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Commits on Oct 19, 2011
Logan Hanks Add FlairTemplate thing and relation.
Also move flair model to its own module.
Logan Hanks Implement a flair template management interface. 87c52ce
Logan Hanks Implement a flair selection interface. a43cef3
Logan Hanks Add sr setting for flair self-assignment. b2c23e2
Logan Hanks Add flair template column headers and bug fixes. 4e9cd88
Logan Hanks Support user-customizable flair text. 7fdf625
Logan Hanks Select currently matching template as flair selector opens. 5ef9df8
Logan Hanks Add clearing of flair templates. f18a473
Logan Hanks Don't show save button when no flair is available. 584f494
Logan Hanks Add scrolling and ordering to flair selector. a5efe49
Logan Hanks Impose a maximum number of flair templates. 53966d9
Logan Hanks Add selectors for other users in grant flair page. d992b18
Logan Hanks Fix post-submit updates of flair template entry form. fb242d1
Logan Hanks Update flair selectors in-page consistently. 4891330
Logan Hanks Add support for deleting flair templates. 49770e3
Logan Hanks Add a simpler way to remove flair from a user. f881c48
Logan Hanks Add VFlairTemplateByID. 8669771
Logan Hanks Use chaining instead of repeating selectors in flair.js, and other cl…
Logan Hanks Change "select" link for flair to "edit". 3769837
Logan Hanks Make some cosmetic tweaks to the flair selector. c6be865
Logan Hanks Hide the flair selector text customizer when it's disabled. 3e03341
Logan Hanks Fix some more flair-related cosmetic issues. 88a3a3e
Logan Hanks Work around IE7's lack of display:inline-block support within the fla…
…ir selector.
Logan Hanks Complete the unfinished TabbedPane widget. 77c9fb6