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# The contents of this file are subject to the Common Public Attribution
# License Version 1.0. (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
# compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# The License is based on the Mozilla Public
# License Version 1.1, but Sections 14 and 15 have been added to cover use of
# software over a computer network and provide for limited attribution for the
# Original Developer. In addition, Exhibit A has been modified to be consistent
# with Exhibit B.
# Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
# WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for
# the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
# The Original Code is reddit.
# The Original Developer is the Initial Developer. The Initial Developer of
# the Original Code is reddit Inc.
# All portions of the code written by reddit are Copyright (c) 2006-2015 reddit
# Inc. All Rights Reserved.
from collections import defaultdict
from copy import deepcopy
from itertools import izip
import datetime
import heapq
from random import shuffle
import time
from pylons import request
from pylons import tmpl_context as c
from pylons import app_globals as g
from pylons.i18n import _
from r2.config import feature
from r2.config.extensions import API_TYPES, RSS_TYPES
from r2.lib import hooks
from r2.lib.comment_tree import (
from r2.lib.wrapped import Wrapped
from r2.lib.db import operators, tdb_cassandra
from r2.lib.filters import _force_unicode
from r2.lib.utils import Storage, shuffle_slice, timesince, tup, to36
from r2.lib.utils.comment_tree_utils import get_num_children
from r2.models import (
from r2.models.admintools import ip_span
from r2.models.flair import Flair
from r2.models.listing import Listing
from import Vote
class Builder(object):
def __init__(self, wrap=Wrapped, prewrap_fn=None, keep_fn=None, stale=True,
self.wrap = wrap
self.prewrap_fn = prewrap_fn
self.keep_fn = keep_fn
self.stale = stale
self.spam_listing = spam_listing
def keep_item(self, item):
if self.keep_fn:
return self.keep_fn(item)
return item.keep_item(item)
def wrap_items(self, items):
from r2.lib.db import queries
from r2.lib.template_helpers import (
user = c.user if c.user_is_loggedin else None
aids = set(l.author_id for l in items if hasattr(l, 'author_id')
and l.author_id is not None)
authors = Account._byID(aids, data=True, stale=self.stale)
now =
cakes = {a._id for a in authors.itervalues()
if a.cake_expiration and a.cake_expiration >= now}
friend_rels = user.friend_rels() if user and else {}
subreddits = Subreddit.load_subreddits(items, stale=self.stale)
can_ban_set = set()
if user:
for sr_id, sr in subreddits.iteritems():
if sr.can_ban(user):
#get likes/dislikes
likes = queries.get_likes(user, items)
except tdb_cassandra.TRANSIENT_EXCEPTIONS as e:
g.log.warning("Cassandra vote lookup failed: %r", e)
likes = {}
types = {}
wrapped = []
for item in items:
w = self.wrap(item)
# add for caching (plus it should be bad form to use _
# variables in templates)
w.fullname = item._fullname
types.setdefault(w.render_class, []).append(w) = None
w.friend = False
w.distinguished = None
if hasattr(item, "distinguished"):
if item.distinguished == 'yes':
w.distinguished = 'moderator'
elif item.distinguished in ('admin', 'special',
'gold', 'gold-auto'):
w.distinguished = item.distinguished
if getattr(item, "author_id", None): = authors.get(item.author_id)
if hasattr(item, "sr_id") and item.sr_id is not None:
w.subreddit = subreddits[item.sr_id]
distinguish_attribs_list = []
# if display_author exists, then is unknown to the
# receiver, so we can't check for friend or cakeday
author_is_hidden = hasattr(item, 'display_author')
if (not author_is_hidden and
user and and in user.friends):
w.friend = True # TODO: deprecated?
