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Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. @bsimpson63
  2. @bsimpson63

    Refactor distinguish.

    bsimpson63 committed
    Replace detailed calls to `add_attr` with specialized methods
    for each type of distinguish.
  3. @bsimpson63
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. @zeantsoi
Commits on Nov 20, 2015
  1. @rram

    geoip: Update paths to databases.

    rram committed
    geoipupdate 1.6.6 now drops files into /var/lib/GeoIP
Commits on Nov 19, 2015
  1. @bsimpson63
  2. @KeyserSosa @spladug

    Add geo_ip to all events

    KeyserSosa committed with spladug
  3. @spladug

    Pull CDN-specific GeoIP stuff out into CDN providers

    spladug committed
    This also removes the Akamai-specific stuff since we don't use them
    currently and don't have a provider class for them.
  4. @KeyserSosa @spladug
  5. @florenceyeun

    Timeouts: Send events on forbidden action attempts

    florenceyeun committed
    Add data attributes for logging detailed client-side events.
    - upvote, downvote
    - submit link
    - create subreddit
    - compose moderator message
    - compose private message
    - change message recipient
    - distinguish
    - give gold
    - spam
    - remove
    - approve
    - report
    - lock/unlock
    - nsfw/unnsfw
    - edit flair
    - message reply
    - ignore reports
    - view reports
    - set/unset suggested sort
    - set/unset contest mode
    - sticky/unsticky
    - comment
    - modmail pageview
    - subreddit pageviews
    - wiki pageviews
    - wikirevise
    - discuss wiki
    - change mod permissions
    - message contributor
  6. @florenceyeun

    Use page context for event target

    florenceyeun committed
    Use `r.config.cur_site` and `r.config.cur_link` to determine event
    target fullname when target type is provided but target fullname is
    not explicitly available.
  7. @florenceyeun

    Add event action to ynbutton

    florenceyeun committed
    Add `data-type`, `data-event-action`, and `data-event-detail`
    attributes to `ynbutton` using individual parameters.
  8. @florenceyeun

    Add event action to simple_button

    florenceyeun committed
    Add `data-event-action` attribute to `simple_button` using a parameter.
  9. @florenceyeun

    Add event action to state_button

    florenceyeun committed
    Add `data-event-action` attribute to `state_button` using a parameter.
  10. @florenceyeun

    Add event action to pretty_button

    florenceyeun committed
    Add `data-event-action` attribute to `pretty_button` using a parameter.
  11. @florenceyeun
  12. @florenceyeun
  13. @florenceyeun
  14. @florenceyeun

    Timeouts: Add sr_id to event payload

    florenceyeun committed
    Set `sr_id` in payload using `r.config.cur_site`.
  15. @madbook @florenceyeun
  16. @madbook @florenceyeun
  17. @madbook @florenceyeun
  18. @madbook @florenceyeun
  19. @madbook @florenceyeun
  20. @madbook @florenceyeun
  21. @madbook @florenceyeun
  22. @madbook @florenceyeun
  23. @MelissaCole

    Events: Add more details for link/comment targets

    MelissaCole committed
    If the target is a link, provide the target_url and target_url_domain.
    If the target is a comment, provide the link_id and link_fullname.
  24. @MelissaCole

    Add events for reports

    MelissaCole committed
    This will pass along the type of report reason, the
    report reason, and information about the target.
  25. @13steinj @Deimos

    Remove the brick from the submit page

    13steinj committed with Deimos
    On the submit page, there is a brick before "please be mindful of
    reddit's few rules and follow good reddiquette".
    Since the rules page has been replaced with the content policy and
    the section that explains the brick is no longer around, this reference
    doesn't make sense any more.
    This commit removes the brick, removes the title attribute from the
    notice's div, and updates the link to go directly to reddit's new
    content policy.
Commits on Nov 18, 2015
  1. @Deimos

    VoteDetailsByDay.count_votes: don't use get_count

    Deimos committed
    Doing this manually instead of using get_count() was deliberate,
    see 6717393
  2. @Deimos

    Fix VoteDetailsByDay.count_votes()

    Deimos committed
    This was still using the old method of calling _rowkey (which took a
    date argument). The date needs to be converted to a datetime, and can
    then be used to call _rowkey_by_datetime().
    I also switched to use .get_count() instead of manually counting the
    columns from the row, which should probably be faster.
  3. @bsimpson63 @florenceyeun
  4. @bsimpson63 @florenceyeun
  5. @florenceyeun

    Add r.config.cur_site to js_config

    florenceyeun committed
    Define `r.config.cur_site` in `js_config()` and remove from the
    reddit.html template.
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