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Commits on Feb 2, 2016
  1. @ajacksified
  2. @zeantsoi
Commits on Feb 1, 2016
  1. @dwick
  2. @madbook @dwick

    Events: Add frontend expando events

    madbook committed with dwick
  3. @dwick
  4. @dwick
  5. @Deimos

    Create subreddit button: hide if user can't create

    Deimos committed
    We only show the create subreddit button in the sidebar to users whose
    account is at least 30 days old, but since there are now some additional
    requirements for creating a subreddit, this means that sometimes we end
    up showing the button to people that won't be able to successfully
    create a subreddit. This keeps the 30-day restriction, but on top of
    that also checks that the user's actually going to be able to create
    before showing the button.
Commits on Jan 28, 2016
  1. @dellis23
  2. @KeyserSosa
Commits on Jan 27, 2016
  1. @zeantsoi

    Vagrantfile: Update box url and checksum

    zeantsoi committed with Zean Tsoi
  2. @dellis23

    ip_events: Add Cassandra models.

    dellis23 committed
    We are storing the date in the column for sorting when querying.
    Entries will stay in Cassandra for 90 days.
  3. @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Fix typos

    MelissaCole committed
  4. @bsimpson63

    Account.friend_rels_cache: Load data attributes in query

    bsimpson63 committed
    Otherwise we may pollute the cache with un-loaded Account objects.
    This is almost guaranteed to happen when Account.friend_rels needs
    to load the Accounts with data immediately after calling
  5. @bsimpson63

    Account._by_name_cache: Don't pollute cache with unloaded objects

    bsimpson63 committed
    Set `data=True` on the query so that the retrieved Accounts will
    have their data attributes loaded before being set into the cache.
Commits on Jan 26, 2016
  1. @dellis23
  2. @KeyserSosa
Commits on Jan 25, 2016
  1. @MelissaCole
  2. @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Fix updating the short_name

    MelissaCole committed
    When the max number of rules are used, the short name wasn't able
    to be updated.
  3. @MelissaCole
  4. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Fix broken link to rules page

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    The string formatting inside of the 'subreddit_report_form' template function is causing
    the underscore template tag to get escaped, so the link doesn't render properly on the
    frontend. Moving the call to 'unsafe' fixes it, and should be safe since 'sr_name' will only ever be the name of a subreddit or the underscore template tag.
  5. @madbook @MelissaCole
  6. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Make about/rules page update cached rules

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    Adds methods to the model and collections to generate JSON compatible
    with rendering the rules, and updates (or creates) the rules stored in
    sessionStorage on page load and on any change.
  7. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Update styles

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    Styles the new rule 'kind' inputs and display, and updates their
    display text to match the spec.
  8. @madbook @MelissaCole
  9. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Remove action-form css class

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    This is binding some extra event handlers to be bound in
    action-forms.js that aren't needed on the new form.
  10. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Cache subreddit rules with sessionCache

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    Should reduce the number of requests that make it to the API.
  11. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Render report form client side

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    Refactor the rules templates to enable rendering on the client while
    keeping HTML api in place for the time being.
  12. @MelissaCole
  13. @MelissaCole
  14. @madbook @MelissaCole

    Subreddit Rules: Remove XSS sinks

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    The initial rendering of the rules is done in mako, but all subsequent
    rendering of the rules is done client-side. Using the wrong template
    tags here creates an unnecessary vulnerability that could be used to
    XSS attack a limited set of users (mods could potentially XSS attack
    other mods of the same sub).
  15. @MelissaCole
  16. @MelissaCole

    Subreddit rules: API changes

    MelissaCole committed
    Change `when` to `created_utc` and add `description_html`.
  17. @madbook @MelissaCole
  18. @madbook @MelissaCole

    SubredditRules: Force modtools.less to rebuild.

    madbook committed with MelissaCole
    Items in LESS_STYLESHEETS do not automatically rebuild when imported files
    change. Items in SPRITED_STYLESHEETS automatically build when any other less
    file updates, so that works for now.  Stylesheets run through the spriter
    will throw an error if they don't actually contain any sprites, so I added a
    dummy sprite rule to modtools.less.
  19. @madbook @MelissaCole
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