if item.author_id in friend_rels:
note = getattr(friend_rels[], "note", None)
note = None
add_friend_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, note)
if (w.distinguished == 'admin' and
if w.distinguished == 'moderator':
add_moderator_distinguish(distinguish_attribs_list, w.subreddit)
if w.distinguished == 'special':
if (not author_is_hidden and and in cakes and not c.profilepage):
w.attribs = distinguish_attribs_list
user_vote_dir = likes.get((user, item))
if user_vote_dir == Vote.DIRECTIONS.up:
w.likes = True
elif user_vote_dir == Vote.DIRECTIONS.down:
w.likes = False
w.likes = None
w.upvotes = item._ups
w.downvotes = item._downs
total_votes = max(item.num_votes, 1)
w.upvote_ratio = float(item._ups) / total_votes
w.is_controversial = self._is_controversial(w)
w.score = w.upvotes - w.downvotes
if user_vote_dir == Vote.DIRECTIONS.up:
base_score = w.score - 1
elif user_vote_dir == Vote.DIRECTIONS.down:
base_score = w.score + 1
base_score = w.score
# store the set of available scores based on the vote
# for ease of i18n when there is a label
w.voting_score = [(base_score + x - 1) for x in range(3)]
w.deleted = item._deleted
w.link_notes = []
if c.user_is_admin:
if item._deleted:
w.link_notes.append("deleted link")
if getattr(item, "verdict", None):
if not item.verdict.endswith("-approved"):
if c.user_is_admin and getattr(item, 'ip', None):
w.ip_span = ip_span(item.ip)
w.ip_span = ""
# if the user can ban things on a given subreddit, or an
# admin, then allow them to see that the item is spam, and
# add the other spam-related display attributes
w.show_reports = False
w.show_spam = False
w.can_ban = False
w.use_big_modbuttons = self.spam_listing
if (c.user_is_admin
or (user
and hasattr(item,'sr_id')
and item.sr_id in can_ban_set)):
if getattr(item, "promoted", None) is None:
w.can_ban = True
ban_info = getattr(item, 'ban_info', {})
w.unbanner = ban_info.get('unbanner')
if item._spam:
w.show_spam = True
w.moderator_banned = ban_info.get('moderator_banned', False)
w.autobanned = ban_info.get('auto', False)
w.banner = ban_info.get('banner')
w.banned_at = ban_info.get("banned_at", None)
if ban_info.get('note', None) and w.banner:
w.banner += ' (%s)' % ban_info['note']
w.use_big_modbuttons = True
if getattr(w, "author", None) and
w.show_spam = "author"
if c.user == and c.user._spam:
w.show_spam = False
w._spam = False
w.use_big_modbuttons = False
elif (getattr(item, 'reported', 0) > 0
and (not getattr(item, 'ignore_reports', False) or
w.show_reports = True
w.use_big_modbuttons = True
# report_count isn't used in any template, but add it to
# the Wrapped so it's pulled into the render cache key in
# instances when reported will be used in the template
w.report_count = item.reported
w.approval_checkmark = None
if w.can_ban:
verdict = getattr(w, "verdict", None)
if verdict in ('admin-approved', 'mod-approved'):
approver = None
approval_time = None
baninfo = getattr(w, "ban_info", None)
if baninfo:
approver = baninfo.get("unbanner", None)
approval_time = baninfo.get("unbanned_at", None)
approver = approver or _("a moderator")
if approval_time:
text = _("approved by %(who)s %(when)s ago") % {
"who": approver,
"when": timesince(approval_time)}
text = _("approved by %s") % approver
w.approval_checkmark = text
hooks.get_hook("builder.wrap_items").call(item=item, wrapped=w)
# recache the user object: it may be None if user is not logged in,
# whereas now we are happy to have the UnloggedUser object
user = c.user
for cls in types.keys():
cls.add_props(user, types[cls])
return wrapped
def get_items(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def convert_items(self, items):
"""Convert a list of items to the desired output format"""
if self.prewrap_fn:
items = [self.prewrap_fn(i) for i in items]
if self.wrap:
items = self.wrap_items(items)
# make a copy of items so the converted items can be mutated without
# changing the original items
items = items[:]
return items
def valid_after(self, after):
Return whether `after` could ever be shown to the user.
Necessary because an attacker could use info about the presence
and position of `after` within a listing to leak info about `after`s
that the attacker could not normally access.
w = self.convert_items((after,))[0]
return not self.must_skip(w)
def item_iter(self, a):
"""Iterates over the items returned by get_items"""
raise NotImplementedError
def must_skip(self, item):
"""whether or not to skip any item regardless of whether the builder
was contructed with skip=true"""
user = c.user if c.user_is_loggedin else None
if hasattr(item, "promoted") and item.promoted is not None:
return False
# can_view_slow only exists for Messages, but checking was_comment
# is also necessary because items may also be comments that are being
# viewed from the inbox page where their render class is overridden.
# This check needs to be done before looking at whether they can view
# the subreddit, or modmail to/from private subreddits that the user
# doesn't have access to will be skipped.
if hasattr(item, 'can_view_slow') and not item.was_comment:
return not item.can_view_slow()
if hasattr(item, 'subreddit') and not item.subreddit.can_view(user):
return True
def _is_controversial(self, wrapped):
"""Determine if an item meets all criteria to display as controversial."""
