(),
Account.c._spam == (True, False),
Account.c._deleted == (True, False))
return list(q)
def friends(self):
return self.friend_ids()
def enemies(self):
return self.enemy_ids()
def is_moderator_somewhere(self):
# modmsgtime can be:
# - a date: the user is a mod somewhere and has unread modmail
# - False: the user is a mod somewhere and has no unread modmail
# - None: (the default) the user is not a mod anywhere
return self.modmsgtime is not None
def is_mutable(self, subreddit):
# Don't allow muting of other mods in the subreddit
if subreddit.is_moderator(self):
return False
# Don't allow muting of u/reddit or u/AutoModerator
return not (self == self.system_user() or
self == self.automoderator_user())
# Used on the goldmember version of /prefs/friends
def friend_rels_cache(self):
q = Friend._query(
Friend.c._thing1_id == self._id,
Friend.c._name == 'friend',
return list(f._id for f in q)
def friend_rels(self, _update = False):
rel_ids = self.friend_rels_cache(_update=_update)
rels = Friend._byID_rel(rel_ids, return_dict=False,
eager_load = True, data = True,
thing_data = True)
rels = list(rels)
except NotFound:
if _update:
return self.friend_rels(_update=True)
if not _update:
sorted_1 = sorted([r._thing2_id for r in rels])
sorted_2 = sorted(list(self.friends))
if sorted_1 != sorted_2:
return self.friend_rels(_update=True)
return dict((r._thing2_id, r) for r in rels)
def add_friend_note(self, friend, note):
rels = self.friend_rels()
rel = rels[friend._id]
rel.note = note
def _get_friend_ids_by(self, data_value_name, limit):
friend_ids = self.friend_ids()
if len(friend_ids) <= limit:
return friend_ids
with g.stats.get_timer("friends_query.%s" % data_value_name):
result = self.sort_ids_by_data_value(
friend_ids, data_value_name, limit=limit, desc=True)
return result.fetchall()
@memoize("get_recently_submitted_friend_ids", time=10*60)
def get_recently_submitted_friend_ids(self, limit=100):
return self._get_friend_ids_by("last_submit_time", limit)
@memoize("get_recently_commented_friend_ids", time=10*60)
def get_recently_commented_friend_ids(self, limit=100):
return self._get_friend_ids_by("last_comment_time", limit)
def delete(self, delete_message=None):
self.delete_message = delete_message
self.delete_time =
self._deleted = True
#update caches
Account._by_name(, allow_deleted = True, _update = True)
#we need to catch an exception here since it will have been
#recently deleted
Account._by_name(, _update = True)
except NotFound:
# Mark this account for immediate cleanup tasks
amqp.add_item('account_deleted', self._fullname)
# schedule further cleanup after a possible recovery period
TryLater.schedule("account_deletion", self._id36,
# 'State' bitfield properties
def _banned(self):
return self.state & 1
def _banned(self, value):
if value and not self._banned:
self.state |= 1
# Invalidate all cookies by changing the password
# First back up the password so we can reverse this
self.backup_password = self.password
# New PW doesn't matter, they can't log in with it anyway.
# Even if their PW /was/ 'banned' for some reason, this
# will change the salt and thus invalidate the cookies
change_password(self, 'banned')
# deauthorize all access tokens
from r2.models.token import OAuth2AccessToken
from r2.models.token import OAuth2RefreshToken
elif not value and self._banned:
self.state &= ~1
# Undo the password thing so they can log in
self.password = self.backup_password
# They're on their own for OAuth tokens, though.
def subreddits(self):
from subreddit import Subreddit
return Subreddit.user_subreddits(self)
def special_distinguish(self):
if self._t.get("special_distinguish_name"):
return dict((k, self._t.get("special_distinguish_"+k, None))
for k in ("name", "kind", "symbol", "cssclass", "label", "link"))
return None
def set_email(self, email):
old_email = = email
AccountsByCanonicalEmail.update_email(self, old_email, email)
def canonical_email(self):
return canonicalize_email(
def system_user(cls):
return cls._by_name(g.system_user)
except (NotFound, AttributeError):
return None
def automoderator_user(cls):
return cls._by_name(g.automoderator_account)
except (NotFound, AttributeError):
return None
def use_subreddit_style(self, sr):
"""Return whether to show subreddit stylesheet depending on
individual selection if available, else use pref_show_stylesheets"""
# if FakeSubreddit, there is no stylesheet
if not hasattr(sr, '_id'):
return False
if not feature.is_enabled('stylesheets_everywhere'):
return self.pref_show_stylesheets
# if stylesheet isn't individually enabled/disabled, use global pref
return bool(getattr(self, "sr_style_%s_enabled" % sr._id,
def set_subreddit_style(self, sr, use_style):
if hasattr(sr, '_id'):
setattr(self, "sr_style_%s_enabled" % sr._id, use_style)
def flair_enabled_in_sr(self, sr_id):
return getattr(self, 'flair_%s_enabled' % sr_id, True)
def flair_text(self, sr_id, obey_disabled=False):
if obey_disabled and not self.flair_enabled_in_sr(sr_id):
return None
return getattr(self, 'flair_%s_text' % sr_id, None)
def flair_css_class(self, sr_id, obey_disabled=False):
if obey_disabled and not self.flair_enabled_in_sr(sr_id):
return None
return getattr(self, 'flair_%s_css_class' % sr_id, None)
def can_flair_in_sr(self, user, sr):
"""Return whether a user can set this one's flair in a subreddit."""
