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Commits on May 22, 2015
  1. @Deimos

    VExistingUname: strip surrounding spaces

    Deimos authored
    This was causing all pages that use this validator to be unable to
    handle leading/trailing spaces around the username, since when chkuser()
    is called it will always return None due to their presence. Changing
    this will make a lot of pages more tolerant with usernames, like the
    message compose page, pages for banning users, adding them as approved
    submitters or moderators, etc.
  2. @Jakeable @Deimos

    "Config" mod permission tooltip: add AutoModerator

    Jakeable authored Deimos committed
Commits on May 21, 2015
  1. @Deimos

    Remove public uses of "liked" and "disliked"

    Deimos authored
    Replacing with "upvoted" and "downvoted" everywhere respectively.
    This keeps the /liked and /disliked paths for user pages working for API
    clients, but does a 301 redirect for non-API clients.
  2. @kemitche
  3. @kemitche
  4. @kemitche
  5. @kemitche
  6. @xiongchiamiov

    Open Graph: use preview images

    xiongchiamiov authored
    We use the [Open Graph protocol][0] to hint to Facebook and other sites what
    images they should show as an on-site preview of reddit content.  For most of
    our comments pages, that ends up being the thumbnail image, which is pretty
    We're now collecting preview images that are sometimes larger than the
    thumbnails, so let's start using them when we can!
  7. @bsimpson63
  8. @bsimpson63

    ThingJsonTemplate: use user_is_moderator attribute set on links/comme…

    bsimpson63 authored
    This lets us take advantage of the lookups that were batched in
    Link.add_props and Comment.add_props rather than calling
    Subreddit.is_moderator() multiple times.
  9. @bsimpson63
  10. @bsimpson63
  11. @bsimpson63

    Don't use replace_render when rendering api templates.

    bsimpson63 authored
    replace_render lets us stub out portions of the rendered output that change
    frequently (e.g. score, rank in a listing, etc.) to make it more cachable,
    but only html rendered output is cached.
Commits on May 20, 2015
  1. @bsimpson63

    Add special handling for TrimmedSubredditJsonTemplate SRMember attrib…

    bsimpson63 authored
    This template class doesn't use Subreddit.add_props so we can't depend on attributes
    set there.
  2. @bsimpson63
  3. @bsimpson63
  4. @bsimpson63
  5. @bsimpson63

    Subreddit: simplify "contributor" attribute check.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Don't worry about whether the subreddit is not public.
  6. @Deimos

    AutoMod: error if both "type: any" rules fail

    Deimos authored
    If a rule definition specifies "type: any" (or does not specify type at
    all), we try to create two separate rules for both comments and
    submissions using the rule definition. If a particular type fails to
    create, we just throw it away silently, considering this to mean that
    the rule definition was actually only intended to apply to one type or
    the other. However, if there is an error in the rule that results in
    *both* the submission and comment attempts being thrown away, this means
    that the entire rule will just end up being silently ignored. This adds
    an error for that case, so that the user knows they need to fix their
  7. @Deimos

    AutoMod: fix RuleTarget matches not being cleared

    Deimos authored
    A RuleTarget's matches dict (which stores the results of the search
    checks on that item) was only being cleared in the __init__ function, so
    it was actually being retained across checks against multiple different
    items. This meant that {{match}} placeholders would occasionally be
    replaced by the result of a match from an entirely different item. This
    change makes it so that the matches will be cleared at the start of each
    check instead.
  8. @Deimos

    AutoMod: disable inbox replies on comments

    Deimos authored
    AutoModerator doesn't care about any of the replies to its comments
    coming into its inbox, so we might as well avoid all this unnecessary
  9. @Deimos

    AutoMod: force domain and add context to permalink

    Deimos authored
    The {{permalink}} placeholder (which is auto-included in messages and
    modmails) has been using relative links, but some apps don't handle
    these properly, so it's better to go back to using a full link with the
    In addition, this makes it so that non-top-level comments will have
    context=3 added on their permalinks.
  10. @Deimos

    AutoMod: add "filter" action

    Deimos authored
    This action lets AutoMod behave more like reddit's spam filter, so it
    can remove something but leave it in the modqueue (and unmoderated if
    it's a Link) for easier review by moderators.
  11. @Deimos
  12. @Deimos

    AutoMod: add support for aliases on RuleComponents

    Deimos authored
    This also rearranges the init logic for RuleTargets slightly, which will
    have a side-effect of strengthening the validation a little bit. For
    example, after this change it will not be possible to set "is_top_level"
    on a submission, since that only makes sense for comments. Previously it
    would have validated but been silently ignored.
  13. @florenceyeun

    Search: Remove unused sorts_menu_mapping

    florenceyeun authored
    sorts_menu_mapping was replaced by g.search_sorts.
  14. @florenceyeun

    Search: Expose sort parameter for subreddit search

    florenceyeun authored
    Remove feature flag for subreddit relevancy and expose the sort
    parameter for subreddit search.
    This restores the `activity` sort option that was broken when
    search was providerized.
Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @MelissaCole
Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @florenceyeun
  2. @JordanMilne

    Fix some issues with unicode in URLs

    JordanMilne authored
    First, `UrlParser.update_query` didn't like 7-bit unclean values.
    `unicode()` should work everywhere `str()` did.
    Second, the check for emedded NBSPs in `UrlParser.is_web_safe_url`
    could be bypassed since `b'\xa0'` couldn't automatically be promoted
    to unicode (thus `u'\xa0'` != b'\xa0'.) The check was fixed to handle
    the NBSP char in either unicode or byte strings.
  3. @Deimos

    AutoMod: fix overly-greedy match placeholder regex

    Deimos authored
    The regex to find {{match}}-type placeholders is currently being
    overly-greedy in cases with multiple placeholders in the same string.
    For example, something like "Your post was removed because {{match}} is
    in the title, please remove {{match}} from the title and resubmit." will
    fail due to the regex spanning from the start of the first placeholder
    until the end of the second. Replacing the "." in the regex with "[^}]"
    will ensure that the matches stay confined to the same placeholder.
  4. @Deimos

    AutoMod: lock around items in queue consumer

    Deimos authored
    Race conditions between multiple automoderator_q consumers are causing
    repeat actions (especially noticeable for things like leaving comments
    or sending modmails) when multiple consumers end up processing the same
    item at the same time (due to things like edits putting it in the queue
    multiple times).
  5. @Deimos

    AutoMod: catch and log invalid config errors

    Deimos authored
    In the case of changes that cause previously-valid rule definitions to
    start raising an exception, there may be some configurations that were
    saved before the change was made, and so now contain an invalid
    definition. This will cause the automod queue consumer(s) to hang if an
    item from any of those subreddits needs to be checked, since it will be
    unable to initialize the Ruleset to be able to process it. This commit
    makes it so that items from subreddits with invalid configurations will
    be skipped and an error logged.
  6. @Deimos

    AutoMod: fix needs_media_data for compound checks

    Deimos authored
    Previously, a rule would be considered to need media data if any checks
    included a media check at all. For example, a check that looked at both
    the submission's title and the media_title for a particular word would
    not be applied to posts without media data. However, when in a compound
    check like this, we should consider the media data optional, since there
    are other non-media places that can be checked without it. This commit
    does that, changing it so that a check will only cause the rule to
    require media data if ALL of the fields being checked come from the
    media, instead of if ANY of them do.
  7. @Deimos

    AutoMod: force placeholder replacements to unicode

    Deimos authored
    Not forcing these to unicode is causing occasional UnicodeDecodeErrors
    when the replacement contains non-ascii characters (seems especially
    common from the media_ placeholders from oembed data).
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