# A sample-size threshold before posts can be considered controversial
num_votes = wrapped.upvotes + wrapped.downvotes
if num_votes < g.live_config['cflag_min_votes']:
return False
# If an item falls within a boundary of upvote ratios, it's controversial
# e.g. 0.4 < x < 0.6
lower = g.live_config['cflag_lower_bound']
upper = g.live_config['cflag_upper_bound']
if lower <= wrapped.upvote_ratio <= upper:
return True
return False
class QueryBuilder(Builder):
def __init__(self, query, skip=False, num=None, sr_detail=None, count=0,
after=None, reverse=False, **kw):
self.query = query
self.skip = skip
self.num = num
self.sr_detail = sr_detail
self.start_count = count or 0
self.after = after
self.reverse = reverse
Builder.__init__(self, **kw)
def __repr__(self):
return "<%s(%r)>" % (self.__class__.__name__, self.query)
def item_iter(self, a):
"""Iterates over the items returned by get_items"""
for i in a[0]:
yield i
def init_query(self):
q = self.query
if self.reverse:
q._data = True
self.orig_rules = deepcopy(q._rules)
if self.after:
def fetch_more(self, last_item, num_have):
done = False
q = self.query
if self.num:
num_need = self.num - num_have
if num_need <= 0:
#will cause the loop below to break
return True, None
#q = self.query
#check last_item if we have a num because we may need to iterate
if last_item:
q._rules = deepcopy(self.orig_rules)
last_item = None
q._limit = max(int(num_need * EXTRA_FACTOR), self.num // 2, 1)
done = True
new_items = list(q)
return done, new_items
def get_items(self):
num_have = 0
done = False
items = []
count = self.start_count
fetch_after = None
loopcount = 0
stopped_early = False
while not done:
done, fetched_items = self.fetch_more(fetch_after, num_have)
#log loop
loopcount += 1
if loopcount == 20:
done = True
stopped_early = True
#no results, we're done
if not fetched_items:
#if fewer results than we wanted, we're done
elif self.num and len(fetched_items) < self.num - num_have:
done = True
# Wrap the fetched items if necessary
new_items = self.convert_items(fetched_items)
#skip and count
while new_items and (not self.num or num_have < self.num):
i = new_items.pop(0)
if not (self.must_skip(i) or
self.skip and not self.keep_item(i)):
num_have += 1
count = count - 1 if self.reverse else count + 1
if self.wrap:
i.num = count
fetch_after = fetched_items[-1]
# Is there a next page or not?
have_next = True
if self.num and num_have < self.num and not stopped_early:
have_next = False
if getattr(self, 'sr_detail', False):
for item in items:
item.sr_detail = True
# Make sure first_item and last_item refer to things in items
# NOTE: could retrieve incorrect item if there were items with
# duplicate _id
first_item = None
last_item = None
if items:
if self.start_count > 0:
first_item = items[0]
last_item = items[-1]
if self.reverse:
last_item, first_item = first_item, have_next and last_item
before_count = count
after_count = self.start_count - 1
last_item = have_next and last_item
before_count = self.start_count + 1
after_count = count
#listing is expecting (things, prev, next, bcount, acount)
return (items,
class IDBuilder(QueryBuilder):
def thing_lookup(self, names):
return Thing._by_fullname(names, data=True, return_dict=False,
def init_query(self):
names = list(tup(self.query))
after = self.after._fullname if self.after else None
self.names = self._get_after(names,
def _get_after(l, after, reverse):
names = list(l)
if reverse:
if after:
i = names.index(after)
except ValueError:
names = ()
names = names[i + 1:]
return names
def fetch_more(self, last_item, num_have):
done = False
names = self.names
if self.num:
num_need = self.num - num_have
if num_need <= 0:
return True, None
if last_item:
last_item = None
slice_size = max(int(num_need * EXTRA_FACTOR), self.num // 2, 1)
slice_size = len(names)
done = True
self.names, new_names = names[slice_size:], names[:slice_size]
new_items = self.thing_lookup(new_names)
return done, new_items
class ActionBuilder(IDBuilder):
def init_query(self):
self.actions = {}
ids = []
for id, date, action in self.query:
self.actions[id] = action
self.query = ids
super(ActionBuilder, self).init_query()
def thing_lookup(self, names):
items = super(ActionBuilder, self).thing_lookup(names)
for item in items:
if item._fullname in self.actions:
item.action_type = self.actions[item._fullname]
return items
class CampaignBuilder(IDBuilder):
"""Build on a list of PromoTuples."""