can_assign_own = self._id == user._id and sr.flair_self_assign_enabled
return can_assign_own or sr.is_moderator_with_perms(user, "flair")
def set_flair(self, subreddit, text=None, css_class=None, set_by=None,
log_details = "flair_%s" % log_details
if not text and not css_class:
# set to None instead of potentially empty strings
text = css_class = None
log_details = "flair_delete"
elif not subreddit.is_flair(self):
setattr(self, 'flair_%s_text' % subreddit._id, text)
setattr(self, 'flair_%s_css_class' % subreddit._id, css_class)
if set_by and set_by != self:
ModAction.create(subreddit, set_by, action='editflair',
target=self, details=log_details)
def get_trophy_id(self, uid):
'''Return the ID of the Trophy associated with the given "uid"
`uid` - The unique identifier for the Trophy to look up
return getattr(self, 'received_trophy_%s' % uid, None)
def set_trophy_id(self, uid, trophy_id):
'''Recored that a user has received a Trophy with "uid"
`uid` - The trophy "type" that the user should only have one of
`trophy_id` - The ID of the corresponding Trophy object
return setattr(self, 'received_trophy_%s' % uid, trophy_id)
def employee(self):
"""Return if the user is an employee.
Being an employee grants them various special privileges.
return (hasattr(self, 'name') and
( in g.admins or in g.sponsors or in g.employees))
def has_gold_subscription(self):
return bool(getattr(self, 'gold_subscr_id', None))
def has_paypal_subscription(self):
return (self.has_gold_subscription and
not self.gold_subscr_id.startswith('cus_'))
def has_stripe_subscription(self):
return (self.has_gold_subscription and
def gold_will_autorenew(self):
return (self.has_gold_subscription or
(self.pref_creddit_autorenew and self.gold_creddits > 0))
def timeout_expiration(self):
"""Find the expiration date of the user's temp-timeout as a datetime
Returns None if no temp-timeout found.
if not self.in_timeout:
return None
def days_remaining_in_timeout(self):
if not self.in_timeout:
return 0
expires = self.timeout_expiration
if not expires:
return 0
# TryLater runs periodically, so if the suspension expires
# within that time, then the remaining number of days is 0
# which is the same as a permanent suspension. Return 1 day
# remaining if it already expired but the TryLater queue hasn't
# cleared it yet.
days_left = (expires - + 1
return max(days_left, 1)
def incr_admin_takedown_strikes(self, amt=1):
return self._incr('admin_takedown_strikes', amt)
def get_style_override(self):
"""Return the subreddit selected for reddit theme.
If the user has a theme selected and enabled and also has
the feature flag enabled, return the subreddit name.
Otherwise, return None.
