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Commits on Aug 22, 2012
@dpifke dpifke Add error message to OAuth2 invalid redirect URI failure. c826725
@dpifke dpifke Refactor /api/v1/authorize error handling. 961495b
@dpifke dpifke Pass the state value in OAuth2 error redirects. 9001852
@chromakode chromakode Refactor state value passing to OAuth2 error responses. 56a1d90
@dpifke dpifke OAuth client/token relationships with Accounts
Update the models to be able to update and query:

 - Which OAuth2Clients are developed by a user?
 - Who are the developers of an OAuth2Client?
 - What OAuth2AccessTokens are outstanding for a user?

There's some duplicated code here, and tests are needed, but it's
@dpifke dpifke Tweaks to OAuth2 models.
Adds the clients-by-user lookup, deletion of clients, and renames
some classes and methods to be more consistent.
@dpifke dpifke Navigation for "apps" tab on preferences.
Adding some controller code and template for the apps tab.  Currently
just a skeleton.
@dpifke dpifke Fix AttributeError on OAuth2Client.deleted. 808336c
@dpifke dpifke Add API methods for managing apps. 6d293a0
@dpifke dpifke Start building view for managing apps. d7fbadf
@dpifke dpifke Creating and updating apps now works. b388dc9
@dpifke dpifke Implement revoke/remove/delete buttons on /pref/apps.
These are ynbuttons, which cannot appear within an existing form.
Thus the "delete app" link appears in an awkward place and the
"remove developer" link currently won't work at all.  chromakode
said he was going to take a look at modifying ynbutton to fix this.

This commit fixes a bug in the OAuth2Client.delete().
@chromakode chromakode Clean up VClientID validator. 3500685
@chromakode chromakode Add support for multiple scopes per OAuth2 access token. 81caf12
@chromakode chromakode Add OAuth2 handling to the main APIController. deff940
@chromakode chromakode Add comment OAuth2 scope. 9f7bdd8
@chromakode chromakode Switch user ids to id36s for consistency and str type keys. 09c60ba
@chromakode chromakode Fix: add client_id to OAuth2 access tokens. b94978a
@chromakode chromakode Rename access token is_valid to avoid __getattr__ silliness 1fd9c06
@chromakode chromakode Check token validity when verifying OAuth2 requests. d56046f
Logan Hanks Clean up the developed apps UI. 545e1c7
Logan Hanks Fade out apps when revoked or deleted. f7236f9
Logan Hanks Show list of developers in app details. 961c2e8
Logan Hanks Upload app icons to S3. df3e268
Logan Hanks Hide app creation form until button is clicked. d1b4685
Logan Hanks Add api docs for app-related methods. bd08154
Logan Hanks Improve layout of app icon uploader. 5a170ee
Logan Hanks Rework how app icon uploads work. 878074e
Logan Hanks Update page as developers are added to/removed from an app. e894218
Logan Hanks Update page when an app is created or updated. 5c223a2
Logan Hanks Impose a limit on number of app developers, and sort them. feebd01
Logan Hanks Clean up submit buttons in /prefs/apps. efe791e
Logan Hanks Clean up how new apps are inserted into /prefs/apps. 21b9ffe
Logan Hanks Use VSanitizedUrl for redirect_url in POST_updateapp. 14de2c0
Logan Hanks Batch up oauth-related lookups. 432a0c3
Logan Hanks Let developers remove themselves from apps. 6ca678e
Logan Hanks Fix alignment of app icons on prefs and authorize pages. 53d0d40
Logan Hanks Move all the apps javascript into the r.apps namespace. f87053e
Logan Hanks Give names to the various adddeveloper errors. 3a800ea
Logan Hanks Fix error reporting for app icon uploads. cf6b533
Logan Hanks Fix oauth2 permission enforcement logic. 5b373c3
Logan Hanks Show granted permissions in the authorized apps list. 765908f
Logan Hanks Add myreddits scope for oauth access to /reddits/mine. d109d1a
Logan Hanks Add the moderateflair oauth scope. 091dd7d
Logan Hanks Add default app icon. bce9642
@chromakode chromakode Remove JS semicolons and use single quote strings. 8e2737d
Logan Hanks Fix ImportError in Account.delete (oauth2 -> token). d4d2214
Logan Hanks Use integer user id when creating authorization codes. bbc97f8
Logan Hanks Add oauth_domain to globals, and add to secure_domains. 533afca
Logan Hanks Make OAuth2AuthorizationCode.user_id an id36. 5e9e943