def _get_after(promo_tuples, after, reverse):
promo_tuples = list(promo_tuples)
if not after:
return promo_tuples
if reverse:
fullname_to_index = { i for i, pt in enumerate(promo_tuples)}
i = fullname_to_index[after]
except KeyError:
promo_tuples = ()
promo_tuples = promo_tuples[i + 1:]
return promo_tuples
def thing_lookup(self, tuples):
links = Link._by_fullname([ for t in tuples], data=True,
return_dict=True, stale=self.stale)
return [Storage({'thing': links[],
'_id': links[]._id,
'_fullname': links[]._fullname,
'weight': t.weight,
'campaign': t.campaign}) for t in tuples]
def wrap_items(self, items):
links = [i.thing for i in items]
wrapped = IDBuilder.wrap_items(self, links)
by_link = defaultdict(list)
for w in wrapped:
ret = []
for i in items:
w = by_link[i.thing._fullname].pop()
w.campaign = i.campaign
w.weight = i.weight
return ret
def valid_after(self, after):
# CampaignBuilder has special wrapping logic to operate on
# PromoTuples and PromoCampaigns. `after` is just a Link, so bypass
# the special wrapping logic and use the base class.
if self.prewrap_fn:
after = self.prewrap_fn(after)
if self.wrap:
after = Builder.wrap_items(self, (after,))[0]
return not self.must_skip(after)
class ModActionBuilder(QueryBuilder):
def wrap_items(self, items):
wrapped = []
by_render_class = defaultdict(list)
for item in items:
w = self.wrap(item)
w.fullname = item._fullname
for render_class, _items in by_render_class.iteritems():
render_class.add_props(c.user, _items)
return wrapped
class SimpleBuilder(IDBuilder):
def thing_lookup(self, names):
return names
def init_query(self):
items = list(tup(self.query))
if self.reverse:
if self.after:
for i, item in enumerate(items):
if item._id == self.after:
self.names = items[i + 1:]
self.names = ()
self.names = items
def get_items(self):
items, prev_item, next_item, bcount, acount = IDBuilder.get_items(self)
prev_item_id = prev_item._id if prev_item else None
next_item_id = next_item._id if next_item else None
return (items, prev_item_id, next_item_id, bcount, acount)
class SearchBuilder(IDBuilder):
def __init__(self, query, skip_deleted_authors=True, **kw):
self.skip_deleted_authors = skip_deleted_authors
IDBuilder.__init__(self, query, **kw)
def init_query(self):
self.skip = True
self.start_time = time.time()
self.results =
names = list(
self.total_num = self.results.hits
self.subreddit_facets = self.results.subreddit_facets
after = self.after._fullname if self.after else None
self.names = self._get_after(names,
def keep_item(self, item):
# doesn't use the default keep_item because we want to keep
# things that were voted on, even if they've chosen to hide
# them in normal listings
user = c.user if c.user_is_loggedin else None
if item._spam or item._deleted:
return False
# If checking (wrapped) links, filter out banned subreddits
elif hasattr(item, 'subreddit') and item.subreddit.spammy():
return False
elif (hasattr(item, 'subreddit') and
not c.user_is_admin and
not item.subreddit.is_exposed(user)):
return False
elif (self.skip_deleted_authors and
getattr(item, "author", None) and
return False
elif isinstance(item.lookups[0], Subreddit) and not item.is_exposed(user):
return False
# show NSFW to API and RSS users unless obey_over18=true
is_api_or_rss = (c.render_style in API_TYPES
or c.render_style in RSS_TYPES)
if is_api_or_rss:
include_over18 = not c.obey_over18 or c.over18
elif feature.is_enabled('safe_search'):
include_over18 = c.over18
include_over18 = True
is_nsfw = (item.over_18 or
(hasattr(item, 'subreddit') and item.subreddit.over_18))
if is_nsfw and not include_over18:
return False
return True
class WikiRevisionBuilder(QueryBuilder):
show_extended = True
def __init__(self, revisions, user=None, sr=None, page=None, **kw):
self.user = user = sr = page
QueryBuilder.__init__(self, revisions, **kw)
def wrap_items(self, items):
from import this_may_revise
types = {}
wrapped = []
