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Commits on Aug 4, 2015
  1. @Deimos
  2. @agentlame @Deimos

    Make /w/toolbox a "rawcode" page type.

    agentlame authored Deimos committed
    This change will save reddit processing and bandwidth by not rendering
    /r/sub/w/toolbox markdown (it's JSON data), and by not sending
    `content_html` for JSON requests.  See also:
  3. @spladug

    Fix js_config breaking when tracker_url not configured.

    spladug authored
    The pageview pixel code expects various things (the base URL, the secret
    token, etc.) to be configured. Other places (like base.html) always
    check if `g.tracker_url` is valid before generating the pageview pixel.
    This was broken in 1f6a9aa when
    `js_config()` started calling `get_pageview_pixel_url()`
    indiscriminately.  Ouch for poor open source and dev installs.
Commits on Aug 3, 2015
  1. @kjoconnor

    Hide private IPs from account activity for non-admins.

    kjoconnor authored
    mobile-web keeps cropping up with a bug that puts private IPs into
    the account history for users. Best not to worry them with such
    things and hide it from their activity page.
  2. @dwick
  3. @dwick
  4. @dwick

    Add `PromotedLink.absolute_url`

    dwick authored
  5. @dwick
  6. @Deimos
Commits on Aug 1, 2015
  1. @bsimpson63

    Use a separate memcache pool for hardcache.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Previously it was part of the main memcache pool, but hardcache uses
    keys that are invalid for ascii protocol so it was blocking switching
    the main pool to ascii.
  2. @bsimpson63

    Main memcache is a CacheChain object.

    bsimpson63 authored
    This got out of sync.
  3. @bsimpson63

    app_globals: Rename "memcache" to "memcaches".

    bsimpson63 authored
    This naming got out of sync.
  4. @DorianGray @bsimpson63 Add a random delay to memcached retries

    DorianGray authored bsimpson63 committed
    This should reduce memcached spam during outages
  5. @bsimpson63
  6. @DorianGray @bsimpson63

    memcached: Up size limit to 2mb

    DorianGray authored bsimpson63 committed
    This is a guess, to attempt to lower render cache network in/out
  7. @DorianGray @bsimpson63

    memcached: Up max size limit to account for rough estimate of size

    DorianGray authored bsimpson63 committed
    This is partially a guess, but is also based on a 15% stat for
    difference between in memory size and pickled size.
  8. @DorianGray @bsimpson63
  9. @DorianGray @bsimpson63
  10. @DorianGray @bsimpson63
  11. @DorianGray @bsimpson63

    Memcached: Implement size check on values

    DorianGray authored bsimpson63 committed
    This should relieve the last of the common errors, which are due to
    trying to store cache values at sizes greater than 1MB.
  12. @bsimpson63
  13. @bsimpson63

    LabeledMulti._byID: return correct object when lookup fails.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Previously was returning None, but when looking up a list of ids
    it should return an empty list or empty dict.
  14. @bsimpson63

    Use rgb rather than opacity for things from banned users.

    bsimpson63 authored
    The opacity rule "stacked" onto child messages and comments resulting
    in whiter and whiter child elements.
  15. @bsimpson63
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @Deimos

    Ban message: don't translate

    Deimos authored
    The translations are currently being done in the context of the
    moderator that creates the ban, not the recipient of the message. So if
    the moderator has their language set to something different than the
    banned user, the message will be in the wrong language for the
  2. @Pokechu22 @bsimpson63
  3. @tuogex @bsimpson63

    comment.compact: Fix link in parent button

    tuogex authored bsimpson63 committed
  4. @tuogex @bsimpson63

    comment.compact: Add destination anchor for parent button

    tuogex authored bsimpson63 committed
  5. @kjoconnor
  6. @dustinpho @bsimpson63

    Fix magic number for SHA1 hash length

    dustinpho authored bsimpson63 committed
  7. @Matthew94 @bsimpson63

    geoip_service: use dict comprehensions for clarity.

    Matthew94 authored bsimpson63 committed
  8. @noamraph @bsimpson63

    Use a format string for "N days ago".

    noamraph authored bsimpson63 committed
    This way the ordering can be dependant on the translation.
  9. @tojrobinson @bsimpson63

    Fix hidden scores appearing in recently viewed links

    tojrobinson authored bsimpson63 committed
  10. @p00rleno @bsimpson63

    POST_flaircsv: Add documentation.

    p00rleno authored bsimpson63 committed
  11. @kjoconnor
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