# Experiment to change the default style to determine if
# engagement metrics change
if (feature.is_enabled("default_design") and
feature.variant("default_design") == "nautclassic"):
return "nautclassic"
if (feature.is_enabled("default_design") and
feature.variant("default_design") == "serene"):
return "serene"
# Reddit themes is not enabled for this user
if not feature.is_enabled('stylesheets_everywhere'):
return None
# Make sure they have the theme enabled
if not self.pref_enable_default_themes:
return None
return self.pref_default_theme_sr
def has_been_atoed(self):
"""Return true if this account has ever been required to reset their password
return 'force_password_reset' in self._t
class FakeAccount(Account):
_nodb = True
pref_no_profanity = True
def __eq__(self, other):
return self is other
def valid_admin_cookie(cookie):
if g.read_only_mode:
return (False, None)
# parse the cookie
first_login, last_request, hash = cookie.split(',')
except ValueError:
return (False, None)
# make sure it's a recent cookie
first_login_time = datetime.strptime(first_login, COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
last_request_time = datetime.strptime(last_request, COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
except ValueError:
return (False, None)
cookie_age = datetime.utcnow() - first_login_time
if cookie_age.total_seconds() > g.ADMIN_COOKIE_TTL:
return (False, None)
idle_time = datetime.utcnow() - last_request_time
if idle_time.total_seconds() > g.ADMIN_COOKIE_MAX_IDLE:
return (False, None)
# validate
expected_cookie = c.user.make_admin_cookie(first_login, last_request)
return (constant_time_compare(cookie, expected_cookie),
def valid_otp_cookie(cookie):
if g.read_only_mode:
return False
# parse the cookie
remembered_at, signature = cookie.split(",")
except ValueError:
return False
# make sure it hasn't expired
remembered_at_time = datetime.strptime(remembered_at, COOKIE_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT)
except ValueError:
return False
age = datetime.utcnow() - remembered_at_time
if age.total_seconds() > g.OTP_COOKIE_TTL:
return False
# validate
expected_cookie = c.user.make_otp_cookie(remembered_at)
return constant_time_compare(cookie, expected_cookie)
def valid_feed(name, feedhash, path):
if name and feedhash and path:
from r2.lib.template_helpers import add_sr
path = add_sr(path)
user = Account._by_name(name)
if (user.pref_private_feeds and
constant_time_compare(feedhash, make_feedhash(user, path))):
return user
except NotFound:
def make_feedhash(user, path):
return hashlib.sha1("".join([, user.password,
def make_feedurl(user, path, ext = "rss"):
u = UrlParser(path)
u.update_query(user =,
feed = make_feedhash(user, path))
return u.unparse()
def valid_password(a, password, compare_password=None):
# bail out early if the account or password's invalid
if not hasattr(a, 'name') or not hasattr(a, 'password') or not password:
return False
convert_password = False
if compare_password is None:
convert_password = True
compare_password = a.password
# standardize on utf-8 encoding
password = filters._force_utf8(password)
if compare_password.startswith('$2a$'):
# it's bcrypt.
expected_hash = bcrypt.hashpw(password, compare_password)
except ValueError:
# password is invalid because it contains null characters
return False
if not constant_time_compare(compare_password, expected_hash):
return False
# if it's using the current work factor, we're done, but if it's not
# we'll have to rehash.
# the format is $2a$workfactor$salt+hash
work_factor = int(compare_password.split("$")[2])
if work_factor == g.bcrypt_work_factor:
return a
# alright, so it's not bcrypt. how old is it?
# if the length of the stored hash is 43 bytes, the sha-1 hash has a salt
# otherwise it's sha-1 with no salt.
salt = ''
if len(compare_password) == 43:
salt = compare_password[:3]
expected_hash = passhash(, password, salt)
if not constant_time_compare(compare_password, expected_hash):
return False
# since we got this far, it's a valid password but in an old format
# let's upgrade it
if convert_password:
a.password = bcrypt_password(password)
return a
def bcrypt_password(password):
salt = bcrypt.gensalt(log_rounds=g.bcrypt_work_factor)
return bcrypt.hashpw(password, salt)
def passhash(username, password, salt = ''):
if salt is True:
salt = randstr(3)
tohash = '%s%s %s' % (salt, username, password)
return salt + hashlib.sha1(tohash).hexdigest()
def change_password(user, newpassword):
user.password = bcrypt_password(newpassword)
LastModified.touch(user._fullname, 'Password')
return True
def register(name, password, registration_ip):
# get a lock for registering an Account with this name to prevent
# simultaneous operations from creating multiple Accounts with the same name
with g.make_lock("account_register", "register_%s" % name.lower()):
account = Account._by_name(name)
raise AccountExists
except NotFound:
account = Account(