extended = self.show_extended and c.is_wiki_mod
extended = extended and this_may_revise(
for item in items:
w = self.wrap(item)
w.show_extended = extended
w.show_compare = self.show_extended
types.setdefault(w.render_class, []).append(w)
user = c.user
for cls in types.keys():
cls.add_props(user, types[cls])
return wrapped
def must_skip(self, item):
return item.admin_deleted and not c.user_is_admin
def keep_item(self, item):
from import may_view
return ((not item.is_hidden) and
may_view(, self.user, item.wikipage))
class WikiRecentRevisionBuilder(WikiRevisionBuilder):
show_extended = False
def must_skip(self, item):
if WikiRevisionBuilder.must_skip(self, item):
return True
item_age = -
return item_age.days >= wiki.WIKI_RECENT_DAYS
def add_child_listing(parent, *things):
l = Listing(None, nextprev=None)
l.things = list(things)
parent.child = Wrapped(l)
parent_name = parent._fullname if not parent.deleted else "deleted"
parent.child.parent_name = parent_name
def make_wrapper(parent_wrapper = Wrapped, **params):
def wrapper_fn(thing):
w = parent_wrapper(thing)
for k, v in params.iteritems():
setattr(w, k, v)
return w
return wrapper_fn
class CommentBuilder(Builder):
def __init__(self, link, sort, comment=None, children=None, context=None,
load_more=True, continue_this_thread=True,
max_depth=MAX_RECURSION, edits_visible=True, num=None,
show_deleted=False, **kw): = link
self.comment = comment
self.children = children
self.context = context or 0
self.load_more = load_more
self.max_depth = max_depth
self.show_deleted = show_deleted or c.user_is_admin
self.edits_visible = edits_visible
self.num = num
self.continue_this_thread = continue_this_thread
self.sort = sort
self.rev_sort = isinstance(sort, operators.desc)
self.comments = None
Builder.__init__(self, **kw)
def update_candidates(self, candidates, sorter, to_add=None):
for comment in (comment for comment in tup(to_add)
if comment in sorter):
sort_val = -sorter[comment] if self.rev_sort else sorter[comment]
heapq.heappush(candidates, (sort_val, comment))
def get_items(self):
if self.comments is None:
return self._make_wrapped_tree()
def _get_comments(self):
timer = g.stats.get_timer("CommentBuilder.get_items")
r = link_comments_and_sort(, self.sort.col)
cids, cid_tree, depth, parents, sorter = r
if self.comment and not self.comment._id in depth:
g.log.error("Hack - self.comment (%d) not in depth. Defocusing..."
% self.comment._id)
self.comment = None
more_recursions = {}
dont_collapse = []
candidates = []
offset_depth = 0
items = []
if self.children:
# requested specific child comments
children = [cid for cid in self.children if cid in cids]
self.update_candidates(candidates, sorter, children)
dont_collapse.extend(comment for sort_val, comment in candidates)
elif self.comment:
# requested the tree from a specific comment
# construct path back to top level from this comment, a maximum of
# `context` levels
comment = self.comment._id
path = []
while comment and len(path) <= self.context:
comment = parents[comment]
# rewrite cid_tree so the parents lead only to the requested comment
for comment in path:
parent = parents[comment]
cid_tree[parent] = [comment]
# start building comment tree from earliest comment
self.update_candidates(candidates, sorter, path[-1])
# set offset_depth because we may not be at the top level and can
# show deeper levels
offset_depth = depth.get(path[-1], 0)
# full tree requested, add all top level comments as candidates to
# be considered for display
top_level_comments = cid_tree.get(None, [])
# If we have a sticky comment and we're viewing top level comments,
# we shove the sticky comment in the top and remove it from the
# remainder of the top level comments list so it's displayed first.
# Remove the sticky comment from the candidates list so it
# isn't displayed twice
except ValueError:
g.log.warning("Non-top-level sticky comment detected on "
