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BAD_CAPTCHA json error message should contain captcha_id #262

bboe opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Quite simply, the json (though not jquery) result should contain the captcha_id when a captcha is required. By captcha_id I mean the part to complete a url like the followng:

The use case I encountered is when trying to submit a story via the api using api_type:json. I am nicely notified that my non-existent captcha is incorrect, however, I then have to make a request to in order to get the captcha_id. This last round trip seems unnecessary.

By BAD_CAPTCHA error I mean this one.


This was fixed in #315. Closing issue.

@bboe bboe closed this

How does you actually submit the valid captcha via the story submit API?

Do I need to make two calls to submit? (First one gets rejected and i get a captcha token to solve, and then sending in the answer to that captcha token in my next request?

What's the parameter name, and should the value be a simple string with the captcha solution?

There is no documentation about this on the docs for API:Submit:


If you look on the API documentation page for submit you will see two parameters captcha and iden. Yes, the process is exactly as you described, attempt to make a submission, notice the BadCaptcha error along with the captcha identifier. Solve the captcha and re-make the request, this time adding in the two extra post parameters captcha which is a string of the solution to the captcha, and iden which is the identifier for the captcha.

Here you can view VCaptcha validator source.


Just a note: the reddit api should only request a captcha when the reddit_session cookie is not included in the request.


@dookerdo That's not true. Even logged in users have to submit captchas.


According to captcha should not be required if a proper cookie is supplied in the request. Perhaps the wiki is out of date.


Looks like it can also request in the case of being rate limited to prevent spammers.


You cannot submit stories to reddit anonymously so I don't think that statement was ever correct.


@bboe Thank you for the help, it seems the API page I linked to is incomplete.

@dookerdo Captcha is also required for newly registered accounts, until they gather a certain amount of karma, according to what I have read, but it's not documented anywhere.


As suggested by @bboe I tried all the steps but still getting BAD CAPTCHA error. Steps followed by me :
1. POST /api/login/satishpandey (user,pass,api_type) // collect modhash and cookie
2. POST /api/new_captcha (user, pass, api_type) // collect iden
3. POST /api/submit (uh, iden, title, url, sr, kind, api_type) // collect captcha
4. POST /api/submit (uh, iden, title, url, sr, kind, api_type, captcha_id)

In all above requests api_type=json.

Can anyone suggest what to do?


I have just tested this, and as of today, I am getting a captcha failure error(with ID) for a new account, but no mention of captcha for an account with about 3k/3k karma.

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