# new accounts keep the profanity filter settings until opting out
# update Account._by_name to pick up this new name->Account
Account._by_name(name, _update=True)
Account._by_name(name, allow_deleted=True, _update=True)
return account
class Friend(Relation(Account, Account)):
_cache = g.thingcache
def _cache_prefix(cls):
return "friend:"
Account.__bases__ += (UserRel('friend', Friend, disable_reverse_ids_fn=True),
UserRel('enemy', Friend, disable_reverse_ids_fn=False))
class DeletedUser(FakeAccount):
def name(self):
return '[deleted]'
def _deleted(self):
return True
def _fullname(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def _id(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def __setattr__(self, attr, val):
if attr == '_deleted':
object.__setattr__(self, attr, val)
class BlockedSubredditsByAccount(tdb_cassandra.DenormalizedRelation):
_use_db = True
_last_modified_name = 'block_subreddit'
_read_consistency_level = tdb_cassandra.CL.QUORUM
_write_consistency_level = tdb_cassandra.CL.QUORUM
_connection_pool = 'main'
_views = []
def value_for(cls, thing1, thing2):
return ''
def block(cls, user, sr):
cls.create(user, sr)
def unblock(cls, user, sr):
cls.destroy(user, sr)
def is_blocked(cls, user, sr):
r = cls.fast_query(user, [sr])
except tdb_cassandra.NotFound:
return False
return (user, sr) in r
def deleted_account_cleanup(data):
from r2.models import Subreddit
from r2.models.admin_notes import AdminNotesBySystem
from r2.models.flair import Flair
from r2.models.token import OAuth2Client
for account_id36 in data.itervalues():
account = Account._byID36(account_id36, data=True)
if not account._deleted:
# wipe the account's password and email address
account.password = "" = ""
account.email_verified = False
notes = ""
# "noisy" rel removals, we'll record all of these in the account's
# usernotes in case we need the information later
rel_removal_descriptions = {
"moderator": "Unmodded",
"moderator_invite": "Cancelled mod invite",
"contributor": "Removed as contributor",
"banned": "Unbanned",
"wikibanned": "Un-wikibanned",
"wikicontributor": "Removed as wiki contributor",
if account.has_subscribed:
rel_removal_descriptions["subscriber"] = "Unsubscribed"
for rel_type, description in rel_removal_descriptions.iteritems():
ids_fn = getattr(Subreddit, "reverse_%s_ids" % rel_type)
sr_ids = ids_fn(account)
sr_names = []
srs = Subreddit._byID(sr_ids, data=True, return_dict=False)
for subreddit in srs:
remove_fn = getattr(subreddit, "remove_" + rel_type)
if description and sr_names:
sr_list = ", ".join(sr_names)
notes += "* %s from %s\n" % (description, sr_list)
except Exception as e:
notes += "* Error cleaning up %s rels: %s\n" % (rel_type, e)
# silent rel removals, no record left in the usernotes
rel_classes = {
"flair": Flair,
"friend": Friend,
"enemy": Friend,
for rel_name, rel_cls in rel_classes.iteritems():
rels = rel_cls._query(
rel_cls.c._thing2_id == account._id,
rel_cls.c._name == rel_name,
for rel in rels:
remove_fn = getattr(rel._thing1, "remove_" + rel_name)
except Exception as e:
notes += "* Error cleaning up %s rels: %s\n" % (rel_name, e)
# add the note with info about the major changes to the account
if notes:
note="Account deletion cleanup summary:\n\n%s" % notes,
class AccountsByCanonicalEmail(tdb_cassandra.View):
__metaclass__ = tdb_cassandra.ThingMeta
_use_db = True
_compare_with = UTF8_TYPE
_extra_schema_creation_args = dict(
def update_email(cls, account, old, new):
old, new = map(canonicalize_email, (old, new))
if old == new:
with cls._cf.batch() as b:
if old:
b.remove(old, {account._id36: ""})
if new:
b.insert(new, {account._id36: ""})
def get_accounts(cls, email_address):
canonical = canonicalize_email(email_address)
if not canonical:
return []
account_id36s = cls.get_time_sorted_columns(canonical).keys()
return Account._byID36(account_id36s, data=True, return_dict=False)
class SubredditParticipationByAccount(tdb_cassandra.DenormalizedRelation):
_use_db = True
_write_last_modified = False
_views = []
_extra_schema_creation_args = {
"key_validation_class": ASCII_TYPE,
"default_validation_class": DATE_TYPE,
def value_for(cls, thing1, thing2):
def mark_participated(cls, account, subreddit):
cls.create(account, [subreddit])
class QuarantinedSubredditOptInsByAccount(tdb_cassandra.DenormalizedRelation):
_use_db = True
_last_modified_name = 'QuarantineSubredditOptin'
_read_consistency_level = tdb_cassandra.CL.QUORUM
_write_consistency_level = tdb_cassandra.CL.QUORUM
_extra_schema_creation_args = {
"key_validation_class": ASCII_TYPE,
"default_validation_class": DATE_TYPE,
_connection_pool = 'main'
_views = []
def value_for(cls, thing1, thing2):
def opt_in(cls, account, subreddit):
if subreddit.quarantine:
cls.create(account, subreddit)
def opt_out(cls, account, subreddit):
if subreddit.is_subscriber(account):
cls.destroy(account, subreddit)
def is_opted_in(cls, user, subreddit):
r = cls.fast_query(user, [subreddit])
except tdb_cassandra.NotFound:
return False
return (user, subreddit) in r