"link %r.",
# Make the sticky comment the first item, meaning it is the
# first comment displayed regardless of sort score.
# Don't add its children as candidates - we don't want to
# show any replies to the sticky comment when viewing a top
# level list. This will still render the "load more
# comments" link for viewing its children. When viewing
# this comment as non-top-level (for example a permalink)
# sticky comment children will render normally.
self.update_candidates(candidates, sorter, top_level_comments)
# choose which comments to show
while (self.num is None or len(items) < self.num) and candidates:
sort_val, comment_id = heapq.heappop(candidates)
if comment_id not in cids:
comment_depth = depth[comment_id] - offset_depth
if comment_depth < self.max_depth:
# add children
if comment_id in cid_tree:
children = cid_tree[comment_id]
self.update_candidates(candidates, sorter, children)
elif (self.continue_this_thread and
parents.get(comment_id) is not None):
# the comment is too deep to add, so add a MoreRecursion for
# its parent
parent_id = parents[comment_id]
if parent_id not in more_recursions:
w = Wrapped(MoreRecursion(, depth=0,
w = more_recursions[parent_id]
more_recursions[parent_id] = w
self.top_level_candidates = [comment for sort_val, comment in candidates
if depth.get(comment, 0) == 0]
self.comments = Comment._byID(
items, data=True, return_dict=False, stale=self.stale)
self.timer = timer
self.cid_tree = cid_tree
self.depth = depth
self.more_recursions = more_recursions
self.offset_depth = offset_depth
self.dont_collapse = dont_collapse
def _make_wrapped_tree(self):
timer = self.timer
comments = self.comments
cid_tree = self.cid_tree
top_level_candidates = self.top_level_candidates
depth = self.depth
more_recursions = self.more_recursions
offset_depth = self.offset_depth
dont_collapse = self.dont_collapse
if not comments and not top_level_candidates:
return []
# retrieve num_children for the visible comments
needs_num_children = [c._id for c in comments] + top_level_candidates
num_children = get_num_children(needs_num_children, cid_tree)
wrapped = self.wrap_items(comments)
wrapped_by_id = {comment._id: comment for comment in wrapped}
if self.children:
# rewrite the parent links to use anchor tags
for comment_id in self.children:
if comment_id in wrapped_by_id:
item = wrapped_by_id[comment_id]
if item.parent_id:
item.parent_permalink = '#' + to36(item.parent_id)
final = []
# We have some special collapsing rules for the Q&A sort type.
# However, we want to show everything when we're building a specific
# set of children (like from "load more" links) or when viewing a
# comment permalink.
qa_sort_hiding = ((self.sort.col == '_qa') and not self.children and
self.comment is None)
if qa_sort_hiding:
special_responder_ids =
special_responder_ids = ()
max_relation_walks = g.max_comment_parent_walk
for comment in wrapped:
# skip deleted comments with no children
if (comment.deleted and not cid_tree.has_key(comment._id)
and not self.show_deleted):
comment.hidden_completely = True
comment.num_children = num_children[comment._id]
comment.edits_visible = self.edits_visible
parent = wrapped_by_id.get(comment.parent_id)
if qa_sort_hiding:
# In the Q&A sort type, we want to collapse all comments other
# than those that are:
# 1. Top-level comments,
# 2. Responses from the OP(s),
# 3. Responded to by the OP(s) (dealt with below),
# 4. Within one level of an OP reply, or
# 5. Already prevented from collapse, like distinguished
# comments or comments in (3) whose children have already
# been processed.
# Note: we can't use |= because 'comment.prevent_collapse'
# might be None.
comment.prevent_collapse = (depth[comment._id] == 0 or # (1)
comment.author_id in special_responder_ids or # (2)
(parent and
parent.author_id in special_responder_ids) or # (4)
comment.prevent_collapse) # (5)
if not comment.prevent_collapse:
comment.hidden = True
if comment.prevent_collapse and parent:
# Un-collapse parents as necessary (either from Q&A sort rule
# or a deeply nested distinguished comment, etc). It's a lot
# easier to do this here, upwards, than to check through all
# the children when we were iterating at the parent.
ancestor = parent
counter = 0
while (ancestor and
not getattr(ancestor, 'walked', False) and
counter < max_relation_walks):
ancestor.hidden = False
# In case we haven't processed this comment yet.
ancestor.prevent_collapse = True
# This allows us to short-circuit when the rest of the
# tree has already been uncollapsed.
ancestor.walked = True
ancestor = wrapped_by_id.get(ancestor.parent_id)
counter += 1
if comment.collapsed:
if comment._id in dont_collapse or comment.prevent_collapse:
comment.collapsed = False
comment.hidden = False
# One more time through to actually add things to the final list. We
# couldn't do that the first time because in the Q&A sort we don't know
# if a comment should be visible until after we've processed all its
# children.
for comment in wrapped:
if getattr(comment, 'hidden_completely', False):
# Don't add it to the tree, don't put it in "load more", don't
# acknowledge its existence at all.
if getattr(comment, 'hidden', False):
# Remove it from the list of visible comments so it'll
# automatically be a candidate for the "load more" links.
del wrapped_by_id[comment._id]
