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Fix capitalization of freenode in README

As per freenode staffer recommendations and
[this page](, the correct
capitalization is "freenode".
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1 parent 1be353d commit f943ac95dea022c65e1b131b1936b2453da8cd3e @Superburke Superburke committed with Deimos Dec 17, 2014
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ This is the primary codebase that powers [](
For notices about major changes and general discussion of reddit development, subscribe to the [/r/redditdev]( and [/r/changelog]( subreddits.
-You can also chat with us via IRC in [#reddit-dev on FreeNode](
+You can also chat with us via IRC in [#reddit-dev on freenode](

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