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Jun 12, 2012
shlurbee Better date validation, do not redirect if form has errors
Now, in addition to checking that the date has the correct format (YYYY-MM)
we also check to make sure the date is in the future and the month is in
the range 01 to 12.

This fixes the problem where users were seeing a 500 server error after
entering invalid values for the month when entering their credit card info.

This change also fixes a problem where the form was redirecting even if there
were validation errors, leading the user to believe their authorization was
successful when it wasn't.
shlurbee Error handling in promotion summary
Logs error instead of failing if campaign from PromotionWeights table doesn't
exist on link.
Max Goodman Add basic plugin support. 300564b
Max Goodman Add plugin static file apps to the middleware. 0412e87
Max Goodman Fix import loop and move plugins collection into its own class.
Loading plugin controller modules at the bottom of
controllers/ led to a circular dependency. Registering
controllers via decorator allows controllers/ to load
completely before plugin controllers are loaded.
Max Goodman Add convenience g.plugins reference for PluginLoader. 9396777
Max Goodman Fix STATIC_ROOT determination for standalone usage.
Also, remove import-time dependency on pylons.g.
Max Goodman Allow plugins to add and extend js modules. f0f7989
Max Goodman Add on_load method to plugins. 74e3bcc
Max Goodman Add support for already-minified modules to ac32513
Max Goodman Add plugin config spec handling. 83d6164
Max Goodman Cleanup mangled files completely.
Static file mangling now renames files to their mangled form and
symlinks the original name. This cleanup rule deleted only the mangled
names, leaving broken symlinks. The quick'n'dirty solution is to clear
out all of the mangled and unmangled filenames so we don't leave things
in an inconsistent state.
Max Goodman Reorder ConfigValue parser arguments for standalone use. 3c8160a
Max Goodman Compile static files in build/public/static. 619bcdc
Max Goodman Tweak js module buildstamp names so they sort together. fbece1d
Max Goodman Build plugin JS in 4730dee
Max Goodman Locate, build, and merge plugin statics in the Makefile. f48eb3b
Max Goodman Add prefix helper to js Module() class. dcb85c6
Max Goodman Add static domain middleware for testing compiled CSS.
In production, static files are located in the root of the static file
host. On a local reddit install, they're only available in /static/.
This middleware allows you to test the production static files layout in
a development environment.

If debug=true and uncompressedJS=false are set in the ini, this middleware
simulates a static files host by prepending /static/ to the URL before
handing the request off to the static files app.

To use this for testing purposes, add an additional domain alias like
redditstatic.local to your hosts file and set static_domain in the ini.
Compiled static files will then load from the app using this middleware.
Max Goodman Move <link> and etc. tags out of stylesheet() template def. 77b98d6
Max Goodman Allow a top level id to be specified for the page content div. 7d219b6
Max Goodman Move comment link label generation to a def for reuse. 222ff24
Max Goodman Use a css class to hide the selected dropdown choice.
This makes JS dropdown implementations simpler since they have all of
the choices in the DOM.
Max Goodman Add _md template util for translation of complex text.
Added whitespace disabling wrapping around md with wrap=False -- this
should have been in the original commit that added the wrap argument.
Max Goodman Revamp controller lookup to be case insensitive and thread-safe. 95171cc
Max Goodman Whitespace. 37e0cec
Max Goodman Add about pages to the footer. d5207ab
Max Goodman Add "learn more" link to first visit text. 7468c1b
Max Goodman Add def catch-all to NullJsonTemplate.
This fixes AttributeErrors when trying to render about pages as .json.
Max Goodman Remove pyx-dependent imports from r2.config. b90e55a
Max Goodman Move ConfigValueParser into its own module
This enables plugin files to import ConfigValue without
app_globals and its dependency on pyx modules.
Max Goodman Move api extension utils to r2.config.extensions. 2f47f89
Max Goodman Clean up plugin static buildstamps when make cleaning static. ea9d331
Max Goodman Remove mangled js output symlinks.
Fixes issue with JS files / names falling out of sync.
Max Goodman Speed up Makefile by combining python portions. cdd8177
Max Goodman Move plugin Makefile extensions to Makefile.plugin include. 8b4f584
Max Goodman Switch button static file references to use relative URLs. 491e91f
Max Goodman Move https buttons to S3 for now. 66d0d4f