# And don't add it to the tree.
# add the comment as a child of its parent or to the top level of
# the tree if it has no parent
parent = wrapped_by_id.get(comment.parent_id)
if parent:
if not hasattr(parent, 'child'):
add_child_listing(parent, comment)
for parent_id, more_recursion in more_recursions.iteritems():
if parent_id not in wrapped_by_id:
parent = wrapped_by_id[parent_id]
add_child_listing(parent, more_recursion)
if not self.load_more:
return final
# build MoreChildren for visible comments
visible_comments = wrapped_by_id.keys()
for visible_id in visible_comments:
if visible_id in more_recursions:
# don't add a MoreChildren if we already have a MoreRecursion
children = cid_tree.get(visible_id, ())
missing_children = [child for child in children
if child not in visible_comments]
if missing_children:
visible_children = (child for child in children
if child in visible_comments)
visible_count = sum(1 + num_children[child]
for child in visible_children)
missing_count = num_children[visible_id] - visible_count
missing_depth = depth.get(visible_id, 0) + 1 - offset_depth
if missing_depth < self.max_depth:
mc = MoreChildren(, self.sort, depth=missing_depth,
w = Wrapped(mc)
w.count = missing_count
mr = MoreRecursion(, depth=missing_depth,
w = Wrapped(mr)
# attach the MoreChildren
parent = wrapped_by_id[visible_id]
if hasattr(parent, 'child'):
add_child_listing(parent, w)
# build MoreChildren for missing root level comments
if top_level_candidates:
mc = MoreChildren(, self.sort, depth=0, parent_id=None)
w = Wrapped(mc)
w.count = sum(1 + num_children[comment]
for comment in top_level_candidates)
if isinstance(self.sort, operators.shuffled):
# If we have a sticky comment, do not shuffle the first element
# of the list.
if len(final) > 0 and final[0]._id ==
shuffle_slice(final, 1)
return final
def item_iter(self, a):
for i in a:
yield i
if hasattr(i, 'child'):
for j in self.item_iter(i.child.things):
yield j
class MessageBuilder(Builder):
def __init__(self, skip=True, num=None, parent=None, after=None,
reverse=False, threaded=False, **kw):
self.skip = skip
self.num = num
self.parent = parent
self.after = after
self.reverse = reverse
self.threaded = threaded
Builder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
raise NotImplementedError, "get_tree"
def valid_after(self, after):
w = self.convert_items((after,))[0]
return self._viewable_message(w)
def _viewable_message(self, m):
if (c.user_is_admin or
getattr(m, "author_id", 0) == c.user._id or
getattr(m, "to_id", 0) == c.user._id):
return True
# m is wrapped at this time, so it should have an SR
subreddit = getattr(m, "subreddit", None)
if subreddit and subreddit.is_moderator_with_perms(c.user, 'mail'):
return True
return False
def _apply_pagination(self, tree):
if self.parent or self.num is None:
return tree, None, None
prev_item = None
next_item = None
if self.after:
# truncate the tree to only show before/after requested message
if self.reverse:
next_item = self.after._id
tree = [
(parent_id, child_ids) for parent_id, child_ids in tree
if tree_sort_fn((parent_id, child_ids)) >= next_item
# special handling for after+reverse (before link): truncate
# the tree so it has num messages before the requested one
if len(tree) > self.num:
first_id, first_children = tree[-(self.num + 1)]
prev_item = tree_sort_fn((first_id, first_children))
tree = tree[-self.num:]
prev_item = self.after._id
tree = [
(parent_id, child_ids) for parent_id, child_ids in tree
if tree_sort_fn((parent_id, child_ids)) < prev_item
if len(tree) > self.num:
# truncate the tree to show only num conversations
tree = tree[:self.num]
last_id, last_children = tree[-1]
next_item = tree_sort_fn((last_id, last_children))
return tree, prev_item, next_item
def should_collapse(cls, message):
# don't collapse this message if it has a new direct child
if hasattr(message, "child"):
has_new_child = any( for child in message.child.things)
has_new_child = False
return (message.is_collapsed and
not and
not has_new_child)
def get_items(self):
tree = self.get_tree()
tree, prev_item, next_item = self._apply_pagination(tree)
message_ids = []
for parent_id, child_ids in tree:
if prev_item:
messages = Message._byID(message_ids, data=True, return_dict=False)
wrapped = {m._id: m for m in self.wrap_items(messages)}
if prev_item:
prev_item = wrapped[prev_item]
if next_item:
next_item = wrapped[next_item]
final = []
for parent_id, child_ids in tree:
if parent_id not in wrapped:
parent = wrapped[parent_id]
if not self._viewable_message(parent):
children = [
wrapped[child_id] for child_id in child_ids
if child_id in wrapped
depth = {parent_id: 0}
substitute_parents = {}
if (children and self.skip and not self.threaded and
not self.parent and not and parent.is_collapsed):
for i, child in enumerate(children):
if or not child.is_collapsed:
