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Commits on Jul 03, 2012
Max Goodman chromakode Replace abort() to pass exception info to error pages. f8ede6f
Dave Pifke dpifke Add error message to OAuth2 invalid redirect URI failure. 397e53d
Dave Pifke dpifke Refactor /api/v1/authorize error handling. 1281401
Dave Pifke dpifke Pass the state value in OAuth2 error redirects. 28c4e73
Max Goodman chromakode Refactor state value passing to OAuth2 error responses. 1a49358
Dave Pifke dpifke OAuth client/token relationships with Accounts
Update the models to be able to update and query:

 - Which OAuth2Clients are developed by a user?
 - Who are the developers of an OAuth2Client?
 - What OAuth2AccessTokens are outstanding for a user?

There's some duplicated code here, and tests are needed, but it's
Dave Pifke dpifke Tweaks to OAuth2 models.
Adds the clients-by-user lookup, deletion of clients, and renames
some classes and methods to be more consistent.
Dave Pifke dpifke Navigation for "apps" tab on preferences.
Adding some controller code and template for the apps tab.  Currently
just a skeleton.
Dave Pifke dpifke Fix AttributeError on OAuth2Client.deleted. c561c1c
Dave Pifke dpifke Add API methods for managing apps. 3a14586
Dave Pifke dpifke Start building view for managing apps. 44d4a8b
Dave Pifke dpifke Creating and updating apps now works. 27e2a79
Dave Pifke dpifke Implement revoke/remove/delete buttons on /pref/apps.
These are ynbuttons, which cannot appear within an existing form.
Thus the "delete app" link appears in an awkward place and the
"remove developer" link currently won't work at all.  chromakode
said he was going to take a look at modifying ynbutton to fix this.

This commit fixes a bug in the OAuth2Client.delete().
Max Goodman chromakode Clean up VClientID validator. 1399c1b
Max Goodman chromakode Add support for multiple scopes per OAuth2 access token. 639fdf1
Max Goodman chromakode Add OAuth2 handling to the main APIController. 27632a7
Max Goodman chromakode Add comment OAuth2 scope. ecfc317
Max Goodman chromakode Switch user ids to id36s for consistency and str type keys. f608bb3
Max Goodman chromakode Fix: add client_id to OAuth2 access tokens. cf63cd2
Max Goodman chromakode Rename access token is_valid to avoid __getattr__ silliness 1f06ab6
Max Goodman chromakode Check token validity when verifying OAuth2 requests. d29f842
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