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Commits on Mar 11, 2015
  1. @bsimpson63
  2. @bsimpson63

    Permacache: read/write_consistency_level are not configurable.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Must always use QUORUM to prevent inconsistency.
  3. @bsimpson63

    Permacache: Don't let public methods set rcl/wcl.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Not needed and nothing was using this ability.
  4. @bsimpson63

    Permacache: directly manipulate pycassa column family object.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Previously relied on the CassandraCache wrapper that treated cassandra
    as another generic cache. This change makes it clearer when the cache
    chain is used and when the persistent store (cassandra) is used.
  5. @bsimpson63

    Permacache: renamed from CassandraCacheChain and use a cache chain.

    bsimpson63 authored
    Previously it tried to be a cache chain and handled its localcache
    and memcache manually.
  6. @bsimpson63
  7. @bsimpson63

    CassandraCache: don't allow setting a ttl.

    bsimpson63 authored
    It's never used, and also can cause issues if an item falls out of cache and
    then is set into cache after being retrieved from cassandra.
  8. @bsimpson63
  9. @bsimpson63
  10. @bsimpson63
  11. @bsimpson63
  12. @bsimpson63

    Remove spaces from cache keys for get_live_promotions.

    bsimpson63 authored
    This is needed for ascii protocol.
  13. @bsimpson63
  14. @spladug

    stats: Fix test suite for removal of timer counts.

    spladug authored
    The counts of each timer were removed back in
    8728686 but I did not update the test
    suite accordingly. This fixes some spurious test failures.
  15. @bsimpson63
  16. @bsimpson63
  17. @bsimpson63

    Count skipped items in UserController.keep_fn.

    bsimpson63 authored
    This may give us information about how frequently incorrect data
    is read from Cassandra LinkVotesByAccount and CommentVotesByAccount.
    When a user votes on a link the link is put into a cached query and
    a column is written to LinkVotesByAccount. LinkVotesByAccount is read
    at consistency level ONE so it can return bad data. We have probably
    received bad data if we were given a link by the liked cached query
    but don't see a vote for it in LinkVotesByAccount.
  18. @bsimpson63
  19. @bsimpson63
  20. @bsimpson63
  21. @bsimpson63
Commits on Mar 10, 2015
  1. @weffey
  2. @florenceyeun
  3. @florenceyeun

    Subreddit settings: Notify user when there are unsaved changes

    florenceyeun authored
    Detect when changes have been made to subreddit settings and use
    onbeforeunload to notify user when there are unsaved changes.
    Does not apply to the image upload fields.
  4. @florenceyeun

    Subreddit settings: Autocomplete for related subreddits

    florenceyeun authored
    Add subreddit name autocomplete and validation for related subreddits.
    Changes to related subreddits are not saved until settings form is saved.
  5. @florenceyeun

    Add exact match option to subreddit autocomplete

    florenceyeun authored
    Return an exact subreddit name match and raise 404 if no exact match.
  6. @powerlanguage @MelissaCole

    Add ama app link to footer.

    powerlanguage authored MelissaCole committed
  7. @powerlanguage @MelissaCole

    Update footer.

    powerlanguage authored MelissaCole committed
  8. @Deimos @MelissaCole

    Update footer links

    Deimos authored MelissaCole committed
  9. @MelissaCole
Commits on Mar 6, 2015
  1. @bsimpson63
Commits on Mar 5, 2015
  1. @ThorArakis

    /dev/api: Clarify the xml/rss api documentation

    ThorArakis authored
    The xml extension in the api documentation is slightly misleading in
    that it appears to indicate that we support an xml api. The .xml
    extension is intended for rss consumption so we are replacing the
    'extensions' with an rss support flag.
  2. @ThorArakis
Commits on Mar 4, 2015
  1. @xiongchiamiov

    Email validator: don't allow multiple hostnames

    xiongchiamiov authored
    In addition to not allowing `@` multiple times in the string, we're now
    checking that the *entire* string matches our regex - previously, you could
    tack on anything to the end of a valid email address and have it succeed.
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. @umbrae
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