i = -1
# in flat view replace collapsed chain with MoreMessages
parent = Wrapped(MoreMessages(parent, parent.child))
children = children[i:]
for child in sorted(children, key=lambda child: child._id):
# iterate from the root outwards so we can check the depth
if self.threaded:
child_parent = wrapped[child.parent_id]
except KeyError:
# the stored comment tree was missing this message's
# parent, treat it as a top level reply
child_parent = parent
# for flat view all messages are decendants of the
# parent message
child_parent = parent
parent_depth = depth[child_parent._id]
child_depth = parent_depth + 1
depth[child._id] = child_depth
if child_depth == MAX_RECURSION:
# current message is at maximum depth level, all its
# children will be displayed as children of its parent
substitute_parents[child._id] = child_parent._id
if child_depth > MAX_RECURSION:
child_parent_id = substitute_parents[child.parent_id]
substitute_parents[child._id] = child_parent_id
child_parent = wrapped[child_parent_id]
if not hasattr(child_parent, "child"):
child.is_child = True
for child in children:
# look over the children again to decide whether they can be
# collapsed
child.threaded = self.threaded
child.collapsed = self.should_collapse(child)
if self.threaded and children:
most_recent_child_id = max(child._id for child in children)
most_recent_child = wrapped[most_recent_child_id]
most_recent_child.most_recent = True
parent.is_parent = True
parent.threaded = self.threaded
parent.collapsed = self.should_collapse(parent)
return (final, prev_item, next_item, len(final), len(final))
def item_iter(self, builder_items):
items = builder_items[0]
def _item_iter(_items):
for i in _items:
yield i
if hasattr(i, "child"):
for j in _item_iter(i.child.things):
yield j
return _item_iter(items)
class ModeratorMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, user, **kw):
self.user = user
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
sr = Subreddit._byID(self.parent.sr_id)
return sr_conversation(sr, self.parent)
sr_ids = Subreddit.reverse_moderator_ids(self.user)
return moderator_messages(sr_ids)
class MultiredditMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, sr, **kw): = sr
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
sr = Subreddit._byID(self.parent.sr_id)
return sr_conversation(sr, self.parent)
return moderator_messages(
class TopCommentBuilder(CommentBuilder):
"""A comment builder to fetch only the top-level, non-spam,
non-deleted comments"""
def __init__(self, link, sort, num=None, wrap=Wrapped):
CommentBuilder.__init__(self, link, sort, load_more=False,
continue_this_thread=False, max_depth=1, wrap=wrap, num=num)
def get_items(self):
final = CommentBuilder.get_items(self)
return [ cm for cm in final if not cm.deleted ]
class SrMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, sr, **kw): = sr
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
return sr_conversation(, self.parent)
return subreddit_messages(
class UserMessageBuilder(MessageBuilder):
def __init__(self, user, **kw):
self.user = user
MessageBuilder.__init__(self, **kw)
def _viewable_message(self, message):
is_author = message.author_id == c.user._id
if not c.user_is_admin and not is_author and message._spam:
return False
return super(UserMessageBuilder, self)._viewable_message(message)
def get_tree(self):
if self.parent:
return conversation(self.user, self.parent)
return user_messages(self.user)
def valid_after(self, after):
# Messages that have been spammed are still valid afters
w = self.convert_items((after,))[0]
return MessageBuilder._viewable_message(self, w)
class UserListBuilder(QueryBuilder):
def thing_lookup(self, rels):
accounts = Account._byID([rel._thing2_id for rel in rels], data=True)
for rel in rels:
rel._thing2 = accounts.get(rel._thing2_id)
return rels
def must_skip(self, item):
return item.user._deleted
def valid_after(self, after):
# Users that have been deleted are still valid afters
return True
def wrap_items(self, rels):
return [self.wrap(rel) for rel in rels]
class SavedBuilder(IDBuilder):
def wrap_items(self, items):
categories = LinkSavesByAccount.fast_query(c.user, items).items()
categories += CommentSavesByAccount.fast_query(c.user, items).items()
categories = {item[1]._id: category for item, category in categories if category}
wrapped = QueryBuilder.wrap_items(self, items)
for w in wrapped:
category = categories.get(w._id, '')
w.savedcategory = category
return wrapped
class FlairListBuilder(UserListBuilder):
def init_query(self):
q = self.query
if self.reverse:
q._data = True
self.orig_rules = deepcopy(q._rules)
# FlairLists use Accounts for afters
if self.after:
if self.reverse:
q._filter(Flair.c._thing2_id < self.after._id)
q._filter(Flair.c._thing2_id > self.after._id)
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